Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 61


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After the end of the World Martial Arts Tournament, Son Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha were going to start their training, while Ayaka and Launch were going to embark on their own journey.

After returning to the Lookout, Ayaka decided to tell Launch and others some messages about other planets. In a few years, the Earth would enter a period of severe tests, whether it was Demon King Piccolo or the later Z chapter. The enemies were more powerful one after another. As the Earth’s Kami, Ayaka’s pressure was still relatively high.

So, the only thing she could do was to improve her strength constantly. As for some trivial matters, she still had to leave it to the Old Kami and Mr. Popo to deal with. Of course, even if she wasn’t the Kami of Earth, since she was reborn into the Dragon Ball World, power enhancement was a hurdle that couldn’t be bypassed. Only by becoming strong could she live in style in this world.


This day, Ayaka gathered the Old Kami, Mr. Popo, and Launch to introduce them to the outer planet’s information.

“Our strength is not bad, but if we talk about outside the Earth, even I am still weak!” Ayaka said openly.

“Beyond Earth?” Launch asked in surprise. Old Kami and Mr. Popo were also a little confused. They certainly didn’t doubt the existence of aliens. After all, Old Kami was an alien. What they were confused about was Ayaka’s statement that even she was still frail.

Ayaka’s strength wasn’t very public, but the Old Kami and others still had a consensus that her strength was at least ten times more than the Old Kami. Even a hundred times might not be impossible.

Such a powerful person as the Earth’s Kami had put the Old Kami at ease.

“Well, Earth is just a weak planet among Low-Level Planet. Compare to life on other planets, human’s power level is really not worth mentioning.”

“Is there a specific reference for this?” Mr. Popo asked, raising his hand.

“There is.” Ayaka nodded, “The common rule of the universe is to divide the rank of planets according to the numerical value of power level. Since this rule has a large consensus in the universe, it is relatively accurate.”

“In the standard of division, the strongest power level below 1,000 are Low-Level Planets, between 1,000 and 10,000 power level is the Middle-Level Planets, and more than 10,000 power level is the High-Level Planets. To give an example, the specific reference standard is an ordinary human with no fighting ability has only a pathetic 5 points of power level when holding a firearm in his hand. “

“Only 5 points of power level with a firearm in hand? How come the requirement is so high! Then how much power level do I have now?” Launch said in disbelief as her eyes widened.

Ayaka gave her a look and said precisely after observing with her Unsighted eye, “Your current power level is almost 140. About the same as Master Roshi, which can be ranked in the top 10 on Earth. Goku is stronger, reaching about 160, one of the most powerful people on Earth. However, compared with those who can easily kill thousands of people on the outer planets is still not enough!”

Then she looked at the Old Kami, “The Old Kami’s power level is about 280. In fact, the Kami and ordinary humans are not too different. Kami just had a few more unique skills. Plus, the old Kami is a Namekian and carries some Namekian special abilities.”

“Even the Kami is only 280 power level, then Mr. Popo must also be about this degree. Then if one day people from other planets invade the Earth, what should we do if we are completely defenseless?”

At the words, the Old Kami and Mr. Popo also moved a little. This was also what they were worried about at the moment.

If it weren’t for Ayaka talking about aliens, they would never worry about the invasion. However, the fact was that this danger exists. In case it happened, they certainly couldn’t resist with their less than 1000 power level. Didn’t Ayaka say that less than 1,000 was just a Low-Level Planet?

Ayaka smiled and shook her head, “The average alien will not look at the Earth, but not absolutely. So there must be enough fighting to protect the Earth, which is why there is Lookout on Earth. In addition to maintaining order on Earth, the Kami is also responsible for protecting the planet from the alien invasion!”

“But it seems that with our abilities, we simply cannot defend ourselves against the vast majority of foreign threats.” The Old Kami said worriedly.

“Don’t worry about that. Compared to those chillingly strong monsters in the galaxy, I’m still pretty strong. So don’t worry too much about me being defeated.”

Hearing Ayaka’s words, the Old Kami had a slight bottom in his heart. This was the first time that Ayaka had revealed information about her strength in front of him. Upon Listening to her tone, it seemed that she was still relatively confident about the more ranked kind.

At least, she should be considered from a Middle-Level Planet. The Old Kami thought, if 10,000 or more was a High-Level Planet, then Ayaka should fit the tone of saying that thing as long as she had 10,000 power level.

“Ayaka, tell me honestly, what exactly is your strength?” The Old Kami asked seriously.

Launch and Mr. Popo were also very curious about Ayaka’s strength.

“Well, it’s not very high.” Ayaka said somewhat modestly, “I just looked at it. It’s about 213,000 or so.”


There was a lightning bolt coming from the sky!

Wha…… what! Ayaka, did I hear you right? What’s your power level? 210,000?” Launch’s face showed a shocked expression. Although she was prepared, the terrifying strength of 210,000 was indeed too shocking, making her entire speech shiver.

“210,000, you actually have the strength of 210,000!” The Old Kami was a bit dumbfounded. However, he soon recovered and smiled, “It seems that my eyes are still good. Kami with 210,000 power level, that’s enough to ensure the safety of the Earth.”

“Ayaka, do you have any way to increase your strength quickly?” Launch asked expectantly.

“No, I trained all my strength by myself. I grew up in a harsh environment, where the gravity and air composition is a bit different from Earth and is much harsher than Earth in comparison.”

Speaking of secret techniques, Ayaka still had a few techniques learned from Planet Yardart. However, they could not be taught to others indiscriminately without the consent of the Yardartians.

Upon seeing that Ayaka didn’t have any way to grow strength quickly, Launch couldn’t help but be a little discouraged.

“Wait, there is a place that may be able to let you grow strength quickly!”

Ayaka looked at the Old Kami and suddenly thought of the magical ability of the Grand Elders of Namekian. If the Grand Elders were allowed to develop their potential, not only Launch, but she could also increase her strength greatly. Ayaka couldn’t help but curse herself for being confused and forgetting such an important matter. If it wasn’t for Launch’s words that made her remember, she didn’t know when she would have remembered to go to Planet Namek!

As long as her strength becomes stronger, the better the effect of absorbing energy when using the Energy Bound. She needed to improve her strength before it was too late to enhance the effect of the Energy Bound faster.

“What place can enhance strength?”

Looking at the Old Kami, Ayaka narrowed her eyes and said, “Planet Namek!”

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