Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 78


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“Angry? The so-called pride of a prince is just a yoke you imposed on yourself. Is the prince of the Saiyans really that proud? Not really! Every strong man’s pride is essential, but excessive pride will only hinder you. Without letting go of the unnecessary pride in your body, you will never know what it is to be truly strong!” Ayaka said blandly.

Whether the strong was arrogant, in the previous life, Ayaka watched an anime called “FATE / ZERO” there was a special description of the strong man with his pride, which was not wrong. However, if this pride blocked his communication with others, creating a closed space that belongs only to himself, this pride would only block him.

People should not live their lives for pride!

Pride was a character, but not everything.

For Ayaka, it’s not worth mentioning that Vegeta’s great pride that was just self-deceiving self-importance. The powerful man would not be proud, much less arrogant and ignorant, and would never think that he had been unmatched.

Vegeta roared in anger. The veins on his head were exposed as he stared hard at Ayaka. He then gritted his teeth to attack Lancy. Lancy’s strength was far above Veget. Even if she didn’t take it seriously, she was not something he could overcome. Not to mention that Lancy also took Vegeta as a warm-up object, responding to Vegeta’s attack like a cat playing with a mouse.

Rumbling explosions continued to sound. The ground trembled violently up and down. The storm rolled up, the sand and dust filled the surrounding area, and the world was a blur that could not be seen. The scene was huge, just like the end of the world.


Vegeta attack madly, and countless waves of ki shuttle in the sand and dust. The huge dust storm and the ground were blown out from time to time.

Lancy’s body lightly flickering in the sky, moving lightning fast to avoid the ki wave. Her body swish suddenly came to Vegeta’s front.

At this time, Vegeta’s eyes were covered with blood. His whole body turned into a semi-mad state. Lancy’s palm hit Vegeta, and then a pale golden light shone up in the palm of her hand.


Vegeta’s heart trembled. He dodged in a panic, but it was too late.


The sky rose a huge mushroom cloud, and a bright orange light illuminated the sky. Powerful energy accompanied by a shocking and complete roar spread out in all directions.

The clouds in the air were vaporized and disappeared in an instant. If you reach out into the cosmic space, you could clearly see a huge flare rising from the planet.


Nappa raised his arms across his body to resist the raging energy. He waited until the energy wave gradually weakened, then Nappa bumped and flew to the centre of the explosion.

At the centre of the explosion, a huge crater hundred of meters deep and several kilometres wide appeared. The lava melted by the powerful energy flowed continuously, with greenish smoke rising from it and a smell of sulfur and iron chips.

Nappa’s eyes wide open, looking at the hundreds of meters deep crater. His eyes flashed with deep fear, and his heart of the unease is firm.

“Is…. Vegeta already….”

Nappa could not believe it. However, the enormous energy just now made him recognize that Vegeta definitely could not survive from the previous big explosion.

The thought that Vegeta might have been dead made Nappa’s eyes could not help but be flooded with the red light. The Saiyan Prince, who was incredibly powerful in his mind, was killed. Nappa’s whole body trembled.

“Hey, big guy, how old are you? Why are you crying!” Ayaka and Launch slowly landed.

When Nappa saw Ayaka and Launch, his heart trembled violently, and a great fear swept over him. Suddenly, not knowing where the courage came from, he yelled, “AH! I’LL FIGHT WITH YOU!!!”

After yelling, he rushed towards Ayaka and the girls, knowing that he was no match for them; Nappa was going to fight for his life!

“What roar. It is too nonchalant!” Ayaka grimaced in dissatisfaction. She casually grabbed Nappa and then threw far away.


Nappa’s entire body was stuck upside down in the ground.

“You… you…”

Nappa struggled and jumped out, trembling all over as he looked at Ayaka. He suddenly realized sadly that not only Vegeta, he might also have to account for here. Thinking of this, he stood still, not moving.

Ayaka looked at Nappa in amusement. She just thought that this guy was dumbed and had an IQ problem. The original Nappa had been following Vegeta. He obeyed Vegeta’s instructions and never went beyond half a step, taking away Vegeta’s strength and intimidation; Nappa’s IQ had to be scrutinized.

“No need to look at it. Vegeta is not dead!” She kindly reminded.

Nappa unbelievingly widened his eyes. Just now, the explosion so strong, how could Vegeta survive?

“Silly! Look there!” Ayaka pointed to a certain place high in the sky.

Nappa looked up and saw a cluster of figures in a place extremely far from the ground. It was actually… Lancy carrying Vegeta flying in the sky.

Landed on the ground, she randomly threw Vegeta. Lancy clapped her palms back to Ayaka, “It was not enjoyable; that guy could not stand to fight. He was defeated with only a few moves.”

Ayaka was happy. Vegeta had more than 8000 power levels barely; how could he be the opponent of 250,000 strong Lancy? He had fallen when she could not even warm up.

Nappa was rolling and crawling to Vegeta’s side. At this time, Vegeta had passed out, and his body to covered with wounds. The battle armour had been basically scrapped.

If he hadn’t been raised high in the air by Lancy at the moment of the explosion, Vegeta would have been turned into dust.

Nappa carried Vegeta with a complex face to look at Ayaka and others. If Ayaka wanted their lives at this time, Nappa was simply unable to resist.

“I see you guys leave Frieza’s territory with little purpose. This time, I’ll let you go, take care of yourselves! Figure out how to leave. Let’s go!” Ayaka said, pulling up the sisters’ hands, ready to launch the Instant Transmission to leave.

“Those monsters are finally leaving.” Nappa thought Ayaka and the girls were about to leave and was sighing with relief.

“By the way, big head, you’re not too bad. You just have a shortcoming heart. Don’t get killed by your own people!” Ayaka thought of Nappa finally invaded the Earth but died in the hands of Vegeta. After a reminder, she then swished and disappeared in place.

Nappa suddenly turned around and was startled by Ayaka’s sentence. His heart was shocked when he picked up Vegeta and flew towards the spaceship. Although the ship was damaged, it was better than nothing. Perhaps, it could still communicate with the outside world.


After several days, Vegeta woke up. Only the thought that he was easily defeated by the girl with long emerald hair, Vegeta’s face turned gloomy. For several days in a row, Nappa was in Vegeta’s shadow.

“I’m not strong enough!”

Vegeta and Nappa were aware of this.

Their strength could only be flaunted in ordinary planets. Once they encountered the real strong people, they would not even have a chance to escape. This time they were lucky that the girls did not bother to kill them, but in the future, who could guarantee that they would be able to live every time?

“Nappa, when the rescuers come? Let’s replace the ship and go to other planets!”

Nappa nodded in silence.


Ayaka and others left the big purple planet with Instant Transmission and skipped many star systems. They moved from the Northwestern part of the North Area towards the Eastern and finally landed on a lime green planet. This planet had a tiny land area, and most of it is covered by glacial seas.

It was Planet Pheroco where Ayaba lived as a child.

The destination of this trip was located in the East of Planet Yardrat. Since she promised North Kai to let Launch and Lancy inspect the North Area, Ayaka naturally felt that the sisters should have more life-saving techniques. There were countless strong people in the universe. Although they were already considered high-level combatants in the North Area, they should go to Planet Yardrat just in case.

There were countless magical techniques on Planet Yardrat, and there were many suitable for the sisters.

Ayaka’s Instant Transmission was a secret technique. Even if she wanted to teach them, she could not. So, she got the idea of Yadrat’s Instant Transmission, which was not as perfect as Ayaka’s, but it was no problem for saving their lives.

To go to Planet Yardrat, Ayaka stopped by Planet Pheroco. As a young child living here, Planet Pheroco was never lower than Earth in Ayaka’s heart.

“Is this the planet where you lived as a child? The environment is really nice!” Lancy curiously surveyed the surrounding. The beautiful natural environment on Planet Pheroco was definitely a wonder.

“This planet has a good environment. The beings surviving on it are not high in power level and intelligence and cannot cause great damage.”

Lancy sensed that there was no single power level higher than 500 on the whole planet, and there were no brilliant primate creatures.

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