Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 64


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Ayaka watched as Nail walked out of the room. She then smiled at the Grand Elder and then used the divine power of the Kami to hold the huge Dragon Ball in the air, following in the footsteps of Nail.

“Kami of Earth, although I know that you came to Planet Namek to guard your planet, the Grand Elder is old, I hope you won’t trouble him too much!” Nail said with a cold face as he flew ahead.

Ayaka smiled lightly and nodded. Looking at Nail at this moment, she couldn’t help but think of the Lookout’s Mr. Popo; the two were very similar in guarding.

“The Grand Elder is very lucky to have such a faithful guardian as you. On our Earth’s Lookout, there is also a good guardian who is dedicated to his duties. If you can get to know each other, you will definitely become good friends.”

Nail didn’t reply and continued to fly rapidly.

Since Nail’s power level was extremely high and Ayaka was able to keep up closely, it didn’t take long to wander through several large villages on Planet Namek.

With Nail as the Grand Elder guardian to escort, it was very smooth to get the seven Dragon Balls. When the seven Dragon Balls were gathered together, the Dragon Balls’ surface shone brightly with a golden glow. The buzzing low sound was incessant, and each flicker emitted a light chant similar to that of Shenron.

“Kami, since you have collected seven Dragon Balls, then I will go back to the Grand Elder first. After you have summoned Porunga, you should also go to the Grand Elder as soon as possible. Don’t let the Grand Elder wait for a long time.”

Nail cold eyes looking at Ayaka, then swished up into the sky, flew toward the Grand Elder’s residence, and soon disappeared into the sky.

Hehehe! What a cold personality.” Ayaka shook her head.

After choosing an open and deserted area, it was grassland with green grass, a light green lake not far away, and a few short peaks standing further away, a place far away from the human population. If she summoned Porunga here, she wouldn’t have to worry about being disturbed.

‘Dragon Balls, don’t you let me down.’

Setting the seven Dragon Balls in place, Ayaka shouted in the Namekian language, “Come out, Porunga!”

As soon as the words fell, the seven Dragon Balls erupted with a fierce golden glow. The flashes’ frequency gradually accelerated, and a large black cloud slowly drifted in the sky, soon obscuring the entire sky.


The sky suddenly resounded with thunder’s loud sound, and golden lightning constantly flashed in the dark clouds. The rumbling sound of thunder resounded out, like a thousand horses attacking. The momentum was magnificent.


Countless golden lightning struck straight down from the sky, stretching all the way to the ground, connecting the sky and the ground at once.

“The ki is really spectacular!” Ayaka sighed with a tsk.

The huge Dragon Balls shone with an even stronger golden light. Each flash erupting with a booming sound, like a heavenly dragon about to take flight on the pale ground, which echoed with the golden lightning in the sky.


The Dragon Balls violently erupted with a large amount of golden light, and a shocking aura shot out from the Dragon Balls, mixed with the power to destroy the world. The golden light snaked and soared toward the sky, merging with the lightning in the sky as a huge dragon roar resounded through the world.

In the sky, a huge figure appeared.

Planet Namek’s divine dragon was called Porunga, which means Dragon of Dreams in the Namekian language. The dragon had a huge body of several thousand meters high, with well-developed muscles and two strong arms. It had black horns on its head and shoulders, and its broad and upright body contained more power than the earth’s Shenron.

The huge shoulders and huge head with horns looked a bit like the Black Star Dragon in the Dragon Ball GT.

Porunga stared down at Ayaka with scarlet eyes. His loud voice rang out in the sky, “You who have gathered the seven Dragon Balls, you can say your wish. No matter what wish, you can only have three!”

Ayaka breathed a strong sigh of relief, resisting the huge and terrifying aura of Porunga. As expected of the real divine dragon of Planet Namek, the strength was really terrifying.

Ayaka estimated that the ki had nearly a million power levels, far from the Earth’s Shenron.

“First wish. Please split my companion into two full human beings relying on her personality!”

Ayaka pointed to the distant and already dazed Launch and said. To solve the two souls’ problem without wiped out either of Launch and Lancy was splitting them into two separate humans. Ayaka didn’t wish to the Earth Shenron but relied on Planet Namek Porunga, which had more powerful abilities.

“Got it. The first wish can be granted!”

Porunga’s eyes suddenly lit up with red light, and so did Launch’s body in the distance. Then, her body was magically split into two and slowly transformed into two young girls with identical clothing and attire. The two young girls were identical except for different hair colors. It was Launch and Lance, and at this point, they had become two completely separate people.

“Porunga, my second wish is to transform the two young girls in front of me, replace them with the Saiyan bloodline, and give them immortality.”

Ayaka started her second wish, then stared at Porunga with a gleaming gaze. She began to exploit the language loophole again. When she was on Earth, the Earth Shenron rejected such a wish of hers, and she wondered if the more powerful Porunga could make this wish come true.

Porunga was silent for a long time, and his gruff voice rang out, “It is easy to grant immortality, but the Saiyan bloodline, forgive me for not being able to fulfill it.”

“Why?!” Ayaka asked in amazement.

Immortality was fine; why not a different bloodline?’

“Because it involves the balance of the universe, which is bound to the rules.” Porunga’s gruff voice said.

If any bloodline could be achieved, then countless monsters like Ayaka would appear. Therefore, the universe’s rules didn’t allow Porunga to change various creatures’ bloodlines at will. Just now, Porunga said immortality, but it wasn’t really immortality, but just a substantial increase in the original creature’s life span. To achieve immortality like Ayaka was impossible.

Ai, that’s a shame.”

The light gradually faded, revealing the two young girls’ white and flawless bodies. Launch’s appearance hadn’t changed much, except that the skin became more delicate and lubricated, while Lancy’s change was more significant. In addition to the more delicate and lubricated skin, the original golden hair became emerald green. The aura of the body also changed dramatically, less tyrannical and rough. It was more light and soft as if the whole person had been transformed.

“The second wish can only be fulfilled in this way! The third, the last wish, say it!”

Although she felt some shortcomings, Ayaka was soon relieved. That was true; the Dragon Balls weren’t a universal wish-granting machine. If it were true that any wish could be granted, then the existence of the Dragon Balls would be a huge loophole.

“Porunga, I need a weapon. Please give me a sword that is integrated with my soul and can be summoned at will!”

With the previous wish that wasn’t successfully fulfilled, Ayaka also seemed cautious when she made her third wish.

“This wish is easy!”

Porunga’s eyes glowed red. Soon, Ayaka felt a tug at his heart. When her mind moved, a long sword appeared in front of her. It was a longsword with a brown scabbard and a golden hilt. The sword shone with a snow-white cold light, and at the end of the hilt, there was a golden star pendant like a bright pearl.

“Human, your wishes have all been fulfilled, so goodbye!” With that, Porunga was about to ascend into the sky.

“Wait, Porunga, I have a question for you!”

“Human, what is your question?”

“Are you the same as Shenron on Earth?”

After she asked her question, she only waited for Porunga’s answer.

“Yes, we are different alters of the same consciousness. Well, goodbye!”

As the Porunga ascended into the sky, the seven Dragon Balls immediately dispersed to all parts of Planet Namek. The whole sky was bright again, with the glorious sunlight shining down on the ground, mapping out a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

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