Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 68


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“Is this the Other-World? It’s completely different from what I imagined. It’s as if I’ve come to Heaven.”

The scenery of the Other-World was completely unexpected. A floating cloud drifted along the roadside, and the air was a series of auspicious clouds. The entire Other-World was pale yellow color everywhere, giving people a warm feeling, without the imaginary cold and dark.

Not far away, a row of white air masses arranged in an orderly manner. Ayaka smiled and introduced, “That is the souls of mortals after death. They are waiting in line for King Yemma’s sentence. Only people who are strong to a certain extent or who have done great good deeds in life are allowed to have a physical body form; otherwise, they are just a gas after death.”

Launch and Lancy nodded in understanding.

At this time, a ghost with horns on his head saw Ayaka and others, “Hey, three humans over there. In the Other-World, you have to abide by the Other-World rules, don’t stand there dawdling. Hey, you don’t have a circle of light on your head. You are alive; how come the living come to the Other-World!”

The ghosts came closer to find that Ayaka and the girls didn’t have the halo of the dead on their heads, so he went to call his leader with a pale face.

A short time later, the ghost officer came. He was a staff member with two horns on his head and wearing glasses.

“Ah, it’s Miss Ayaka. Are you here to see King Yemma? Let me accompany you inside. I’m really very sorry that the new ghost staff didn’t recognize you!”

As soon as that leader saw Ayaka, his face changed, and he immediately showed a respectful face.

“It’s okay; we just arrived too. I will go to King Yemma by myself so that I won’t disturb your work.” Ayaka smiled lightly and nodded to that staff member, leading the sisters towards King Yemma’s palace.

That staff member saw Ayaka and the girls walking away and couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. He pretended to be stern and said to the ghost officer before, “Look carefully, that person just now is not ordinary. She is the Kami of the Earth. Her status is much higher than us ghost officers of the Other-World. More importantly, she has an excellent relationship with King Yemma. If you offend that person, you will not be able to get along in the Other-World!”

“I can’t believe she’s such a big shot!” The ghosts were horrified to hear that. They were delighted that they had not recklessly offended them just now.

“Ayaka, you were so powerful. Those ghosts seem to be very afraid of you! Did you do something to make them afraid?”

Ayaka looked at them, casually grabbed a cloud next to her, and rubbed the cloud into a handful, “It’s not true. I haven’t done anything scary. They are only afraid of me because I have a good relationship with King Yemma and are afraid of offending him because of me.”

“So is King Yemma scary?”

“I’m afraid of King Yemma is not because he’s scary. King Yemma is the highest God in the Other-World, representing the Other-World. As long as they are in the Other-World, whether they are souls or ghosts, they will instinctively fear King Yemma. Here, that is the palace of the King Yemma!”

Pointing to the towering hall ahead, golden clouds surrounded the entire palace. Only the palace’s eaves could be seen vaguely, and the light red glazed tiles were laid on the roof of the palace, reflecting a crystal bright light. There were guards oddly equipped with two things similar to the bull’s horn on the palace’s main door. There were countless ghosts in front maintaining order, allowing rows of suspended soul bodies to enter the palace of King Yemma in an orderly manner.

“Let’s go. When you enter the main gate of the palace, you can see King Yemma!”

As soon as you entered the palace of King Yemma, you could see that King Yemma was holding his chin in his hand. He was sitting in front of a huge desk, holding a book in his hand to pronounce a sentence on the souls. Next to him, several staff members were busy organizing the documents.

Seeing Ayaka people walked into the hall, King Yemma put down the book in his hand. There was a smile on his face, and he said, “Ayaka, you’re here. I’ll talk to you when I’m done with these souls!”

Ayaka nodded and took the sisters back to the side.

Not long after, King Yemma finished sentencing the remaining souls, then head over, “Why did you come to the Other-World today? You usually don’t come here much! Well, these two living people are brought by you from the World of Living. It is against the rules to bring living people to the Other-World! Hey, they are not normal human beings, no wonder!”

“By the way, why do you want to see me this time?”

“These two girls are my God Servants. I brought them to learn about the Other-World. Also, I hope you will allow us to see North Kai; I would like to receive guidance from him.”

“Do you want to see North Kai? To see North Kai, you have to pass the test of the Snake Road. It’s full of crises, and you’ll fall into hell if you’re not careful. Are you sure you want to go through the Snake Road?” King Yemma asked in amazement.

“Yes, I am confident that I can pass the Snake Road!” Ayaka nodded seriously.

Upon seeing this, King Yemma said, “If you really want to meet North Kai, I can arrange someone to take you there later. However, I don’t care if you fall from the Snake Road!”

“You don’t have to worry about this; you need to arrange someone to take us to the Snake Road. “

King Yemma did not say anything more, so he asked the assistant beside him to take Ayaka and others to the Snake Road entrance.

The three of them followed the assistant on the old-fashioned car, all the way along the thin road forward. The sides filled with golden clouds, as if they were traveling in Heaven. The sisters were curious and looked at the surroundings with their eyes were full of novelty. The chic and beautiful colors on both sides of the road made them feel like they were in a dream.

“Ayaka, is the Snake Road very dangerous?”

“The Snake Road is said to be a million kilometers long, and it is perilous for the average person. It is subject to attack from Hell at any time, and if you are not careful, you will fall to Hell. Once you fall to Hell, it is basically impossible to come back up. So, for countless years, only a few people will challenge Snake Road. Only King Yemma has met North Kai through the Snake Road in the past 100 million years.”

“If you fall to Hell, you can not come up; then it is perilous!” Launch’s face changed slightly.

Ayaka cast a reassuring look and said, “That is for ordinary people. With our strength, there is no danger if we pay a little attention. Moreover, the length of the Snake Road is one million kilometers, which may not seem long, but it can also circle the earth twenty or thirty times, and running on it is not a small practice.”

The small car gradually drove away and finally stopped in front of a huge snakehead.

“Miss Ayaka, we are here. That is the Snake Road, just run along the snake body all the way forward, and you will see North Kai’s Planet! There is still a lot of work to be done in King Yemma’s palace; I will go back first!” KingYemma’s assistant pointed to the huge snakehead with its bloody mouth wide open in front of him and said.

Ayaka smiled and nodded at him, then turned his head, “Then, we should also step on the Snake Road. With our strength, we don’t have to worry about the attack from Hell; we can meet North Kai after a few days of running!”

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