Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 79


Planet Pheroco belonged to the beast planet. The natural environment was well preserved. Ayaka and others were here for a short time to check where she used to live and train, but a beast had already occupied the cave where she used to live. After wandering around for a while nostalgically, Ayaka launched Instant Transmission and left.

Located in the Eastern part of Planet Yardart, the slope was full of weeds. The light wind bent the fine grass and spread out layers of wave-like patterns. On the rock shelf at the edge of the slope, three young girls appeared out of nowhere.

One of them had long flaxen hair. She closed her eyes to feel the surroundings while the other two girls were curiously looking into the distance.

“The Northern Hemisphere of Planet Yardart. We’re very close to the destination.” Ayaka opened her eyes and said. She had just felt and found that she and the others were located in the Northern Hemisphere of Planet Yardart, just a few hundred kilometres away from the Great Hall where the Elders lived.

“Let’s set off here. The Elders’ Hall is located in the Southeast; it will take a little time to get there.”

Ayaka pointed a finger in a direction. The three of them levitated up and flew in the direction of the Elders’ Hall. With the strength of their body, they flew as fast as they could. With a swoosh, three bright lines erupted in the sky, and they were gone in an instant.

To allow the sisters to learn the strange techniques of Planet Yardart, it was necessary to go through the Elders’ approval. Ayaka also wanted to take this opportunity to visit Uncle Podia’s family and Pamikuka, who taught her martial arts.

The three flew fast, flying over a mountain range and a forest, then through the jungle. In the blink of an eye, the unique and peculiar architecture of Planet Yardart came into view.

Landing on top of a tall building and looking down, there was an incomparably familiar building filled with memories overlapping with her mind.

This was the town she had lived in.

Ayaka landed from a high place and said to Launch and Lancy beside her, “Up ahead is Uncle Podia’s house. Let’s go over and take a look.”

With that, she ran towards a building. Launch and Lancy looked at each other and followed closely behind.



There was a knock on the door, and Podia, who was resting on a recliner after lunch, heard the knock and got up reluctantly, muttering about opening the door. It was the best time to rest after a good meal, and the leisurely Yadratians liked to relax at this time.

The knock at the door was a disturbance!

Podia wanted to see which bastard was knocking at his door at this time, not knowing his habits!

“It must be that kid, Cyrus, again. He’s too young to train properly and cause trouble all the time. Let me teach him a lesson!” Cyrus was Podia’s nephew. Podia always had a hatred for him whenever he saw him.

When he opened the door, Podia froze. The person standing at the door was not the expected Cyrus, but three beautiful but unfamiliar girls.

No. One of them looked as if she was very familiar.

“Who are you three looking for here?” Podia asked as he swept his eyes in surprise.

Uncle Podia didn’t recognize her, something Ayaka didn’t find surprising. It had been almost eight years since she had left Planet Yardrat. Eight years had caused Ayaka to change radically, not only in strength, but Ayaka’s body had also changed significantly. There was not much left of her childhood image, so it was no wonder that Podia did not recognize her at a glance.

The life span of the Yadaratians was even longer than that of Earthlings. Looking at Uncle Podia, who had hardly changed at all, Ayaka said with a smile on her face, “Uncle Podia, don’t you recognize me?

Podia listened and froze. Was this young girl the originally little Ayaka? The image in his memory slowly coincided with the young girl in front of him. Yes, it was indeed Ayaka. She had grown so big!

“Ah, so it is Ayaka! I can’t believe how much you’ve changed. I didn’t recognize you! Come in and sit down.” Podia said with surprise. He invited Ayaka and the girls into the living room with enthusiasm.

After cleaning up a bit, Podia brought out the drinks and fruits and put them on the table.

Picking up a green fruit and bit into it, Ayaka looked at Podia’s slightly blessed body and laughed, “Uncle Podia is living quite leisurely! His power level has not increased much, but the body has become more magnificent!”

Podia rubbed his head with embarrassment and laughed, “Uncle is not as spirited as you young people. You rarely come back for a while; uncle should treat you well. Oh, Ayaka, these two ladies are your companions. They’re really young… uh, their ki is so powerful!”

Podia stared up in horror. His expression was somewhat condensed. From the body of Launch and Lancy, he felt compelling energy.

“What a…. terrifying power!” Podia fixed his mind and then said with a smile on his face. Although the ki on the sisters made him feel terrified, it could be said that this was a powerful ki that he had never felt before. However, his keen senses also perceived that the ki on them was very calm, without any aggression.

Podia’s strength was limited. Although he could perceive the ki on the girls, he could not perceive the energy of Ayaka. The strength of Ayaka really surpassed that of Podia, and the degree of introversion was deeper.

After talking with Uncle Podia for a while, Ayaka said the purpose of her visit to Planet Yardrat.

Learning that the sisters had come for Instant Transmission and other secret techniques, Podia smiled bitterly and exclaimed, “Your strength has surpassed us so much that I don’t even know what to say. I can’t guess what kind of response the Elders will give to a request like yours, but I think the elders will certainly consider all aspects.”

“So, no matter what the outcome is, I hope you all can relax.”

Launch and Lancy nodded.


After staying at Uncle Podia’s house for a few hours, the sky had gradually darkened. Podia’s family arranged a few rooms for Ayaka and the girls to live in, and they would stay here for a while.

Before the sky was completely dark, Podia said to Ayaka, “While there is still time, Ayaka, you take the sisters to see the Elders. After you see the Elders, our dinner here is almost ready.”

Ayaka thought about it, so she nodded and called the sisters and took them to the Elder Hall.


The Elders’ Hall was located in the town centre, not far from Podia’s home. Ayaka had come here countless times in the early years, so she was already familiar with the way. The street was lined with stores, many of which were beginning to close. They were somewhat curious about the arrival of three strangers, but no one came up to talk to them except for the surprised looks they cast.

Ayaka did not have to walk long before arriving at the lofty Elders Hall.

Looking at the glorious Elders’ Hall, Launch and Lancy’s eyes flashed with surprise. Of course, the Elders’ Hall on Planet Yardrat could not be compared to the Earth’s Lookout, but it was much more magnificent than the place where the Grand Elders of Planet Namek lived.

After being stopped by the officer guarding the hall and then informed by the officer, Ayaka’s group entered the hall and soon met several Elders.

When they saw the Elders again, the Elders surrounded Ayaka at once. Constantly examining, nodding with admiring sounds coming out of their mouths.

“It’s little Ayaka. She’s grown so big all of a sudden. I said a long time ago that little Ayaka would be lovely when she grows up, and look, I was right!” A chubby Elder’s tone was full of complacency.

“No. Little Ayaka is a beauty since she was a child. Who can’t see that? There is no need for you to say that!” A female Elder disdainfully glared at the chubby elder.

“If little Ayaka can be my granddaughter in law that would be great. Unfortunately, my grandson hasn’t grown and is getting farther and farther apart from little Ayaka…. There’s no hope …” An Elders was sad by the fact that Ayaka could not be his granddaughter-in-law.

“Yes. Who else is worthy of being with Ayaka other than our young Yardartian?”

“Such a beautiful girl is about to be snatched by another planet. I really can’t let go….”

“Look, guys, that outfit is just right. The two little girls around. Tsk, Ayaka is really great. She’s bringing two pretty girls with her when she goes out!”


The Elders commented, and Ayaka’s forehead dripped a few drops of sweat, this…. What was going on? When did the Elders become so feckless?

It was not like this before!

“Ayaka, these Elders are really interesting!” Launch whispered, and Ayaka’s face instantly darkened a lot. Not long ago, she told the girls how majestic the Elders of Planet Yardrat were, asking them to be more respectful and polite to give them a good impression. Now, all of a sudden, they were hit in the face. It wasn’t their faces that lost but hers!

‘Elders, where had your majesty gone?’


Ayaka shouted, and a hint of vastness leaked out. The whole hall was filled with a swirling aura. Immediately, the Elders were quiet, their eyes focused on Ayaka.

“Sure enough, our prophecy was not wrong. Little Ayaka really has the strength to save the universe from the crisis!”

After a long time, the Grand Elder said slyly. His tone revealing a certain sense of accomplishment.

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