Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 67


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Krillin was a little embarrassed. Although the other side was from the Red Ribbon Army, she was a woman. In any case, he was the one who shot her plane down. Krillin scrambled to get Colonel Violet out of the water, an embarrassed look surfacing on his face.


Kame House.

Master Roshi looked at the blue-haired Colonel Violet. “So you took advantage of the destruction of the Red Ribbon Army to break away from it?”

Colonel Violet nodded, “Yes, originally I swept the army’s vault and prepared to settle far away from the Headquarters. After all, it would be very troublesome for those remnants to know if I did such a thing.” She said awkwardly.

In fact, now she vaguely regretted it. The remnants of the Red Ribbon Army were also very powerful. After all, she was alone; it was bad to mess things up. So, Colonel Violet urgently needed a group of people with enough power level to ensure her safety.

“You swept the Red Ribbon Army’s vault?” Krillin interjected.

Master Roshi got excited all of a sudden, and his face became radiant, “Why don’t you stay here? We are all powerful here. Don’t worry about the remnants of the Red Ribbon Army at all.”

“Really?” Colonel Violet said in surprise. Having been exposed to the army corps’ internal information, wouldn’t she know that the short, bad old man in front of her was actually the famous Martial Arts God, Master Roshi? And these few around here were his disciples who had excelled in the recent World Martial Arts Tournament.

“Master Roshi, is this okay?” Yamcha asked cautiously.

Master Roshi put on a serious expression, “What would be the problem?” Then he whispered, “Do not forget that she is a woman. We Turtle School also need a woman to take care of the household. Besides, she has money. She is the one who swept the red ribbon army vault; how much money is that! We have so many people here to eat, the financial crisis!”

When he said so, Yamcha also had no reason to object.

After the internal unification, Master Roshi said seriously, “Colonel Violet, we will call you Violet from now on. However, you know that we are located in a remote area here, there must be no entertainment, and every time we go shopping, we have to fly the plane. We need money to pay for gas for this journey… “

“You do not have to worry. If I stay here, I will certainly give you the appropriate payment.” Colonel Violet was not very attached to money. At once, she took out more than a billion worth of gold and cash, “These will be treated as the cost of my stay.”

Even the billions of cash left in her hand is enough for her to spend the rest of her life in style.

Master Roshi, Krillin, and Yamcha were dumbfounded. Master Roshi’s gaze was dull, and his saliva flowing from the corners of his mouth. Krillin was dumbfounded, probably never having seen so much money. As for Yamcha, he had a sour face. When he was a bandit in the desert, the best he could do was rob a million or so a year, and tens of millions were just a handful.

“And, everyone calls me Violet. This is my real name. Colonel is just my title.”

Master Roshi and others nodded dumbfounded. There really was a time when the pie falls from the sky. So, the first female was finally going to live in the Kame House, which was really congratulations.


After Son Goku destroyed the Red Ribbon Army, he found two Dragon Balls in their Headquarters.

“Great, there is still one last one to go!”

He pulled out the Dragon Ball radar. It beeped a few times, and the radar showed the location of the Dragon Balls.

Hey? Strange! Why isn’t the last Dragon Ball there? There was clearly more before!” He found that he could not find the seventh Dragon Ball on the radar, except for the six Dragon Balls in the center.

“It’s terrible, is the Dragon Ball radar broken?”

Like the original story, the only way was that Son Goku had to go to Fortuneteller Baba’s palace to find the Dragon Balls’ location that Fortuneteller Baba had divined for him.

Fortuneteller Baba’s palace was located in a remote desert area. It was the only oasis in the distant desert. When Son Goku arrived at the Fortuneteller Baba’s palace, he saw a long line of people at the palace entrance, and a ghost-like air mass was maintaining order. That was the servant hired by the Fortuneteller Baba.

Because Fortuneteller Baba had the ability to straddle the Other-World and the Wolrd of Living, so there were all kinds of strange and bizarre characters in her palace.

According to Fortuneteller Baba’s rules, each divination needs to charge 10 million or defeat her five warriors. Because Son Goku had no money, so he chose to defeat her five warriors. After defeating the vampire, transparent man, mummy, and demon, Fortuneteller Baba sent the last ace masked man, and the duel was held in the outdoor square.

Son Goku’s power had no longer been the same. It took some effort to defeat the masked man, and after taking off the mask, Son Goku realized that the masked man was his deceased grandfather – Son Gohan.

After spending some time with Son Gohan, Son Goku rushed to the destination according to Fortuneteller Baba’s divination and snatched the last Dragon Ball from Pilaf. Later, to achieve his ambitions after the Dragon Balls’ loss, Pilaf scrambled to find Demon King Piccolo, who was sealed three hundred years ago.

On the other hand, after getting the seven Dragon Balls and returned to Korin Tower, Son Goku found Upa. He then began to summon Shenron, asking Shenron to resurrect Upa’s father.


The Lookout.

“Ayaka, where are we going?”

The sisters were pulled by Ayaka and went down the hallway below the Lookout. The winding and twisting hallway made Launch, and Lancy felt a little dizzy. The bottom level of the Lookout was actually a passage to another dimension.

Ayaka said with one eyebrow and a smile, “I’ll take you to visit King Yemma of the Other-World. He is the God in charge of the Other-World in the North Area. There are many benefits to having a good relationship with him.”

“The God in charge of the Other-World. Is the King Yemma as scary as in myths and legends?” Launch black eyes flashed a little light, looking full of curiosity.

Ayaka couldn’t help but remember the first time he saw King Yemma and was scared by his huge body, “Well, King Yemma is not scary even when many people are afraid of King Yemma, who is in charge of death. If you are familiar with the situation, you will find that the King Yemma is actually very nice to talk to.”

In fact, Ayaka also knew that King Yemma wasn’t nice to everyone else. He only had an amiable attitude when it came to her. It should be known that the same Earth’s Kami, the Old Kami, would have to be submissive and trembling in front of King Yemma, whereas she could talk to King Yemma as she pleased.

“Above King Yemma, there exists Kai with a higher status. We are here in the North Area, so it’s under the control of the North Kai. North Kai is the supreme God of the entire North Area. He is also a martial arts master with a different perception of the martial arts. If you can get the guidance of North Kai, your skills can advance by leaps and bounds!”

Ayaka, of course, didn’t simply take the sisters to meet King Yemma. The main thing was to pay homage to North Kai through the Snake Road. Ayaka and the sisters’ power was already strong enough. Their foundation was also solid, and they needed to improve their power through North Kai’s guidance.

Although North Kai was a bit of a joke in the whole Dragon Ball plot, there was no doubt that North Kai was the highest power level in this current situation. Of course, when it came to the Frieza Clan, it was estimated that he couldn’t do anything about it, but North Kai had the Kaio-ken and Spirit Bomb, which was a big killer.

A Snake Road was leading to the North Kai’s Planet. It was said to be a million kilometers long. Walking on it was full of crises and could be attacked from Hell at any time. For 100 million years, it was only King Yemma who had visited Kai’s through the Snake Road. Considering that the Earth’s circumference was less than 40,000 kilometers, a million kilometers long, and full of Snake Road crises wasn’t a small challenge.

“Ayaka, you’re amazing. You can even go to the Other-World, and know King Yemma!” Lancy’s eyes wide open, full of admiration.

“This is the power of the Kami. If I were by myself, it would still be a little troublesome to go to the Other-World.”

The corners of Ayaka’s mouth emerged with a smile. Kami had the ability to communicate between the Other-World and the World of Living and could travel freely between them. However, if she wanted to take a living person with her to the Other-World, Kami’s divine power was still not enough, and she needed a little help from props.

“The power of Kami is just convenient. Although it does not play much of a role when fighting, it is convenient to use in normal times.”

The three of them walked down the hallway and came to the door of a room. Ayaka opened the door, “My divine power can not yet take you two to the Other-World at once, so we have to use the magic array in this room. It will allow us to reach the Other-World without any problems.”

Ayaka stepped into the room, then pressing the button next to the door.

The lights in the room came on. They saw a complex pattern carved in the center of the room. The lines of the pattern were crisscrossed, and the picture was complicated and dazzling, and that was the magic array that could enhance the divine power of Kami.

The three walked into the magic array. Ayaka activated the magic array. The room lit up with a dazzling red light, and then “click”, the red light flickered violently. The whole room was dazzling and blinding, and after a few seconds, the light gradually dimmed, and the room had lost the trace of the three.

The sky in the Other-World was completely different from the earth and the World of Living. It was filled with golden colors everywhere. The sky was still blue but covered by a golden cloud. Looking up, they could only saw one big golden cloud after another. The ground was also floating with golden clouds, suspended a foot above the ground, like cotton candy, making people wanted to take a bite.

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