Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 62


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Planet Namek was located in a remote corner of the North Area. It was an emerald green planet with mostly land and minimal ocean area. However, it had many lakes and freshwater, almost one lake every few dozen kilometers, and the land was covered with green grass, giving the overall appearance of a prairie.

It was a breezy afternoon on Planet Namek. The breeze blew the tender turquoise grass, rippling out a wave-like ripple. The rising sun irradiated down, giving people a warm feeling.

“Is this Planet Namek? It’s stunning, and the air is very fresh!”

At the top of a rocky mountain, Ayaka brought Launch to Planet Namek by Instant Transmission. Upon looking at the endless green grasslands, breathing in the freshness of the air, Launch’s heart was full of excitement. This was the first time she left Earth to come to another planet and a planet with such a beautiful environment.

All of a sudden, a strong sense of satisfaction rushed to her heart. If she could live leisurely on such a beautiful planet, she would be so happy.

“This is Planet Namek.” Ayaka also sighed, “We just need to find the Grand Elder of Planet Namek to develop the potential in our body, and then we can significantly enhance our strength.”

Looking around, Ayaka found that Planet Namek was actually quite desolate. At least, the richness of species was far less than that of Earth. In addition to the green grass all over the ground, very few trees exist. There were only a few spherical strange plants growing sporadically and animals that were even more pathetic.

The visual impact of the first sight immediately formed a stark contrast.

Ayaka roughly guessed that this was the result of the climate variation of Planet Namek. Since the climate change that swept the entire planet, most plants and animals on Planet Namek had been extinct. The number of people surviving here on Planet Namek was also tiny, all living in community.

“Ancient Namekian once had extremely developed technology, even at the expense of the environment. Therefore, Namekian was once heavily polluted. The good thing is that the developed space voyage technology enabled a few people to spend a hard time on the outer planet. Later, when they returned to Planet Namek, they learned from their mistakes and planted a lot of green plants to protect the carbon dioxide gas wall.”

“Hundreds of years ago, however, another major climate change occurred on Planet Namek. The vast majority of the population died, except for the few Namekians sent off the planet. Only the Grand Elder of the Planet Namek survived. He reshaped Planet Namek to make it habitable again, but so far, the Namekians on this planet are still very scarce.”

Ayaka briefly introduced the history of Planet Namek to Launch, and Launch nodded repeatedly. Her heart lamented the misfortune of the people of Planet Namek.

“Most of the Namekian have divine power, such as Regeneration, Body Flexibility, Cloning, and they can communicate with the power of the Dragon God, Zalma, and summon the divine dragon down to create the magical Dragon Ball!

“Is it the kind of Dragon Ball on Earth that can grant wishes?”

“Yes, the Old Kami on Earth are the Namekians who fled over when the climate of Planet Namek changed. That’s why the Dragon Balls exist on Earth. The Dragon Balls made by the Great Elders of Planet Namek are more powerful than the Dragon Balls on Earth and can grant three wishes at a time. This time, in addition to developing the potential, I came to Planet Namek to borrow the Dragon Balls on Planet Namek.”

According to her understanding of the original story, Ayaka roughly concluded that the Dragon Balls were only used to communicate with the Dragon God, Zalma. When the seven Dragon Balls were gathered, the Dragon God could rely on the Dragon Balls to project down. The Dragon God, Zalma, wanted to be the entire Dragon Ball World’s overall consciousness or the law of cause and effect, a power that exists in the Other-Wolrd.

Based on the Dragon Ball creator’s ability, the Dragon God would have different abilities when descending. However, none of them could exceed the Dragon Ball maker’s authority; otherwise, the wish would not be fulfilled. The abilities of the divine dragon and the Dragon Ball maker were different. What the Kami couldn’t do, the divine dragon could do by relying on the power of the Dragon God. However, it couldn’t go beyond Kami’s power.

This was why the Kami couldn’t bring people back to life, but Shenron could do it.

“Then why don’t the Namekian use the Dragon Balls to wish for the transformation of the Planet Namek or to bring more Namekians to life?” Launch asked.

“Maybe it’s because of the law of cause and effect.” Ayaka thought for a moment.

“Let’s fly to the east. I feel that there is life there!”

Ayaka felt the air filled with the scent and then flew with Launch in the East’s direction.


After flying for about ten minutes, Ayaka found a Namekian village. The community was tiny, probably only a dozen Namekians, with scattered buildings in a half-arc shape. In the middle of which was reclaimed farming land, and a few Namekians were busy in the fields.

The Namekian buildings were bizarre, looking like insects’ shells, with sharp prisms sticking out of the rounded corners.

When Ayaka and Launch landed on the ground, those Namekians stopped what they were doing and walked up to Ayaka with a surprised look.

A chubby old Namekian walked out, “Young lady from an alien planet, may I ask what you are doing here on Planet Namek?”

‘He must be the Elder of this village. There are so few people in this village.’

Ayaka surveyed these Namekians and found that there were actually only a few dozen people in the whole community. Nearly half of them were old people and children.

“Hello, you are the Elder of this village, right! My name is Ayaka; I am a Kami from Earth. This is my companion, Launch. We came to Planet Namek because we want to see your Grand Elder. I hope you can lead the way for us.”

Ayaka, of course, didn’t know the Namekian language. However, as soon as she heard the language of the Namekian, she could translate the Namekian language system using the language secret technique learned from Planet Yardrat.

So when she spoke, she was fluent in the Namekian language.

That Namekian Elder vaguely felt that the little girl in front of him harbored a terrifying power. When he heard that she was looking for the Grand Elder, his expression was abruptly tense, and his eyes became stern. However, when he saw that Ayaka did not have any evil aura on her, he could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

“Kami from Earth, welcome to Planet Namek. The place where the Grand Elder lives is very far away from here. If we leave now to go there, we will not reach it even after dark. It will affect the Grand Elder’s rest. Why don’t you stay here for one night and wait until early tomorrow morning, and then I will send the young men of the community to accompany you there. How about that?”

“Of course, then I’m sorry to disturb you,” Ayaka said with a smile.

She was clear that the status of the Grand Elder was supreme in the eyes of the Namekian. They would not disturb the Grand Elder’s rest for anything. If Ayaka were going to go to the Grand Elder’s residence now, in this village Elder’s opinion, she would not be able to arrive at least until the night. Then she would disturb the Grand Elder’s rest, which was unacceptable.

Ayaka knew what the Namekian had in mind. Besides, she was asking for help, so she nodded her head and agreed.

Seeing that Ayaka was very good at talking, the Namekian Elder had a bright smile on his face. He immediately and politely led Ayaka and Launch into the house.


Into the room arranged by the Namekian, Launch sat down on the bed, and said, “I didn’t expect that all these Namekian looks exactly like the Old Kami of the Lookout. What a shock!

“Didn’t I tell you, the Old Kami of the Lookout is also a Namekian, who escaped to Earth when the climate of Planet Namek changed? Oh, by the way, don’t say anything to others about us coming to Planet Namek in the future. I don’t want others to know about the situation of Planet Namek!”

Launch then nodded her head.


A few hours later, night fell.

Ayaka and Launch were invited to a dinner of the Namekian and had a unique dinner of the Namekian.

Because the skin of the Namekian was green and had a function similar to that of plant photosynthesis, they simply had to drink water and use photosynthesis to produce starch to meet their physiological needs. So, the dinner they prepared was very simple.

To be honest, Ayaka felt exactly the same before and after eating. In the end, she could only secretly chew a Senzu Bean even when Ayaka could also get energy through the Energy Bound. Moreover, she also didn’t need to eat.

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