Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 80


It was hard to get the Elders to calm down. Ayaka felt the pressure and then said the purpose of her trip.

After hearing this, the Grand Elder looked at the sisters, “Little Ayaka, you want them to learn Instant Transmission as well?”

Ayaka nodded and said, “Well, the girls have to patrol the North Area for North Kai, where the risks they may encounter are bound to be huge. So if they don’t have a life-saving skill in their bodies, how dare I let them go! I hope the Grand Elder will allow them to learn Instant Transmission!”

The Grand Elder pondered for a moment, turned his gaze to the other Elders, and said, “Since the two young girls are friends of Ayaka, they are friends of our Yadratians too. Since they are helping North Kai to patrol and ensure the peace of the North Area, we have no reason to refuse.”

Ayaka heard that the Grand Elder did not refuse. Although it was expected, she still could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. The sisters looked at each other with a smile on his face.

“To learn Instant Transmission, it can take a long time. It would help if you found a place to stay for the time being. We will arrange for someone to teach them in the morning. Ayaka, do you need us to arrange a place for you to stay?” One of the Elders spoke up.

Ayaka smiled and shook his head, “No need to bother you guys. I already have a place to stay. So, let’s do that for now. I’ll bring them over tomorrow.”

Ayaka said goodbye to the Elders and then left the Elders’ Hall to go back to Podia’s residence.


A night passed, and early the next morning, Ayaka led the sisters to the Elders’ Hall again.

After one night, the Elders had already found someone to teach them Instant Transmission and came to the hall dedicated to teaching the skill. Soon, a woman wearing the unique costume of Yardratian walked in.

This woman was the instructor arranged by the Elders.

The woman was about fifty years old. Of course, the actual age must be greater than the appearance of age. Her hair was a little white, with a few crow’s feet wrinkled at the edges of her eyes and a cane in her hand. Her body looked weak and feeble, but Ayaka and others did not dare to underestimate the woman. The Elders could invite her to be the instructor; how could she be an ordinary character.

Ayaka’s eyes lit up with a ghostly blue light, and the woman’s information then appeared in the eyes, “41,000!”

Ayaka was slightly surprised. She did not expect the woman’s power level was so high. It was more than 5,000 higher than the original Master Parmikuka. It was true that people couldn’t be judge by appearances; even the old man should not be underestimated.

The woman looked at Ayaka with glowing blue eyes and slightly froze. She then smiled and said, “Are you Ayaka? Surely you are a genius person to have mastered several profound secret techniques.”

She then looked at the foolish Launch and Lancy and said, “These two children must be the ones who want to learn the Instant Transmission. Their ki is internalized, and they are not generalists!”

“You can call me Grandma Vichy. I will teach you Instant Transmission for the next period of time. In advance, if you want to learn the secret technique of Planet Yardrat, relying on talent alone is not enough. No matter how high your strength is, if you want to learn Instant Transmission, you have to learn it seriously.” Grandma Vichy said with a serious look.

Launch and Lancy listened and nodded vigorously.

Watching Grandma Vichy began to teach Launch and Lancy Instant Transmission skills, Ayaja stayed for a moment, then quietly left.


Very far from the town on the plains, the vicinity was uninhabited. The weather was parched and hot, and there were dead old shrubs and cracked stone chips scattered everywhere. The vast and endless plains were like the throat of the devil, devouring the life around.


A huge roar came from the sky, and the ground immediately began to shake violently.

Accompanied by a dazzling light in the distance, a black mushroom cloud rose.


Before it stopped, there was another loud sound. The sound of explosions kept coming, followed by a violent and raging whirlwind. There was a fierce whirlwind wrapped in overflowing energy constantly destroying everywhere, changing the plains’ landscape.

The vibrations and explosions began to die down. The flying dust gradually fell; appearing in front of the eyes was the centre of the plain. Starting from the centre, winding distribution of the cracked horror rift. Each crack has a minimum of more than two meters wide and bottomless. The edge of the crack was molten liquid magma, and the pungent smell constantly emanated from it.

In the centre, a bare-chested man crouched on his knees. His hands were propped up on the ground, and beads of sweat dripped from his cheeks and undershirt.

The big man sat to the side, slowly recovering his energy. A carnage scar on his face looks particularly horrible. This big man was responsible for teaching Ayaka; he was Pamikuka.

Pamikuka was a rare and powerful warrior of Planet Yardrat. Eight years ago, Pamikuka was already unfathomable. After eight years of accumulation, Pamikuka’s strength had become more and more powerful.

After a long rest, Pamikuka felt that he had recovered his strength, so he stood up and continued to exercise. Pamikuka’s great strength was inseparable from his diligent training.

Pamikuka stood with fists clenched. His hands were placed on his waist, and he kept accumulating breath. Suddenly, a trace of consternation flashed across Pamikuka’s face. His eyes condensed, and his whole body shook as he leapt into the air, and his body quickly flew into the sky. His eyes were sharply fixed in a direction.

Just a moment ago, Pamikuka felt ki vast and majestic appear in a certain direction and was constantly approaching him. It was a powerful ki that he had never felt before.

Pamikuka examined his surroundings vigilantly, paying attention to every movement around him.


A light blue glow lit up in the distance, followed by a ki wave containing tremendous energy flying to and coming. Pamikuka hurriedly turned sideways and punched the ki wave, deflecting it in the other direction.


A big explosion rang out.

Without bothering to dodge the gravel stirred up by the explosion behind him, a cyan figure had appeared in front of Pamikuka. The cyan figure swung her fist towards Pamikuka without saying a word. Pamikuka’s face froze as he held his breath and dodged the man’s attack.

However, immediately after, the cyan figure’s attack made him overwhelmed. Pamikuka’s face changed; he did not expect the other side’s strength to be so strong. The person attacked as fast as lightning, and the fist attack was powerful. Soon, Pamikuka felt powerless to resist.


With that thought, Pamikuka wanted to quickly get out of the range of the opponent’s attack.

The powerful ki wave shone with dazzling brilliance and struck the opponent head-on.


A loud explosion sounded.

Pamikuka took the opportunity to accelerate, trying to pull the distance between the two sides. However, with a swoosh, Pamikuka stopped himself and was shocked to find the cyan figure had blocked in front of him at some point.

“What a strong strength! What kind of person is it?”

At this point, Pamikuka only properly surveyed the other side. He was shocked to find that the other side was actually a thin young girl.

“It’s actually a wonderful young woman. This woman is so strong. I wonder what kind of God she is and what purpose she has in coming to Planet Yardrat?”

Pamikuka knew that it was more difficult for a woman to train as a strong person than a man. That was why there were few strong women in the universe. He could not help but think about the other side’s identity in his heart for a short time. His eyes gradually lit up with blue light; he wanted to know the woman’s specific strength.

Suddenly, Pamikuka’s eyes widened in horror and trembled as the Unsighted showed the other side’s power level. The value was unbelievable to him.


Pamikuka sucked in a breath of cold air backwards, followed by the other side’s words that made him feel even more skyward.

“Master Pamikuka, are you satisfied with my strength?” The girl in green smiled sweetly. Likewise, her eyes lit up with a light blue glow, seeing that Pamikuka’s power level had reached 57,000!

“Are…. you Ayaka?” Pamikuka asked with a breath of disbelief.

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