Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 66


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The Lookout.

Ayaka, Launch, and Lancy returned to Earth together. It could be imagined the astonished expression on the Old Kami and Mr. Popo’s faces when they saw Launch, who had split into two people.

“So it was a wish made through the Namekian Dragon Ball. I’ve never seen the physical attributes associated with this type before!”

Knowing what happened in Planet Namek, the Old Kami marveled as he surveyed Lunch and Lancy.

“Well, now the Lookout has another Servant God. Both have a combat power of more than 80,000!” Ayaka said with a smile.

The Old Kami nodded in relief, “Yes, it’s amazing that the Grand Elder of Planet Namek could develop such a huge potential. What a remarkable ability.”

Then in conjunction with the Old Kami, Ayaka made a few sets of weight-bearing clothes for the sisters. These clothes didn’t have the magical function of Ayaka’s clothes, just like the nature of the clothes worn by Son Goku in the original story. However, because of Ayaka’s participation, the clothes’ style was changed to a very innovative one.


The next few days, Ayaka stayed in the Lookout, either for training or standing on the edge of the Lookout from time to time overlooking the Lower Realm. Simultaneously, the sisters followed Mr. Popo in the maintenance of the Lookout’s daily work. Thus, the time passed uneventfully.

During this time, a lot of things happened on Earth. She learned from Korin that Son Goku had climbed up the Korin Tower.

Although Ayaka’s intervention enhanced Son Goku’s strength compared to the original story, Mercenary Tao wasn’t a dry good. After being defeated by Ayaka once, he worked even harder to practice for a while. Eventually, Son Goku still lost to the much stronger Mercenary Tao by a hair’s breadth. Upa’s father, Bora, died in the hands of Mercenary Tao.

Son Goku had to climb the Korin Tower. Under the guidance of Korin, he began to train intensely. In the hands of Korin, he grabbed the fake “Ultra Divine Water” and eventually went to the next level of strength.

Then, Son Goku challenged Mercenary Tao again and successfully defeated him. He then began to collect the seven Dragon Balls to help Upa resurrect his father.


In the place close to the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, a plane was slowly approaching. It was the plane in which Master Roshi and the others were riding.

Since learning that Son Goku broke into the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters single-handedly, Krillin and others were anxious. Finally, at the suggestion of Yamcha, Master Roshi, Bulma, and others flew the plane to the Red Ribbon Army’s Headquarters, intending to rescue Sun Goku.

Well, we finally arrived at the Red Ribbon Army’s Headquarters!” Puar lying on the edge of the window, looking at the Red Ribbon Army’s tall Headquarters not far away.

“There are dense forests all around. Let’s land at that place!” Yamcha looked around and found a slightly flatter area.

“Why are we landing here? The distance is still too far!”

“It’s easy to encounter an ambush if we are too close to the base. Landing in this area can serve as concealment, and we can also rush into the enemy’s lair when they are not prepared.”

Yamcha explained and landed the plane in the middle of the forest. Krillin first jumped out of the plane, cautiously observing the surrounding environment. After determining that there was no danger, the crowd jumped out of the plane one after another.

“Everyone, be careful. We must save Goku!” Yamcha holding a machete. His eyes were flashing with harsh cold light, and his face gloomy.

“Hold on. Yamcha, it’s perilous to rush in like this. Let’s make a battle plan!” Master Roshi stopped them from rushing forward.

The Red Ribbon Army was a behemoth, an existence that even the King of Central City couldn’t erase. This was their Headquarters, and once they rushed in, it would be impossible for them to get out in one piece. Although most of the weapons invented by the Earth’s technological level were ineffective against the martial artists, some special points could be ruled out to cause harm to them.

“Master Roshi is right. Let’s think of a more thorough plan!” Yamcha thought for a moment and nodded his head.

While Master Roshi and the others discussed countermeasures, a roll of black smoke suddenly rose in the distance. Krillin jerked up and pointed ahead, “Look, there’s an explosion in the Red Ribbon Army’s Headquarters base.”

“What’s going on? Did someone attack them?” Master Roshi wondered.

“Goku, it’s Goku!!! He broke out of the Red Ribbon Army’s Headquarters base!!!” Bulma saw Son Goku’s figure in the telescope and shouted evenly.

“What, Is Sun Goku capable of doing that?” Yamcha was shocked to hear that. The Red Ribbon Army was not a role to be messed with. Even if Master Roshi just barged in, he might not be able to get out in one piece.

“It seems that Goku, in this period of time, the strength has surged again. What a surprise.” Master Roshi thought about it and said with some emotion.

In the distance, Son Goku had gotten rid of the Red Ribbon Army’s constant pursuit. That so-called headquarters base collapsed in a burst of rumbling explosions.

“Goku, here!!!” Krillin shouted.

“What brings you guys here?”

Seeing Krillin, Yamcha, and Master Roshi, Son Goku looked surprised. The next few people hurriedly left the spot and flew the plane to escape from the Red Ribbon Army’s remnants.

On the way to escape, Master Roshi and others listened to Sun Goku tell what had happened in recent times.

So, Goku, you climbed the Korin Tower and defeated Mercenary Tao. No wonder you can wipe out the Red Ribbon Army all by yourself!” Master Roshi nodded; his heart was somehow understood. In his opinion, Son Goku’s qualifications were extremely excellent. After Korin’s guidance, his strength would certainly make a big leap. His previous worries became completely superfluous.

“Korin Tower, what is that place?” Krillin and Yamcha’s faces were filled with confusion.

“Korin Tower is a tall divine tower located in the Sacred Land of Korin. The height of Korin Tower is completely impossible to judge with the naked eye and technology. For some reason, no other tool can reach the tower’s top except climbing up the tower by its own strength. Legend has it that at the top of Korin Tower resides the Cat Hermit – Korin. As long as you get Korin’s guidance, your training can become more exquisite. So, Korin is known as the Hermit Master!”

“I once received instruction from Korin three hundred years ago, and my power level soared during that time. I was later called the God of Martial Arts. This time Goku also climbed up the Korin Tower and easily defeated Mercenary Tao. It seems that Goku is now far better than I was when I was young.” Master Roshi shook his head; there was some sentiment of a new generation.

“Is this true?” Krillin and Yamcha flashed in unison. Their eyes were flashed with amazement, but in their hearts, they kept the name of Korin Tower firmly in mind.

When they are free someday, they must climb up there to have a look.


A few days later, Kame House.

The cool sea breeze came from afar, and several water birds soared against the sea. Suddenly a runaway plane stumbled and flew over.


Not far away, it set off a huge wave, and the huge wave knocked the plane down just in time.

Oh no, it seems I hit something.” Krillin, trying his Kamehameha, seemed to see something being knocked down by his half-assed Kamehameha and hurried towards the place where the plane had fallen.

On the sea, the wreckage of a battered plane was slowly sinking, and snap! A woman in uniform climbed out of the wreckage of the sinking plane. She was wearing a gray and beige uniform, a helmet, and had a Red Ribbon Army mark on her chest.

Colonel Violet was torn and found herself surrounded by an endless ocean. Even if she was familiar with the water, it was impossible to stay calm in the center of the ocean.

A few days ago, the Red Ribbon Army she had joined was destroyed, and Violet, who was already dissatisfied with the army, knew that her chance to leave had arrived. So, she took the opportunity to sneak into the Headquarters vault and swept away a house full of money, “This will be my payment for these years of work!”

“Look, Yamcha, it’s a woman! Krillin looked at Violet, who was “struggling” in the water, with surprise. She was wearing an officer’s uniform with the Red Ribbon Army logo on it!

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