Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 63


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The next morning, the sky began to glow in a fishy white color. The night became bright, and gorgeous sunlight shone down through the clouds, bringing a warm feeling to people.

Planet Namek was the fourth planet in the 27th main galaxy of the constellation Vega. It was a planet in a trinary star system, and because it was a trinary star system, it was generally said that there was no day and night on Planet Namek. However, all this was history, as in the early days of the Planet Namek evolution, the primitive atmosphere was also very suitable for plants’ growth. Therefore, the lack of species had entered a dire situation on Planet Namek.

Ayaka and Launch stood in the open space in front of a room. The Planet Namek’s Elders were gathered around Ayaka with their people.

“His name is Vinnie, a young warrior of our Namekian. He will take you to the residence of the Grand Elder.” The Elder pointed to a young Namekian and said to Ayaka.

Ayaka sized up the Namekian named Vinnie. He was wearing a gray coat, looked very much like the young Piccolo. He had excellent strength, with a power level of more than a thousand, and was one of the best warriors of the Namekian.

“Thank you, Namekian’s Elders. I appreciate you taking care of us!” Ayaka smiled and thanked the Namekian Elder, then nodded to Vinnie and flew up in the air towards where the Grand Elder lived.


On the way, Vinnie didn’t say much. He kept silent and led the way in front. Ayaka was wise enough not to ask too many questions. So, she and Launch only watched the scenery along the way.

The natural environment of Planet Namek was perfect. Although the creatures were scarce and didn’t have too many species, the open and flat grassland still gave Ayaka and Launch a big impact. The breeze and fine grass swayed with the wind, radiating a circle like a wave-like pattern. With the green lake along with the embellishment, it seemed extraordinarily vast and pale.

The scenery along the way looked eminently spring-like, with beautiful images of vast and endless grasslands and jagged, unique mountains and strange rocks.

After nearly ten hours of flying, Ayaka and others gradually left the grasslands and lakes area, entering the canyon ravine area. The scenery here wasn’t as beautiful as it was just now, with bare rocks rising from the ground, sporadically covered with green moss. The scenery was somewhat barren and desolate.

“The Grand Elder’s residence is just ahead, through the canyon over there!” Vinnie pointed to the wide canyon in front of him. He turned his head to Ayaka and said.

Ayaka nodded and continued to fly forward. She soon crossed the canyon and came to a stone forest surrounded by mountains and rocks. The stone forest here was old, already many years old. In many places, the rocks could not withstand the years’ ravages and slowly weathered and cracked.

“These stone forests are all formed due to crustal movement during the time of the great climate change. The Grand Elder is a nostalgic person and has been living here alone. In addition to the Namekian responsible for guarding the Grand Elder, others generally don’t set foot in this area.”

Vinnie introduced, then continued to lead Ayaka to fly towards the Grand Elder’s residence. Ayaka nodded. At that moment, she turned around and saw that Launch was a bit stretched, and her face was slightly white and froze.

“Here we are. Up ahead is where the Grand Elder lives! I’ll send you this far, go up and find the Grand Elder yourselves!” Vinnie pointed to a white building on top of the peak and said.

“Thank you so much for leading the way. Please express my gratitude to the Elders for me!”

Looking at the white building on the cliff, Ayaka smiled and expressed her gratitude to Vinnie. “You’re welcome.” Vinnie nodded at her and then returned along the road.

“Let’s go up there!”

Taking a breath, Ayaka slowly flew towards the Grand Elder’s residence.

The Grand Elder’s dwelling was much larger than the average Namekian’s house. The whole place was divided into two floors. The top floor was the Grand Elder’s room, and the bottom was inhabited by the Namekian warriors who were responsible for guarding the Grand Elder.

When Ayaka and Launch arrived in front of the huge building, a green-skinned Namekian came out.

“You are here. The Grand Elder already knows that you are here to see him; please follow me!” The young Namekian said to Ayaka.

According to the original story, Ayaka knew that this Namekian was the guard in charge of protecting the Grand Elder – Nail. He was one of the few warrior-type Namekian and almost the most powerful fighter on Planet Namek, which now had 30,000 power levels.

Following behind Nail, they soon came to the Grand Elder on the second floor.

The Grand Elder was so senile that he couldn’t move around and only lean on his seat. The Grand Elder’s huge size was appalling.

“Hello, Kami from Earth! I can feel the pure divine power from you. I wonder what you want to see me about?” The Grand Elder’s old voice rang out, kind and gracious. However, due to his advanced age, his voice carried a slight tremble.

“Greetings, Grand Elder of Planet Namek. I am very sorry to come and disturb you! I heard that you have the special ability to develop the human body’s potential. We came here to enhance our own strength. I feel that shortly the Earth will encounter the threat from the foreign evil forces, and to protect the Earth, we need more powerful strength!”

Because of the request, Ayaka kept herself as humble as possible.

The Grand Elder could foresee Ayaka’s arrival and certainly could more or less scout out some of the things that would happen in the future. Although it might only be an outline, it was enough to testify to the truth of what Ayaka had said.

Ayaka was telling the truth! The Grand Elder nodded his head slightly. Nail was shocked to hear this because even he didn’t know that the Grand Elder had the special ability to develop people’s potential.

The Grand Elder smiled lightly and said, “Well, I didn’t expect you to know about my ability. You are right; guarding one’s planet against the invasion of evil forces does require great power. So, step forward and let me develop your potential.”

“Wait, Grand Elder, you are old. If you use your power casually, it will greatly deplete your strength….”

Nail hurriedly stopped with a worried expression on his face. He was worried that if the Grand Elder used his divine power, it would consume his body’s power, thus affecting the Grand Elder’s lifespan.

Oh, don’t worry. Developing strong energy for people is my special ability. It doesn’t consume physical strength. My body can bear still last for more than ten years!”

At this time, Ayaka seemed to remember something, so she said to the Grand Elder, “Grand Elder, before raising the potential, can I borrow the Namekian Dragon Balls for a while?”

Ayaka came to Planet Namek to develop her potential and use the Namekian Dragon Ball to make a wish. Incidentally, she wanted to use the Dragon Ball to solve Launch’s two soul problems, but she remembered a limit to Shenron’s wishing. She wondered if Shenron still had the ability to make changes to Launch’s body after boosting her power.

Oh, I wonder where you know about the Dragon Balls from?” The Grand Elder opened his half-closed eyes in surprise, and his eyes flashed with amazement.

“Grand Elder, the last Kami of Earth, was also from Planet Namek. He escaped from Planet Namek when it suffered a great climatic, so the Dragon Balls also exist on Earth. However, the Dragon Balls on Earth are not as powerful as those on Planet Namek!”

“Dragon balls also exist on Earth, so no wonder.” The Grand Elder said, “It turns out that there are still Namekian on other planets. Earth’s Kami, I’ll leave this Dragon Ball to you. Come back after making a wish and let me develop the potential. I feel that shortly, Planet Namek will also encounter the invasion of evil forces, and at that time, the extra power of justice is an extra hope!”

The Grand Elder stretched out his hand, took out the huge Dragon Ball behind his seat, and handed it to Ayaka.

“Thank you, Grand Elder. In the future, when Planet Namek encounters the invasion of evil power, I will definitely come to help!” Ayaka gave her promise without hesitation.

Oh, I’ll be counting on you then, Earth’s Kami! Nail, you take them to each village to get the Dragon Balls!”

“Yes, Grand Elder!”

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