Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 81


“You… are you Ayaka?” Pamikuka took a breath and asked in disbelief.

“Yes, it’s me! After eight years of absence, how can’t you recognize me, Master Pamikuka?”

Ayaka’s clear cheeks emerged with a light smile. Pamikuka seriously stared at the young girl in front of him, the familiar smile, the same hair color, everything proved her identity.

Pamikuka’s heart couldn’t help but produce a tremendous shock. If he remembered correctly, when Ayaka left, her power level hadn’t broken through 5000. Now, it was a whole 2.85 million power level!

Pamikuka had never seen a strong man, and the 2.85 million power level was too shocking!

Not to mention seen, he never even heard of it.

Pamikuka’s trembling hand patted Ayaka’s shoulder. His expression excited, “Good, you did not disappoint master’s expectations. Master is delighted.”

As a master, he felt relieved and torn to have such an excellent disciple. He was relieved to have a good disciple, but he was torn by the fact that his disciple actually threw him out for several streets. No, it was impossible to compare several streets! Pamikuka proud of this but wanted to find a piece of tofu to smash himself!

Ayaka smiled, light as a lily. Pamikuka’s praise was very flattering to her.

Slowly landing on the ground with Pamikuka, Ayaka recounted her experiences over the past eight years, and Pamikuka listened attentively, nodding from time to time.

After a general understanding of Ayaka’s experience, Pamikuka sighed, “Your experience is really incredible. No wonder your strength has grown rapidly. The universe is really a good place to train people; great opportunities accompany the crisis. Cooler’s Armored Squadron, the Grand Elder of Planet Namek, and North Kai, these are the dangers and opportunities that many practitioners are unable to encounter.”

Ayaka nodded in agreement. The universe experience could make people improve by leaps but bounds and accompanied by a huge crisis. The slightest inadvertence would send the soul to hell. If not for her own powerful physique and special skills, she might have reported to hell when she met Dore.

As for the Namekian Grand Elder, who could develop potential and knew North Kai’s existence and how to use Kaio-ken, it was completely the travelers’ golden finger of only for them who was familiar with the plot.

“Master Pamikuka, my two companions have also come to Planet Yardrat and are taught Instant Transmission by Grandma Vichy. We will stay in Planet Yardrat for a while.”

Pamikuka said, “Auntie Vichy is powerful and proficient in Instant Transmission. It would be perfect for her to teach your companions Instant Transmission.”

After the small talk, Ayaka and Pamikuka took a short rest.


The scorching hot plains scattered around the palpitating pressure. The pressure was as powerful as a rainbow, powerful and compelling. It was so powerful that people could not breathe, as if they were suffocating.


It was like a thunderbolt from the sky. The brilliant and dazzling light and rumbling explosions kept appearing, and the ground kept shaking due to the violent earthquakes. The powerful cyclone then appeared, mixed with the shocking energy spreading in all directions as if the world had gone back to the chaos period all of a sudden.

In the dim and muddy vision, two flashes of different colors struck each other.

A green and a yellow flash sometimes violently hit and sometimes quickly split —the powerful’s speed beyond imagination.


Two figures hit each other.

The sand and gravel on the ground were suspended from gravity, and a transparent shock wave swept the world in a state visible to the naked eye. The already barren plain was attacked more completely.

The strong impact hit the ground, and the ground was like a loose flour pile, shaking violently. The large swaths of mud and sand were knocked into the air, covering the sky.

Ayaka stopped herself and below the ever-breathing hot lava. She smiled, and her eyes kept turning to catch the orange figure in the distance. Suddenly, she grinned, her delicate body turned, and her whole body disappeared.

She reappeared near the orange figure. Then waved a fist and attacked fiercely. The orange figure did not meet the attack head-on but turned sideways with a calm face, dodging the tiny fist.


Ayaka’s eyebrows twitched, and her body suddenly changed direction. Several ki waves were sent out from her other hand, “Master Pamikuka, you’ve been caught in a trap! Look at my ki waves!”

Pamikuka was confused by Ayaka’s attack. It was too late to dodge, so he put his hands in front of his chest.

There was a huge explosion in the air, and a blinding light lit up the entire sky. The clouds high in the sky quickly vaporized and disappeared.

Pamikuka was ejected by the powerful impact generated by the explosion and crashed towards the ground.


The ground shook up, and the powerful impact slammed Pamikuka deep into the ground, sinking his body dozens of meters deep underground.

The terrifying force directly poured into the underground rocks, causing the rock to crack and burst, like a cannonball being shot out of the chamber. The impact crater quickly collapsed and cracked and soon formed a myriad of carnage horror cracks.

Ayaka floated on the collapsed ground and looked down with a stoic face.

Four months had passed since Ayaka had returned to Planet Yardrat. During these four months, Launch and Lancy followed Grandma Vichy’s teachings to learn Instant Transmission seriously. –Instant Transmission was an extremely profound secret technique of the Yardartians. Even after four months had passed, the girls had only learned a little and were still very far from fully mastering it.

During this period, Ayaka would come to find Pamikuka sparring whenever she could. Although there was a limit to the battle, the two people’s destructive power was still alarming.

This barren plain had undergone countless geological changes in just four months, each time being destroyed to the point of lava splatter and disfigurement.

Combat could stimulate the body potential, even when the increase in Ayaka’s strength in these four months was not significant. When the strength reached her stage, it wasn’t so easy anymore if there was no special chance to enhance. On the contrary, after several high-intensity combats, Pamikuka’s strength was qualitatively breakthrough. It had reached 68,000 power level, a full increase of more than 10,000.

Looking at the severely collapsed ground, Ayaka flew in the air. Her slender bangs fluttered with the wind, and her whole body looked calm and unhurried.


A figure flew out of the ground and stopped at the same height as Ayaka.

Pamikuka clenched his teeth, stroking his still numb arms, crystal sweat dripping down from his forehead. Looking at his disciple, he staggered a sigh. Just now, Ayaka’s several ki waves had actually hit his hands, and a painful sensation was still coming from his arms.

Pamikuka’s face flushed red, and helplessly said, “That’s it for today. If I keep fighting, I’m going to be crippled!” 

The name of this master and disciple seems to be undefined.

She took out a Senzu Bean from his pocket and threw it at Pamikuka.

The moment Pamikuka took the Senzu Bean, then familiarly stuffed it into his mouth and crushed it. The injuries on Pamikuka’s body all disappeared, and the robust muscles kept trembling. Pamikuka clearly felt the intense power coming from inside his body.

“No matter how many times I use it, I still feel incredible that this little bean has such a magical effect!” Pamikuka said.

Ayaka patted the dust on her body and said casually, “The Senzu Bean is my treasure. After the catalyst of divine power, the effect is naturally not bad.”

“Indeed, you are not a Kami for nothing.”

Pamikuka still felt amazing and kept praising. Since the obvious breakthrough in strength, he had been in an excellent mood.


When they returned to Pamikuka’s residence, Ayaka went straight to her room, undressed her body, and soaked her entire body into the bath.

Blowing on the soap bubbles that stuck to her body, Ayaka pondered her future itinerary, “The time has passed for some time. In a year or so, the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament will begin. After which, the Demon King Piccolo will appear, and the Earth’s power level will follow a breakthrough. There is not much time left!”

The appearance of Demon King Piccolo followed by Piccolo Jr. instantly raised the Earth’s level, after which was the Dragon Ball Z chapter.


Ayaka’s eyes emerged exciting light. Ayaka had to be careful to deal with a character like Frieza. If she used the Kaio-ken, Ayaka was confident that she could fight Frieza to a draw, but it was impossible to win.

“The energy on Planet Yardrat!”

Ayaka stood up violently. The water flowing down from the delicate surface of the skin, and then frowned, “The girls’ Instant Transmission has not yet mastered, and they can’t leave Planet Yardart. Forget it. I will go to patrol the North Area sooner or later; it seems that I have to act alone!”

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