Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 7


At night, Ayaka sat facing the sea next to a bonfire. There was a large fish on the bonfire with a tree trunk on the grill. The fish was more than two meters long, more than a meter wide, emitting a fragrance.

The fish was her dinner.

After such a long time of exercise, Ayaka’s body was strengthened a lot. The Saiyan physique, combined with her super recovery ability, made her able to carry out various extreme challenges without fear.

Day after day passed, and now, every time she swings her fist, she could feel her strength was increasing. For her, this body was at the peak of growth. Although the base of power level was still relatively small, the progress was quite evident.

Due to the sea pressure assistance, Ayaka’s use of ki had reached the level of “subtle”. Now, she could control every ki in her body. If all the ki converged, she looked like an ordinary little girl. No one would think that such a small child had a strong power level.

Since the dive to 500 meters, the difficulty after each dive had increased sharply, and the body strength requirements would be more stringent. Ayaka set five levels for the body strength, one level for every 500 meters, and she had just begun the second level of training.

After dinner, Ayaka laid on the bed looking at the night sky glittering stars. She felt that the starry sky was gorgeous and then fell asleep in a daze.


“Two thousand and seven, two thousand and eight, two thousand and nine…”

Ayaka did push-ups, a whole three thousand push-ups, and then started running again. These were her daily compulsory training. Generally speaking, simple exercise was quite dull, lacking the necessary recreational activities. Wasn’t it painful to hammer yourself all day long?

The Saiyan bloodline made her happy with this tedious exercise, which was probably the benefit she got after coming to the Dragon Ball World. She was glad she chose the Saiyan blood; if she was that character in her previous life, without extraordinary great perseverance, who the hell knew if she had a chance to make it in this life!

After moving her muscles and bones, then jumped into the sea. She dived down to the bottom of 500 meters and then continued to dive. The pressure around her rose in vain and her chest began to become a little dull.

Five hundred fifty meters, five hundred sixty meters…

Ayaka continued to dive, using ki to protect her important parts from resisting the sea’s pressure.

The muscles of her body couldn’t help but tremble. A feeling of soreness and swelling came up, and slowly the soreness and swelling disappeared and was replaced by severe pain.

Ayaka stopped; her body remained motionless in that position.

This was a condition she had encountered countless times, indicating that she had reached the limit of tolerance and could no longer dive. The pain was still coming, and at the same time, her recovery capabilities were beginning to work. Special energy was secreted from each cell, repairing the damaged cells little by little.

The cells were broken continuously under high pressure, and the new cells were immediately born to replace the ones that had just been destroyed.

Repeatedly, the cells of her whole body would be replaced, and the re-grown cells were far superior to the original ones in terms of strength and vitality, which was the unique feature of the Saiyans.

The number of the cell divided generally had a limit. When the cell reached a specific number, it couldn’t continue to divide, which was the main reason why the creature had a limited life span. However, Ayaka didn’t care; she was like a profligate, very extravagantly squandering her already nearly infinite life potential.


Ayaka felt a muffled sound coming from her body. Her entire body became relaxed, and the seawater’s pressure seemed to have lessened a lot.

“My body has become stronger again!”

Ayaka was secretly rejoicing that her body strength was now powerful.

Ayaka returned to land, and sure enough, the white skin on her body looked even more crystalline, as if it would be broken in a snap. However, the actual strength was far beyond imagination.

After resting for a few moments then she continued to exercise. She flew deeper into the land to find new prey.

Physical strength was an aid that could raise her power level. However, the power level was also the key. Since her body had kept up, she had to strengthen her power level even more.

Ayaka looked for new prey and found a black panther with a power level of about 300.

Ayaka launched a fierce attack on the black panther, and countless waves of ki rushed to the black panther. The black panther was hit by the ki wave with a loud “boom”. The heavy smoke obscured the view, making it impossible for Ayaka to see the black panther’s condition.

With a whoosh, the black panther reacted and attacked Ayaka; its sharp claw lunged at her. Ayaka was prepared and reached out with one hand to grab the black panther’s claws and threw the black panther toward a distant rock.

The black panther hit the rock with a boom.

The rock was crushed, and the black panther also disappeared in the moment of impact. Ayaka’s face was stony as she observed the surroundings, her ears listening for any sound.


With a heavy blow to the air, there was a bang!

Black Panther’s head was hit squarely, and its entire body flew out in a straight line.

Ayaka couldn’t let go of this opportunity. Her body “whoosh” quickly disappeared in place and appeared in the black panther’s flight path. She then clenched her fist and slammed it hard. The black panther felt dizziness after being hit by a series of fierce attacks. As soon as it calmed down, Ayaka attacked again.

Nearly a hundred energy cannons shot down from the high altitude and hit the target accurately.

Ayaka attacked again, punching and kicking the black panther. This was where the physical advantage came into play. Often, the black panther’s attacks wouldn’t affect Ayaka, but her attacks could badly injure the black panther.

There was a “crackling” after a series of attacks. The surrounding environment had become entirely unrecognizable because of the powerful energy bombardment, and there were potholes everywhere.

The black panther and Ayaka were moving so fast that they couldn’t be seen with the naked eye.


There was another violent impact, and Ayaka had turned a few heels.

The black panther pulled out of nearly 100 meters distance. She then attacked again with a “swoosh”.

The original place where she stood sank half a meter due to the powerful impact, and the ground was covered with fractured gullies.


Black panther let out a sad cry. Its whole body was penetrated by Ayaka’s fist, causing a massive explosion sound.

Ayaka won this battle ultimately!

This was the benefit of physical strength. The opponent’s attack couldn’t cause substantial damage to her, while she could inflict a painful price on his opponent. The black panther’s power level was actually on par with Ayaka’s, but its body strength was far less, which was why it caused such an ending.


The summer came and went, the spring went, and the winter came.

In the blink of an eye, a few years have passed. It had been five years since Ayaka came to Planet Pheroco. Counting Planet Vegeta’s journey to Planet Pheroco a few months, now Ayaka was six years old.

“Judging from the understanding of my previous life, Planet Vegeta should have been destroyed by Frieza with energy balls for two years.”

Six-year-old Ayaka had grown very cute. She had a small and lovely face with white and pink skin. Her pair of bright and divine eyes were perfectly dotted on the face. The flaxen of some reddish hair naturally crosses her shoulders. She was wearing simple clothes made of animal skin, making her looked like a wild beauty.

When she grew up, she would be a great beauty.

According to the cosmonaut, even if she couldn’t become a strong person, she could rely on her looks to get close to a strong person and gain a strong person’s shelter. This sacrifice of sex for survival was a widespread phenomenon in this war-torn universe, making many people envious. However, how could Ayaka accept this? Ayaka, who was already a strong person, didn’t need anyone’s shelter.

“Should I go to Earth?”

Ayaka thought in her heart. However, after thinking that Son Goku was now just over two years old, she dismissed the idea.

“It’s still too early to go. Let’s wait a few more years!”

With a swoosh, she flew towards a mountain, leaving a beautiful arc in the air.

The strongest creature on Planet Pheroco was the Saber Tooth Tiger, with a power level of 467. However, Ayaka’s power level had already surpassed it two years ago, and now there was nothing on Planet Pheroco that was her opponent.

The reason for Ayaka’s hesitation to leave was that she intended to break through her body to the fifth level, which was a dive of 2,500 meters on Planet Pheroco.

However, this goal had been accomplished two months ago.

These six years had been a magnificent butterfly transformation for her. She transformed from a useless nerd to a Saiyan with a power level of 860.

Of course, there were some hiccups and some small surprises. However, no matter what, these six years were significant for Ayaka. It was the beginning of a new chapter.

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