Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 74


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Ayaka flew on the Snake Road, and in a short while, she arrived in the Other-World and arrived at the palace of King Yemma.

The palace of King Yemma was as busy as ever, with countless white air masses entered the hall in an orderly manner. The officer in charge of registering souls saw the girls and quickly recognized them, and went to them.

“Miss Ayaka, you have returned from North Kai’s Planet so soon?”

Ayaka looked and found that this staff member was the one who had sent her to the Snake Road in the first place and nodded, “Well, we have already met North Kai, and now we have come to say goodbye to King Yemma.”

Ah, you’re really great. You’ve actually met North Kai. Only King Yemma has met North Kai in 100 million years! Wait a moment; I will take you to see King Yemma right away.”

The staff politely led Ayaka and others into the hall. King Yemma, who was judging the dead’s souls, saw Ayaka and others walk in, stopped the work in his hands. He was surprised, “Ayaka, how can you come back so quickly? Could it be that you have seen North Kai through the Snake Road?”

Ayaka smiled and said, “Yes, we have received the guidance of North Kai, and it is time to return to Earth. Now, we come to say goodbye to you.”

King Yemma heard it, and his face was full of shock, “You have passed through the Snake Road so quickly? Previously, it took me more than a year to go! Are you guys going back to Earth so soon? Why don’t you stay here for a while longer?”

“There are still a lot of things to deal with on Earth.”

King Yemma nodded slightly and said very understandingly, “In that case, I will not keep you. I also have a lot of work to do; it is also tough to be the King of Other-World!”

Ayaka smiled, then bid farewell to King Yemma. She then returned to Earth together with the sisters by re-entering the secret room under the Lookout.


The Northwestern part of the North Area was a relatively peaceful region. In a Northwestern solar system that emitted a ruddy glow, a cyan planet revolved around its sun.

The planet was called Crux, a little larger than Earth, on which tens of thousands of species of life were nurtured. The vibrant Planet Crux flourishes with the fires of a brilliant civilization.

Cruxians looked very similar to Earthlings, and their average adult power level was around 300. There were a few strong people who have broken through to 1000. Their better physical quality and the many accidental developments of the times had brought the development of technology. The Cruxians were mainly engaged in interstellar commerce and trade, with large transport ships carrying goods from different planets through the universe. They had a good reputation in the northwestern part.

Ayaka, Launch, and Lancy had come to Planet Crux for several days. For Ayaka, who was familiar with Dragon Ball’s plot, it was time to get out of the Earth and enter the vastness of the universe.

Of course, another aspect of this trip was to allow her two God Servants to contact the universe further. In the future, it was an objective fact that Ayaka couldn’t take them with her. Ayaka was used to fighting alone, especially when facing a strong enemy. It wasn’t suitable to bring two “trailing bottles. “

From what North Kai had revealed, it seemed that he wanted Launch and Lancy to be the “scavengers” of the North Area, rather than being confined to one place on Earth alone.

“It’s a waste to let such a powerful person be the guardian of a small planet.” This was what North Kai said. Launch and Lancy should have more important things to do.

The so-called scavenger, of course, was the person who cleaned up the garbage. However, the other meaning of scavenger was “with the same great strength to clean up those who violate the powerful existence order.”

North Kai was more interested in Ayaka. They then realized that Ayaka occasionally came to play a guest role. It was impossible to specialize her in the “scavenger” occupation. So the attention was turned to the two sisters, Launch and Lancy.

The two sisters were not interested in the universe’s evil existence and readily agreed to Launch and Lancy’s vision. They clicked, so North Kai gave the two a new profession.

Planet Crux was well developed, especially in terms of cosmic transportation, tourism, and entertainment. It was considered a major centre of the entire North Area. After touring several famous attractions on the planet, they were excited to stroll around the mall. There was a commercial building called the Cubic Tower on Planet Crux. The building had a wide range of goods, known for its good quality and low prices, and was a long-established trade centre on Planet Crux, with a long history of heritage.

When Ayaka looked at the time, there were still about three hours before sunset, so she said, “We’ll split up for the next three hours and go to the places we’re interested in! Take these Crux gold coins and buy something you like, and then we will meet here.”

“You guys have fun. I’m going to sit in the nearby teahouse for a while.”

“Okay, the aliens of Planet Crux people quite similar to the Earthlings, but I prefer their food here. I’ll have a good taste later.” Launch stuck out her tongue and licked her lips.

“You just know how to eat. I don’t care about you; I have to continue to stroll.” Lancy said, carrying the purchased clothes and continue to walk to other stores.

“What a colorful life.” Watching them walk towards the places they were interested in, Ayaka said with emotion. Then she walked close to the teahouse.


The teahouse was decorated with classical architecture, elegant with antiquity, giving a light and quiet atmosphere. Ayaka found a window seat and then looked out the window overlooking the passing pedestrians.

The Cruxians were more similar to Earthlings in both looks and manners, so Ayaka had a perfect sense of integration with the Cruxians. However, Planet Crux was located in the Northwestern part of the North Area, while Earth was located in the Southern part of the North Area. The two were more than a hundred thousand miles apart and were two planets that could not possibly be connected.

She picked up a cup of tea, smelled the faint fragrance coming from the tea, and then took a small dip. She gazed idly at the pedestrians outside the window, and her heart became clear and relaxed all of a sudden.

The gorgeous daylight irradiated the ground, and as time went on, the sunlight began to change from direct to oblique. The blinding sun took on a reddish evening hue.

Oooh, three hours have passed so quickly. The sun is going down. Well, it’s time to go back and meet up with them.”

Stretching her back, Ayaka stood up to check out and then meet up with the girls.

When she arrived at the meeting place, she realized she was early. Launch and Lancy had not yet come. Ayaka leaned against the marble pillar in front of the store and waited quietly. Soon, Launch came running towards her with a big bag.

Phew, Ayaka is really early!” Launch casually put the items into the Capsule.

Ayaka raised an eyebrow, said, “You really buy a lot. Fortunately, I brought extra empty Capsules; otherwise, you could not bring them back!”

Oh, a lot of things here are not on Earth. We only come here once, so I need to buy a lot! By the way, has Lancy not come yet?”

“Not yet!”

“I don’t know where she’s gone again!”

“Haha, she is here.” Ayaka’s finger pointed to the side, and a young girl with long emerald green hair is running in the wind, shaking something in her hand.

“Lancy, you’re late. I thought we agreed on three hours. Can you be on time later!”

“You guys just arrived. I wasn’t late for long! Let’s not talk about that. Look at this!” Lancy handed out a few blue-backed tickets and gave them to Ayaka.

“What is this, a travel ticket?” Launch took the blue ticket and looked it up and down, only to see the words “Planet Crux Deluxe Tour” printed on it.

“What’s with these tickets?”

“This is not a trip to Planet Crux; it’s an interstellar tour. A trip to the stars in a spaceship, but I had a hard time getting tickets!”

Lancy exaggeratedly gestured, thus illustrating how difficult it was for her to get these travel tickets.

“Interstellar travel?” Ayaka was curious and looked at the travel tickets in her hand. Indeed, in the bottom right of the travel tickets written the destination of this trip, “Planet Kufis? That’s the third administrative planet of the Cruxians; it’s quite a journey from Planet Crux to Planet Kufis.”

The two planets were so far apart that even with their most advanced spaceships, it would take several months to sail. It was a distance farther than Earth to Planet Namek.

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