Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 65


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Ayaka got her answer, and her previous guess was not wrong. The Dragon Balls were just the media to communicate with Zalama, the Dragon God. The ones who descended were the projections of Zalama; they had the same consciousness; they just played different strengths depending on the media.

She smiled as she walked towards the two sisters. Planet Namek Porunga was really remarkable; it could really divide the two-soul person into two complete individual people. Although it did not replace the Saiyan bloodline and did not achieve a true sense of immortality, it had been perfect for Launch and Lancy.

After observing Launch and Lancy through the Unsighted, Ayaka found that after their transformation by the divine dragon Porunga, their power level had increased to a great extent, both reaching 280 power levels, twice as much as the original!

“Could it be that their power level is stacked to increase? If each person reached 100 power levels, they will both increase their power level by 200. That’s incredible.”

Ayaka thought about it and felt that it was unlikely. There couldn’t be such an unbelievable attribute.

“They are originally one. Although they are now divided into two people, they are still essentially linked together. The way of superimposed growth is unlikely, but the associated growth is possible. As long as one of them becomes stronger, the other will also grow in strength naturally in a short period of time.”

This possibility was the greatest.

After lamenting for a while, it didn’t take long for Ayaka and the others to return to the place where the Grand Elder lived. As soon as they arrived, Ayaka felt a mighty aura, which was surprisingly no worse than her full power.

“The owner of this ki has a power level of no less than 200,000. Who the hell is it that has such a high power level?”

Ayaka’s heart was shocked, and her vigilance had just risen. When suddenly she reacted again, how could this ki be so familiar? It was actually Nail’s ki! Could it be that the Grand Elder had developed his potential for him?

Nail was a rare warrior-type Namekian. He would eventually reach a power level of 42,000 with his training, and it would not be surprising to see him reach 200,000 power levels if the Grand Elder helped him open his potential!

Ayaka remembered that Nail’s power level was about 300,000, and after developing it, it reached 2 million, so it increased more than six times!

“What a terrifying increase!

 The more she sighed in her heart, the more Ayaka looked forward to it, wondering how much it would rise when it was her turn to develop it.

“Ayaka, what a terrifying ki!” Launch’s and Lancy’s face was gloomy.

Ayaka smiled and said, “Don’t be afraid, that’s Nail’s ki. It should be the Grand Elder who opened up his potential for him, and he isn’t able to collect his ki yet.”

“So it’s him.” The two looked slightly relieved.


At this time, Nail came out of the room, slightly surprised to see Ayaka and the others. How could there be another one? However, he didn’t say much and said succinctly, “You guys come with me up. The Grand Elder has been waiting for you for a long time!” After saying that, he turned around and walked into the house.

Ayaka smiled lightly and shook her head. He was so cold, and it made her helpless.

“So she is one body with two souls. It is a very rare physique. It seems that your wish has been granted! Earth’s Kami, now I will develop your potential. Which one of you will be first!”

The Grand Elder looked at Launch, who had become two people, in amazement. He couldn’t believe that he hadn’t seen that she was a two-soul person at the beginning. A two-soul person divided into two people was an extremely rare physique, which was why the Grand Elder had paid extra attention to her.

“I’ll go first!” Launch walked up to the Grand Elder and said.

The Grand Elder smiled and nodded, extending his thick arm and placing his entire palm on Launch’s head. The Grand Elder was surprised and said, “What a pure heart. You are the purest human I have ever seen!”

With that said, the Grand Elder unleashed his divine power and triggered Launch’s body’s potential.


A white light swept up from the ground. Launch only felt a huge surge of heat inside her body and soon spread to all parts of her body. Every cell was full of vitality like a bloodshot, and her body was soothed.

As the Grand Elder developed her potential, the ki on Launch’s body began to rise. Ayaka’s face, who was standing on the side, changed at once.

“Outstanding potential. Little girl, keep up this mind! Your body still contains an amazing potential; I can only open so much for you. The rest will need to be developed by your continuous training!” The Grand Elder said in a calm tone as he released his hand on Launch’s head.

On the side, Ayaka’s face had been full of surprise. Through the Unsighted observation, she found that Launch’s current power level had risen to 85,000! The effect of developing potential was only a few tens of times, but Launch had surged three hundred times, which was incredible.

On the one hand, it resulted from the Grand Elder, who valued Launch’s mind and tried his best to develop her potential. Also, it was the powerful potential given by the flawless mind, which was the advantage possessed by the one body with two souls!

Launch felt the ki on her body, and the huge disturbance made the whole room under high-energy oppression. However, no one stopped her from releasing her ki until Launch was satisfied. She then collected her ki and bowed gratefully towards the Grand Elder.

Next was the green-haired Lancy. After seeing her other self, “Launch” develop her potential, her eyebrows showing a look of anticipation.

Finally, after the Grand Elder development, Lancy also got what she wanted and reached a power level of 85,000.

“Earth’s Kami, it’s your turn!”

The Grand Elder’s old voice rang out. Ayaka walked over to the Grand Elder’s seat with anticipation.

A large hand landed on her head and covered almost her entire head, “Huh!” A trace of astonishment flashed across the Grand Elder’s face, then closed his eyes and pondered.

“Earth’s Kami, I feel that in your body contains a very magical power. I had only felt this kind of power when I created the Dragon Balls, the universe’s top divine power. I never thought that you would actually have this kind of divine power in your body. It seems that you have an unlimited future! Let me see how much potential can be triggered in your body!”

With the release of the Grand Elder’s skill to channel her potential, Ayaka suddenly felt a dry heat rise within her body. A majestic and vast aura steeply emerged from nowhere, surrounding her body and beginning a continuous transformation.

The cells’ golden energy continued to overflow, little by little convergence to all parts of the body. Ayaka felt warmth all over her body, and then a vast aura rose to the sky. This ki broke the entire cloud layer of Planet Namek, and the thick floating clouds spread out at once. With the area where the Grand Elder lived as the center, the air and clouds began to swirl, forming layer after layer of a ring-like spiral.

“What a terrifying potential. I can only trigger an extremely tiny bit of it. I’m afraid this child will become a remarkable existence in the future!”

A shocked expression appeared on the Grand Elder’s face as his gaze flickered to look at Ayaka, who was still engrossed in power. On the other hand, Nail, Launch, and Lancy had long been frightened by the terrifying aura of Ayaka’s ki.

About half an hour later, from the intoxication back to consciousness, Ayaka slightly twisted her body. Immediately, there was a light “crackling” sound under the body, as if the whole body was frozen in a clay pot to break out of the ground general, indescribable comfort.

Ayaka shook her head and then used the Unsighted to observe herself. She found to her horror that her power level had reached a frightening 2.4 million.

‘That’s 2.4 million power level. Does it increase by more than ten times at once?!?’

Although she had known that her strength would increase greatly after developing her potential, she didn’t expect it to reach 2.4 million at once.

“I really don’t know how to thank you, Grand Elder!” Ayaka said with an excited face.

“It’s nothing. It’s all the power of justice. Of course, the more, the better. Unfortunately, the power inside you is too mysterious and powerful; I can only trigger a tiny bit of it.

Ayaka nodded with understanding, “Grand Elder, don’t worry, in the future, if there is any danger on Planet Namek, I will definitely do my best to help!”

After receiving such an assurance, a smile appeared on the Grand Elder’s face, “Then thank you very much.”

After that, the three of them bade farewell to the Grand Elder and left the Grand Elder’s residence.


“What a terrifying potential!” After Ayaka and the others left, the Grand Elder whispered to himself, “It might be a very fortunate thing for Namekian to form a friendship with her.”

“Grand Elder, has she really reached 2.4 million power level?” Nail asked in disbelief.

The Grand Elder nodded, “Yes, it’s a pity that my ability to develop potential also has certain limitations. Otherwise, I could definitely develop more potential.”


After leaving the Grand Elder’s residence, Ayaka and the others flew through the sky with excitement as if they were fish leaping into a river.

In the next few months, Ayaka accompanied Launch and Lancy to practice the control of ki on Planet Namek. After the serious study, they could finally control the huge amount of ki on their bodies at will.

The journey to Planet Namek was basically over, and the three of them gained a huge harvest.

“Unfortunately, the early stage can’t interfere too much with the fate of Goku and other Dragon Ball protagonists. Otherwise, Goku”s potential is definitely beyond words.”

Of course, Goku’s bloodline wasn’t the Elite Warrior Saiyan bloodline. Allowing him to develop his potential prematurely would be unattractive in turn.

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