Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 76


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With the people in the spaceships completely unaware of the situation, Ayaka and the girls trailed all the way. The spaceships passed countless planets along the way, all without the intention of stopping. Soon, Ayaka’s patience was gradually consumed.

“Damn it! It hasn’t arrived at the destination yet. Where are these two spaceships going? It’s not a good idea to keep following them like this! Why don’t we intercept them and ask them directly?” Ayaka thought in her mind and then gathered a ki wave in her hand. She threw two waves of energy towards the spaceships from afar. The light blue energy wave cut through the universe and hit the spaceships.

There was a violent vibration. The spherical spaceships attacked by energy waves suddenly deviated from the course, both towards a large purple planet.

Ayaka’s attack just now had caused damage to the interior of the spaceships, preventing them from exploding. However, they could no longer fly normally. So, Ayaka took the lead and went directly into the big purple planet and waited for the spaceships to land.

It didn’t take long for two brightly glowing fireballs to fall from outer space as expected. Accompanied by a whining roar as they passed through the atmosphere, the two fireballs smashed heavily into the ground.


The two huge sounds shaking the sky, and the powerful impact makes the ground shake. A large area of mud and sand rolled through the thick smoke spread from the point of impact and soon obscured a large part of the sky.

Ayaka and others were standing not far from the point of impact. When the mud and sand rolled through the sand and dust came, it magically stopped at a distance of one meter, forming a small spherical wind wall area around Ayaka.

Ha! Amazing, your use of ki has been extremely subtle!” Launch finger pointed a meter away from the sand and dust.

In the gap between the sand and the wind wall, there was a subtle layer of ki surging, blocking the sand and dust firmly out.

Ayaka smiled blandly and puffed out her chest, accepting the compliment with peace of mind, “That’s right. We’ve put in a lot of hard work to control the ki, and this little trick is certainly handy and effortless.”

When the mud and smoke began to dissipate, the hazy vision regained its brightness. Two huge impact craters appeared ahead. There was a spherical spaceship in the centre of the impact crater, already half sunk into the mud and sand. The surface of the spaceship was rough and unpleasant; some parts had become charred black. The smoke was coming out from time to time.

Ayaka approached the impact crater and gazed at the two spaceships.


The spaceships vibrated a few times, and the hatch slowly opened. Two figures, one tall and one short, came out of the spaceships. They looked around and were careful and alert.

“Surprisingly, it’s them!”

Ayaka saw the people who came out of the spaceships, and a trace of consternation flashed in her eyes, then she frowned, “They should be on a mission under Frieza. Why did they come to the Northwestern part?”

The tall and short two people were wearing the Frieza Force’s battle-armor. The taller figure was about two meters tall, and the smaller one was slightly taller than Ayaka.

Surprisingly, it was Vegeta and Nappa!

Vegeta and Nappa’s official debut should be in ten years after the Dragon Ball Z chapter. Ayaka wasn’t clear about their previous experience. In the original story, it was only mentioned that Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz, three Saiyans, had been working under Frieza, eliminating various civilizations and then selling planets at high prices. The business was quite a bold one.

At this time, they saw Vegeta and Nappa, but not Raditz.

On second thought, she seemed to have some understanding, “Raditz strength is too weak; understandably, Vegeta didn’t bring him around. If his strength did not exceed 1000 later, Vegeta did not care to carry out the task with him. Even though the Saiyans in the universe have been incredibly rare, but Vegeta’s pride still did not allow him to be with the weak!”

Ayaka snorted, disapproving of Vegeta’s unknown arrogance. In the end, Ayaka was also of a Low-Class Warrior origin; no doubt she was the child of a low-income family. When she encountered a royal family like Vegeta, she was somewhat upset.

Ayaka didn’t feel good about Vegeta. However, there weren’t many evil thoughts. Vegeta completely inherited the Saiyan arrogance and cold, the typical Warrior Race. He had a strong sense of pride to keep, not bothering to integrate into the community. Even now that he had become a subordinate of Frieza, the only one he could barely get along with was Nappa, who was also a Saiyan.

“Well, that’s the Saiyan Prince you said before Ayaka. His name is Vegeta. He has a power level of 8000 and was born with higher potential than you?” Lancy said with a grimace. They had long known a lot about the Saiyans from Ayaka, including the Saiyan Prince Vegeta. However, Vegeta’s current strength made her disdainful.

As expected, the real one wasn’t as good as the one in the story.

“Do not underestimate Vegeta. As the Saiyan Prince, he undoubtedly has terrifying potential. This potential is rare in the history of the Saiyans. The future strength of a warrior like him will certainly be terrifying. Only our roots are more solid than his, one step ahead of him.”

Ayaka knew clearly about Vegeta’s terrifying potential, which was a cut above Son Goku. In the original story, Son Goku always pressed Vegeta, and the reason was the role of the main character’s aura. The other reason was Son Goku’s opportunity and effort, which seemed to be a little “luckier” than Vegeta every time.

Now, they were just a small sapling, and the strength wasn’t significant. They just needed the right time to be triggered, like a big tree, and then their strength would soar and constantly break through the limits.

However, no matter what, Vegeta’s current strength was still weak, not enough to cause Ayaka too much concern. Even in the future, she was confident that Vegeta would never surpass her.

“Vegeta may really have the potential ability to say, but that bald won’t work. When he was 20 or 30 years old, he might only have more than 1000 power levels, far from the other!” Lancy surveyed. Her gaze was slightly condensed, trying to see through Vegeta. However, after all, she didn’t know the future plot like Ayaka and only vaguely saw that Vegeta still had hope for improvement. Nappa, on the other hand, didn’t seem to have much of a future.

In the impact crater, Vegeta gently flicked away the ashes on his body. His face cold and ruthless, his eyes emitting a cold light.

The big man Nappa moved his arms and legs, floating close to Vegeta, one hand touching his head, “Vegeta, this does not seem to be the planet we are going. Did the spaceships malfunction? Haha, those scientists developed really unreliable spaceships.”

“Humph!” Vegeta snorted discontentedly.

Nappa saw the situation and hurriedly stopped laughing, not to provoke the other side of the displeasure.

“Idiot, it’s not the problem of the spaceships. It is that someone deliberately destroyed the spaceships!” Vegeta pointed to the scorched area on the ship. Obviously, the burns caused by the energy waves had almost burned through the outer protective shield.

Vegeta’s face was cold, and his voice contained infinite anger. The original handsome face was somewhat distorted. His hands clenched his fists and made a crackling sound. “Damn, who is messing up with this prince. Let me know, and I will not spare that person.”

The spaceship material was a new material developed only in recent years, which was incredibly hard. It was even impossible for Napa to use all his strength to break through the spaceship’s outer wall protection. At the moment, the spaceship was actually covered with such a large hole. Nappa, standing on the side, did not dare to approach Vegeta easily.

At this time, Vegeta was a powder barrel. Who touched the fire would get burned, and Nappa did not want to make fun of himself.

Saiyans, as Frieza’s subordinates, initially enjoyed the very high treatment. However, since Frieza jealous of the Legendary Super Saiyans, hence he destroyed Planet Vegeta. Saiyans’ status in Frieza Force had fallen. Now, even some slightly weaker races dare to blatantly mock them, saying they were the remnants of the lost home planet.

How could the proud Prince Vegeta endure this?

So, taking advantage of the time to recuperate, Vegeta and Nappa moved away from the Frieza Forces to the distant Northwestern part, seeking a strength breakthrough. However, they didn’t expect their spaceship to be destroyed by Ayaka halfway.

Vegeta spat out a mouthful of saliva and looked around. The sight was obscured by the rumbling mud and sand and ordered, “Nappa, look around. Those guys should be nearby.”

Haha, okay. Let me find out those guys. I’ll make sure they have a good time!” Nappa smiled excitedly. His hands clasped together and made a crackling sound, then levitated and floated upwards.

Soon, Nappa saw the three girls standing at the edge of the impact crater and shouted to Vegeta, “Vegeta, there really are people, three cute little girls.”

The corners of Vegeta’s mouth turned up with a cruel sneer, and his body levitated up to Nappa’s side.

He floated above Ayaka and the others.

“It was these three little girls who destroyed the spaceship? Oh, Nappa, it’s your turn to show. Teach them a good lesson, and don’t be lenient just because they are girls!” Vegeta coldly said. Although the three girls look outstanding, especially the middle one was a little taller and was a rare beauty, Vegeta didn’t have any mercy.

“No need for you to command; I know what to do.”

Nappa landed on the ground, shaking his neck. His tongue licked his lips and then pressed the scouter worn in the corner of his eye—the scouter beeping, showing the power level of three.

Haha, Vegeta, these three pussies’ power level is only 5, simply pathetic! Let Lord Nappa treat them well!” Nappa shouted with wild laughter and then waved his fist to attack Ayaka and others.

“Only 5 power levels? No, they hide the strength!” Vegeta was shocked and hurriedly shouted, “Idiot, that’s not their real power. They are definitely hiding their strength.”

Unfortunately, Vegeta reminded him late. Although Nappa heard Vegeta’s reminder in time, he was not a match for the three.


Nappa felt a sharp pain from all over his body, and his body had been struck far out by a huge force, clattering in the ground cut a deep gully.

“What?” Vegeta was horrified. He felt a blur before his eyes, and Nappa had been thrown out.

“The action is too fast; even I couldn’t see. At the end, who struck?” Vegeta’s face was gloomy, and his gaze swept over the three girls. He was trying to determine which one was the one who had just struck, but the three girls were standing casually in front of him, and he did not feel any change in their ki.

“Damn, these three people are so scary. The strength is so terrifying!” Vegeta’s face sunk.

Even if he was proud of his talent, he had to admit that he could not see through the three people in front of him.

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