Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 77


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Ah! Who attacked this lord? Show yourself to this lord!” Nappa got up in a rage. His eyes were full of blood, and his battle armour was covered with cracks.

Wiping away the blood at the corner of his mouth, Nappa’s heart flashed a chill. The blow just now made him feel the breath of death; intense pain and fear hit the brain.

Vegeta was dissatisfied with the performance of Nappa, who lost his mind. So, he reprimanded, “Calm down. These three people are not a generalist; you are not their opponent. Get over here.”

Feeling the anger in Vegeta’s words, Nappa’s heart was cold. He regained his senses and obediently leaned towards Vegeta. However, he was a bit apprehensive, not knowing whether he was worried about angering Vegeta or being afraid of Ayaka and the others.

Vegeta vigilantly reviewed the surrounding, and his attention firmly locked not far from the three girls. These three people made him deeply scare.

Ayaka stood calmly. With a smile on her face, she had a leisurely performance and did not make any response to Vegeta’s vigilance. Vegeta certainly had endless potential, but it was not worth Ayaka’s special attention.

Vegeta’s brow tightened, and his heart certainly felt angry at Ayaka and others’ ignorance, but he did not act rashly. Long experience in battle told him that it would certainly bring horrible results if he made the slightest move. This was intuition, and this intuition made him very depressed.

Even under the terror of Frieza, Vegeta retained the pride of the Saiyan Prince, and his pride didn’t allow him to be ignored.

“Vegeta, what should we do? They seem to be very strong.” Nappa leaned down and asked in a whisper.

Vegeta grunted, faintly swept Nappa a glance. Nappa was particularly dissatisfied with the performance of cowardice. His heart cackle in panic, “I am not afraid of them; it is… better to be careful. Haha, how can the data measured by scouter be wrong!”

Humph, they should have a way to hide their strength. It is not surprising that it can not measure their power level. Well, you are right. Indeed, we should be careful. Though they have ignited my anger, it is not so simple to extinguish them!” Vegeta emitted an evil aura. His tone was cold and chilly, making Nappa feel a chill.

“The big guy is useless. Although he annoys people, the pointy-haired guy still has some power. So, why don’t you give him to me, and I’ll take care of him?” Lancy skimmed Vegeta and said to Ayaka.

Just now, Nappa was dispatched by her. Nappa’s strength of just over 1,000 points was solved in one go, completely insufficient with her movement. So her target was Vegeta. The spiky-haired guy’s strength was still passable. If she paid attention to the proportion, she could keep moving.

“Hey, I’ll leave Vegeta to you. Please don’t kill him. Vegeta will be of some use later. Just beat him!” Ayaka smiled and said horrible words. She then backed up a few steps with Launch, handing the field to Lancy.

Haha, leave it to me. I have a measure of things and will not play him badly. Hey, spiky-haired one, don’t fall so easily!”

“Bastard!” Vegeta’s face was blue. His hands were clenched in fists, and his anger was at its peak, “Damn, woman. How dare you insult me like that! Congratulations, you’ve pissed off this prince. I’ll make you regret saying what you just said!” Vegeta eyes like a fierce beast cruel, deadly stare at Lancy.

Feeling Vegeta’s anger, Nappa’s body took the initiative to retreat backwards. All of a sudden only Vegeta and Lancy left in the middle against each other.

Fine wind blowing the ground, raising a curtain of sand and dust.

“Woman, now it’s too late to regret!”

Vegeta’s gaze was like a wolf through the fierce cruelty. His cold and bloody eyes had no trace of emotion, like a beast staring at its prey and looking closely at Lancy.


Vegeta lightly shouted. His whole body instantly disappeared from the spot, and his figure could not be captured in all parts of the world. Lancy didn’t move and stand there as if deliberately waiting for Vegeta’s attack. Suddenly, her eyes shine. Her slender hand raised, unmistakably catch the fist of Vegeta appeared out of thin air.


The violent fist power hit the whirlwind, blowing up Lancy’s green hair.

Vegeta saw his attacks did not work and sneered. He quickly broke away from Lancy’s counter-attack range, changed the angle, and relaunched the attack.

The two figures continue to tangle, from the ground to the sky and from the sky to the ground. Everywhere was filled with vibration and roar caused by the battle, loud noise, and explosions.

Vegeta’s body was like an arrow, weaving quickly. Each seemingly light attack but contains a powerful and suffocating power.


A light blue ki wave launched from Vegeta’s hands towards Lancy. Her eyes flashed with frenzy, and Lancy waved her hand to remove the energy contained in the ki wave. A huge whirlwind of energy immediately wrapped her entire person.


The thick energy whirlwind flew out, and the overflowing ki wave stirred the ground. Sand and gravel debris flew all over the sky, and the ki wave rolled up the sand debris, spreading out in all directions layer by layer.


A cluster of energy waves swept over Nappa’s head. The rushing roar and the momentum were like a rainbow. It was so frightening that Nappa quickly leaned over and dodged, “So close. I almost got hit. I have to get a little further away, or I’ll get hurt by mistake.”

The figure popped far away. Wiping away the cold sweat on his forehead, Nappa looked around but found that he could not see Vegeta and the mysterious girl fighting. He couldn’t help but envy, “Vegeta as the Saiyan Prince, unknowingly has been this powerful. He really makes people aspire. However, if that woman can fight Vegeta, she also a terribly powerful role! If I can have this kind of strength. Then….”


Ayaka’s eyes kept turning. Each turn, she saw Vegeta’s trajectory accurately. The corners of her mouth slightly outlined a charming arc, “Although Vegeta’s movement speed is breakneck, sensitive and swift at first glance… to accelerate ki, he consumes excess ki uselessly. Some of the gains are not worth the losses. The gap in strength is there, not so simple to cross.”

Sometimes, when the gap was too big, it didn’t need a flashy move.

A blunt bronze weapon, as usual, had deadly power!

Feeling the effect of his high-speed attack was very little, Vegeta’s heart could not help but sink, “The opponent is really not a panacea. If it goes on for a long time, it is bound to be bad for me!”

Vegeta’s thoughts turn rapidly. The next moment, he stopped on a steep rock cliff. He vigilantly reviewed the surrounding area, thinking of ways to win.

“At this time, Nappa’s strength is not useful. The other side still has two people watching; it is difficult to win. Damn, where these three women emerged from? The strength is so strong. I’m afraid that even Frieza’s men won’t be able to match them.”

Vegeta became more and more difficult to see a few points. His cold cheeks seemed to condense into frost, and his body emitted a thick killing gas.

“I can’t be slacking off….”

There was a young girl’s voice in his ear, gentle and moving. However, it sounded like the devil. Vegeta turned back in astonishment, and his heart shook. The young girl had actually come to his side without a sound.


A powerful force attacked his body, and Vegeta shot out like a rocket, smashing the rocks encountered along the way, and finally buried by the collapsed rocks.


Nappa saw Vegeta lost and shouted in alarm. His large body didn’t dare to take a step closer. Not to mention how risky it was to be close to the battlefield, it was enough for him to suffer from watching the two leaves on the side. If he rashly went forward, the first to suffer an attack was him.


Vegeta shouted the pile of rocks on the body, bombing away.

The rampant ki disperses the surrounding sand, dust, stone chips, causing a massive crater in the ground. Vegeta stood in the centre of the crater; his entire body was a bit of a mess. His cold face was bloodied, and his shoulder shield was missing a piece from Lancy’s fierce attack, which broke Vegeta’s defence and left a shadow in his heart.

His mouth gasped for air, and when he moved his arm, a tingling sensation came from the arm —the strength of Lancy completely out of Vegeta’s expectation. Biting the tip of his tongue, Vegeta calmed down. It was undeniable that Lancy was the first one he encountered, in addition to Frieza’s men, to suppress his existence for a long time completely.

From a young age, Vegeta was recognized as the hope of the Saiyan. Since he could remember, he had to endure various cruel battle tests to become an outstanding warrior early in the Saiyans’ history. Even after becoming Frieza’s subordinates and Planet Vegeta was destroyed, only a few people could defeat him in battle.

Vegeta’s self-confidence was thus inflated, but today’s battle showed him that he might not be so powerful.

“Is this the Prince of the Saiyans? Vegeta, you disappoint me a little!” The young girl’s voice came into the ears. Vegeta shuddered, and his eyes widened a circle. He saw the woman with long flaxen hair among the three young girls shaking her head, looking disappointed.

As if stabbed into the pain, Vegeta’s face grim. He clenched his teeth and hissed like a beast, “You know the Saiyans? How could I, Vegeta, be so easily defeated!”

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