Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 8


Although she didn’t plan to go to Earth right away, but she knew that it was time to leave Planet Pheroco. Staying here any longer wouldn’t help her much, so she might as well go to another planet and check it out.

Ayaka’s home was placed on a mountain peak with a cave that was originally a brown bear’s lair, which she had occupied since her arrival.

After simply packing up her things, Ayaka launched an Instant Transmission and left Planet Pheroco, where she had lived for five years.


On a planet very far away from Planet Pheroco, Ayaka’s figure appeared on it. Her Instant Transmission ability had the apparent advantage of seeing an overview in the destination before she teleported so that she would not mistakenly teleport into space or even into a star. The distance of the teleportation was closely related to her ability.

The Dragon Ball World didn’t seem to highlight the differences between the planets too clearly, giving the impression that each planet’s gravity and gas composition weren’t too different. However, due to the planet’s different volumes and mass, countless planets larger than the Earth could easily appear in the universe. The gravity size was very different from that of the Earth, and combined with the difference in gas components, the real planets suitable for the activities of earthlings could be said to be very few.

Of course, it was challenging for those strong people to use common sense to measure them.

Ayaka only chose a planet suitable for survival when she teleported this time and didn’t determine the destination in detail.

When arriving at the planet, she realized that the planet had no civilization. There was no other life visible to the naked eye, except for the strange plants that grew like cacti. The air was also filled with the pungent smell of sulfur, which smelled very unpleasant.

Just as Ayaka was about to launch an Instant Transmission to leave, something crashed down from the sky in a bright ball of fire.

With a loud boom, the fireball hit the ground with a loud explosion. The sky was covered with sand, and dust struck up; a thick smoke filled the air.

With Ayaka’s eyesight, she soon discovered that it was a spaceship.

“What a coincidence.”

Ayaka smiled and flew towards the place where the spaceship crashed. Surprisingly, it landed just as she was planning to leave.

It was a disc-shaped spaceship, about one hundred and fifty meters in diameter, a small to a medium-sized spaceship. At this time, the spaceship was emitting black smoke, obviously scrapped. Ayaka landed near the spaceship and began to survey it.


The hatch of the spaceship opened, and a man came out from inside.

The man was thirty years old, wearing a beige leather coat. The upper body was draped with a one-shoulder animal-made fur, and at the neck and wrists were furry cotton.

Uh, such a racy look, have I seen him somewhere?”

Ayaka slightly froze. A vague shadow flashed in her mind, and it seemed to have some impression. She always felt like she’d seen this man somewhere before but couldn’t remember for a moment.

“That’s right. This is Yardratians’s outfit!”

With a clap of her hands, Ayaka finally remembered. This was the traditional outfit of the Yardratians!

When she mentioned Planet Yardrat, many people might not know. However, if she mentioned the clothes that Son Goku wore when he returned to Earth after defeating Frieza on Planet Namek, many people would have an impression.

That is Planet Yardrat! ꟷPlanet that was full of magical secret techniques and Son Goku learned his Instant Transmission from there.

The Yardratians also saw Ayaka. There was some surprise in his eyes, not expecting to meet a human on this barren planet.

“May I ask if you are a Yardratians?” A very polite voice rang out.

However, Ayaka froze after the question because she was speaking the Saiyan language. How could the Yadratians understand it?!

“My name is Podia. I am a Yardratian. Little girl you are….”

The man reflexively replied when he heard Ayaka’s question. Then, when he saw the tail behind Ayaka, he reacted. “So you’re a Saiyan, young lady! Since the destruction of the Saiyan Planet, I thought I would never see Saiyans again!”

The Saiyans were famous in the universe, but their reputation was not a good one because of their aggressiveness. They were indeed powerful, but they gave the impression that they were mostly stuck in the brutal level, without the strong humility and elegance. Not to mention the “silent” national appeal, especially after following King Frieza, the Saiyans became one of several major battle groups on the front line of Frieza Legion.

For this reason, Frieza took a lot of blame.

Of course, the Saiyans’ home planet, Planet Vegeta, was turned into pieces of the universe. All the Saiyans were instantly removed from the universe, which also brought a considerable shock to the entire universe. How could such a powerful Warrior Race suddenly disappear?

With the destruction of the home planet, coupled with the large number of Saiyans gathered on it, it could be said that only a minimal number of Saiyans survived the “natural disaster”.

In the universe, there were peace-loving peoples, and there were also peoples who preferred to fight.

Those peace-loving nations were naturally rejoicing when they heard that the Saiyans had suffered a natural disaster. However, those who like to fight considered the disappearance of the Saiyans a significant loss.

The death of a rabbit and fox hurt their class, while the disappearance of a strong nation, leaving people lamenting.

The man’s answer left Ayaka dumbfounded because he understood the language of the Saiyans. Podia saw that Ayaka stayed there without speaking for some reason and thought she was lost in thought because she heard that her home planet was destroyed.

“Little girl?” Podia looked at Ayaka worriedly.

“Why can you understand my language?” Ayaka asked in confusion as she responded.

“It’s a secret technique of Planet Yardrat, where you can immediately copy the language system of the other side just by hearing what they say,” Podia explained.

It was so amazing! Ayaka’s eyes showed a longing look; she must learn this kind of secret technique!

“Uncle, can you teach me?”

“Of course, this is not a big secret technique. However, the secret techniques of Planet Yardrat were complicated to learn, and now with this environment…”

Podia looked at the surrounding environment. He shrugged and told Ayaka to stay aside first. He then walked into the spaceship and rummaged through it to see if there is anything useful.

Alas, unfortunately, everything is broken!”

Ayaka looked at Podia for a long time but did not find a good thing, so she asked, “Uncle, what are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for something that can repair the spaceship, but unfortunately, all of them can not be used.”

Podia stopped helplessly. Without tools, this spaceship was impossible to repair. The pungent smell that filled the air made him sick, “What’s your name, little girl? How come you’re alone on this planet.”

“My name is Ayaka. I’ve always lived alone.”

Podia had also dealt with other Saiyans and knew that they would send their children to other planets for exercise. So it was natural to think that Ayaka was also one of those children who were sent out.

“Well, Saiyans are too aggressive to be sent out at a young age. What about the spaceship that sent you here?” He thought of the spaceship that carried Ayaka here.

“It was destroyed,” Ayaka told the truth. Her words disappointed Podia. If the spaceship was destroyed, then it was impossible to leave.

This planet was deserted. There was no food on it except for cactus-like plants, making it impossible for people to survive on it. Ayaka saw Podia sitting restlessly on the ground and felt amused. She then secretly took out the scouter to detect him.

Beep beep-

The scouter sounded twice softly.


Podia’s power level was not low; it was more than 900 power levels higher than her. No wonder he dared to hang around in the universe alone.

Nah, Uncle Podia!” Ayaka negotiated and said to Podia, “If I take you off this planet, can you teach me that secret technique of learning languages?”

“Sure. I’ll teach you anything if I can get out of here.” Podia casually responded. He then reacted, “Wait, what did you say? You said you could get me out of here!”

“Of course!”

“What about the spaceship? I thought it was destroyed, was there another spaceship?”


Podia was speechless.

Children were children. How could they leave the planet without a spaceship? Therefore, he treated Ayaka as a little girl who spoke without thinking.

Seeing that Podia didn’t believe her, Ayaka wasn’t happy, “Uncle, don’t you, Yardratians, have a technique called ‘Instant Transmission’!”

Podia naturally knew about Instant Transmission, but that required ki to sense, and he couldn’t do it. Even on Planet Yardra, there were only a few people who could teleport instantly. Not to mention the distance between living planets was so far.

Ayaka stretched out her two fingers and put them between her forehead, making a gesture of Instant Transmission. Her Instant Transmission didn’t need a trick at all; she could launch it directly with her mind.

“I can teleport.”

Seeing that Podia didn’t believe her words, Ayaka’s face showed dissatisfaction. She unleashed Instant Transmission with a swoosh and disappeared from in front of Podia, then reappeared fifty meters away.

Podia looked very surprised. He opened his mouth wide with a look of disbelief.

“This little girl knows Instant Transmission, but how did she learn it? It is simply impossible to use it without strong ki!”

He could see that what Ayaka used was indeed Instant Transmission, not a high-speed movement. Even he didn’t know how to use the Instant Transmission, and the little girl in front of him did it. She was like a living devil.

It was as if his family inherited the secret art he had not yet learned, but he saw the neighbor’s child had used it freely, how absurd!

“Well, can you teach me the secret technique now?” Because Ayaka was not tall enough, she could only pat Podia’s knee while smiling smugly.

Podia nodded woodenly, obviously hadn’t come back to his senses.

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