Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 75


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Surrounded by sea on three sides and facing the trade centre on one side, Planet Crux’s spaceport was built on the sea-based on the trade city. It was mainly used as a platform for passing trade ships. The clever Cruxians used it not only for trade but also for tourism, politics, and military purposes.

Planet Crux was a large and beautiful planet, attracting many aliens to come and visit the planet. As the largest trade centre of Planet Crux, the spaceport had to play its role. Therefore, new berths were created on both sides of the spaceport for tourist ships and special ships.

The spaceport was divided into three parts, with a wide, flat steel floor in the middle. It was nearly 10,000 meters long and was reserved for trade spaceships. It was evenly divided into spaceship landing and takeoff locations and cargo transport channels. A high platform was held up with solid steel on both sides, on which a transparent login bay was set up, where different spaceships from outer planets were docked.


After handing over the ship tickets to the inspection staff, Ayaka and the others walked up the boarding gate along the self-propelled passager. After entering the boarding bay through the grey-golden space hatch, different types of spaceships of various sizes appeared in front of them, and the spaceship to Kufis was also docked there.

Relying on the spaceship ticket in her hand to find her living cabin and lobby seats, Ayaka began to survey the passengers in the cabin. In addition to the three of them, there were nearly a hundred people in the cabin; more than half of them were Cruxians, similar in appearance to Earthlings. The rest were aliens, which were far different in appearance, with all kinds of strange looks.

“That alien over there has dinosaur head, and the one next to him looks like a monster!” Launch leaned over to Ayaka and whispered.

“They are travelers from distant civilizations. There are countless strange creatures in the universe; it’s not strange that civilizations have evolved. Some guys who look like barbarians may come from super-advanced planets. You can’t judge the degree of planetary civilization by the appearance of aliens.”

“But these people are frail. None of them have a power level of 1000.” Lancy turned sideways.

Ayaka smiled, “Power level of more than 1000 belongs to the Medium-Level Planet. In the North Area, there are not many planets like this.”

As Ayaka said, the North Area didn’t have a lot of warrior race. There were only a few dozen High-Level Planets in the North Area and nearly 10,000 Medium-Level Planet in addition to a few special races. However, the distribution to the entire North Area was minimal. The universe was mainly ordinary planets, which had much high power level race to oppress planet with low power level. In particular, the strongest race was represented by Frieza.

“It’s sporadic for people in the North Area has more than 10,000 power levels. Well, not only the North Area, I should say that the entire galaxy has very few people with a power level above 10,000. People with power level up to hundreds of thousands like you were enough to dominate and rule in some planetary areas.”

A powerful nation could easily destroy the planet. The unbalanced power level made a huge difference in the strength of each nation. As a result, resistance and suppression were born, and countless nations were mercilessly destroyed.

Speaking of the knowledge in Ayaka’s previous life, the galaxy was composed of 100 to 200 billion stars in the solar system, of which there were 2 billion stars similar to the sun. However, due to the limitations of technology, humanity had not yet discovered extraterrestrial life. In contrast, the North Area alone in the Dragon Ball World had tens of thousands of living planets in it, which seemed very prosperous.

Ayaka understood very well the means of high-tech civilization and the strength of the strong. If they were underestimated, they would also turn over in the gutter. Moreover, they could also rely on those technologies to create powerful Saibaman. Even Ayaka did not dare to underestimate some of them.

“Passengers, the ship to Planet Kufis is about to take off. Wish you all a pleasant journey….”

The announcement sounded in the cabin of the spaceship, prompting the spaceship was about to take off.


Transparent energy was ejected from the outer part of the spaceship, which lifted the ship smoothly. The speed of the spaceship was so fast that it entered outer space in the blink of an eye. However, the people inside the spaceship did not feel the huge impact of the ship’s acceleration, thanks to the powerful technological equipment.

Outside the cabin, there was a blue-black starry sky. A green planet was gradually moving away. Then, the red star also began to become farther and smaller, slowly disappearing.


Inside the living pod.

“The combination of work and rest is scientific. Moderate rest is also essential!”

After a short nap on the bed made of cashmere, Ayaka jumped up from the bed “a little” and then casually undo the clothes on her body and walked towards the bathroom. Soon, the sound of dripping water came from the bathroom.

After a cold shower, Ayaka dried her body and picked up a hairdryer to dry her wet hair. Ayaka’s age was four years older than Son Goku, and after seven or eight months of training in North Kai’s Planet, she was about to become an adult. Her body development gradually slowed down, and in recent months, it had not developed again. The figure had basically set.

Since passing the growth period, Ayaka’s hairstyle was no longer changing. Her flaxen hair, which was different from that of the purebred Saiyans, was naturally draped over her shoulders, tied slightly with a black ribbon. It hung in front of her chest with two handfuls of long hair flushed with a faint red at the tip. Several clusters of hair on her head were intertwined, scattered but did not look chaotic.

Instead, it added some valiant heroism to her.

“It is said that the Saiyans are bloodthirsty and warlike people. Even female Saiyans grow up to be vulgar and muscular. I’m afraid I have to disagree. Look at me; my face is still beautiful. This can’t be called vulgar! Am I not a purebred Saiyan?”

Ayaka was, of course, a purebred Saiyan, but with some extra mysterious presence in her genes and in her soul. Judging from her background, she was just the offspring of two Low-Level Warrior Saiyans.

Immortality coupled with the gift of ageless youth from the former Judge Lu made Ayaka maintain such a youthful posture for an infinite number of years to come, which was countless people’s envy. Ayaka enjoyed the result so much that her mood seemed extraordinarily relaxed, and her mouth hummed a minor tune.

Soon, the spaceship went about a third of the journey in the universe.


One day, Ayaka and the sisters were having fun in the spaceship’s entertainment area. Suddenly, a violent shaking occurred in the spaceship. The music and lights came to a screeching halt, and the whole room was plunged into an eerie darkness.

“What’s going on? How did it become dark all of a sudden? And this vibration, is the spaceship malfunctioning?”

For unknown reasons, the ship shook violently, and the aisles outside were already swarming with people. Most of the passengers came out of the living cabin after the accident. They flocked to the relatively spacious hall, making the corridor appear congested all of a sudden.

They panicked, shouted, and trotted toward the hall. The red warning lights were flashing and buzzing, and the scene was taut.

At that moment, the announcement in the corridor blared.

“Passengers, please do not panic. Just now, the ship has hit an asteroid that entered the course by mistake. The asteroid has been destroyed, but the ship also suffered a certain degree of damage. To ensure passengers’ safety, this voyage will be temporarily canceled and go to the nearby docking port for repair, and then take off again after the ship is fully repaired, for which we are sorry for the inconvenience caused! “

The radio played three times in a row; the panic crowd then gradually quieted down.

“It’s a pity that a good tour was ruined. It’s impossible to repair this spaceship without a month.”

The Cruxians would settle the trip passengers, but Ayaka was not going to stay on this small repair station for a month. It was a shame to have a good trip messed up, but it wasn’t worth making Ayaka spend a month waiting.

Ayaka left the space repair station and used Instant Transmission to take the sisters to a distant planet. Although it belonged to the Northwestern part of the North Area, it was extremely far away from Planet Crux and Kufis. It was desolate and dry, not easy for life to survive, and it was a barren planet.

Surrounded by jagged and cracked rocks, under the sunlight, from the rock crevices emerge a wisp of green smoke. There was also a strong smell of sulfur.

“This planet is not comfortable to stay; it is better to leave early!”

Ayaka nodded lightly, took their hands, and prepared to launch the Instant Transmission-

“Hmm?” Ayaka suddenly turned her gaze to the sky.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing this, Lancy also looked towards the sky.

High in the distant sky, two tiny light points were rapidly cutting through the sky, trailing two long tails. Those two points of light were actually still outside the planet’s atmosphere, grazing the planet, and had no intention of entering it.

“Oh, those two are small spaceships, right?” Launch’s eyesight, like Lancy’s, could see things high in the distant sky. Those two dots of light were precisely the spaceships flying in the universe.

Only those two spaceships were really small, overall spherical, and only one adult could lie inside.

Ayaka’s eyes could not help but narrow.

The sisters didn’t know the origin of the two spaceships, but Ayaka recognized. That was exactly Frieza’s subordinates on a mission in a spaceship, and Ayaka once owned one. However, this was the Northwestern part of the North Area, far from Frieza’s rule of the Southern part of the North Area. There was no reason for Frieza’s subordinates to come here.

In this case, the people were either assigned by Frieza to carry out a special mission or carry out a private operation without Frieza’s knowledge.

However, in any case, Ayaka felt that she had to follow up to see. Perhaps there would be some unexpected gains.

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