Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 82


The next day, Ayaka proposed the idea of leaving to the girls and Pamikuka. Although they couldn’t let go, they finally agreed to let Ayaka go reluctantly.

Ayaka waved goodbye to them and then launched teleportation to leave Planet Yardrat.

Pamikuka sighed a long breath and said with emotion, “It is essential to have the heart of a strong person. The strong and resolute mindset is critical to rising to the challenge without fear of danger!”

He shook his head, somewhat self-deprecating.

‘This master had become more and more distant from his disciple.’


Ayaka left Planet Yardrat and appeared on a distant meteorite by Instant Movement.

This meteorite was only a few kilometers in diameter. The surface was uneven, and there were countless small holes the size of a glass ball. Due to high-speed flight, a scorching airflow was constantly leaking from the small holes.

This meteorite was actually an oversized energy crystal. Through heating, the energy crystal in a solid-state was slowly released in the cosmic space.

“Where exactly did this meteorite come from?” Ayaka was surprised and delighted. She hurriedly used her ki to form an energy shield to land on the meteorite. She then used the Energy Bound to absorb the free energy in the starry sky.

Gradually, a stream of energy that the naked eye could not see converged from all directions and slowly entered Ayaka’s body… The energy streams were tiny; each was less than a ten-thousandth of the size of a hair. However, as the energy streams continue to converge, the surface of Ayaka’s skin shone with a light blue light.

The crystal-clear light blue energy swam on the surface of the skin and then seeped into her body a little so that she felt a warm taste all over her body.

Such a taste made Ayaka’s spirit especially comfortable. At this time, her spirit was evident, as if she could feel the destination of every energy flow in her body.


Ayaka let out a soft cry of comfort as her body gently moved, and crackling sounds rang out from within her body. A majestic aura emanated out, wrapping the several kilometers large meteorite firmly, causing the meteorite’s flight speed to speed up several times instantly.


The surface of the meteorite flooded with tiny cracks, and then the cracks continue to spread. The rock on the meteorite’s surface could not withstand Ayaka’s strong ki pressure and cracked.

The rock fragments continued to scatter, and some tiny fragments could not withstand the pressure and instantly turned into pieces.

Ayaka carried the meteorite flying aimlessly at will, experiencing months of energy pressure. The meteorite had been broken from the outside to the inside and could disintegrate at any time.

Finally, with a “bang,” the meteorite completely collapsed, splashing debris around accelerated burst. Due to the excessive heat generated, only the core of the remaining meteorite melted and deformed and finally turned into the universe’s dust.


The young girl in a green long-shirt elegantly floating in the universe, crystalline streams of light flowing on the surface of the skin. Ayaka opened her eyes, and her dark, bright eyes seemed to look through the starry sky. Her whole person exuded a divine and graceful aura.

The beautiful eyes gradually rose to an eerie blue light.


3 million power level.

‘Good harvest.’

Ayaka smiled with relief; it was not in vain that she guarded this boulder for months!

Suddenly a voice sounded in her ear, “Ayaka, can you hear me?” 

Ayaka was stunned. “Is it North Kai? What do you want from me?”

In another high-level space, the North Kai’s Planet.

North Kai clenched his hands into fists. “Just now, I inspected the area under the jurisdiction of the North Area and found that more than ten planet civilizations were destroyed… None of the life on them survived!”

“Do you know who did it?” Ayaka was taken aback.

“I investigated when those people have already left, so it is not very clear who did it… However, I think the ones who can destroy the planets should be those guys, the Frieza Clan!” North Kai said in a gruff tone.

“I just contacted the girls, but they said they were learning the secret techniques of Planet Yardrat and couldn’t leave… Ayaka, I want you to go ahead and investigate, with your strength as long as you do not touch Frieza, you will have nothing to fear.”

Ayaka shuddered a little. There was a powerful feeling of wariness.


Did she finally meet up with Frieza?

“North Kai, give me the specific coordinates. I’ll go there!”

North Kai took a long breath; he was distraught that Ayaka would refuse. After all, the opponent might be Frieza, who made even the North Area scared!

“Okay, I will give you the coordinates.”

North Kai walked to an open space on the North Kai’s Planet. The upper side of which corresponded to the location of the destroyed planet. With a twitch of the tentacle on his head, a wave of the electric signal was sent out.

“North Area, near the Thousand Snow Starfield!”

Receiving the message transmitted by North Kai, Ayaka tried to find the Thousand Snow Starfield location. Soon, she found the place, “North Kai, I’m on my way!”

“Be careful!” North Kai instructed. As the honored North Kai, he felt incompetent as a king when he couldn’t guarantee the peace of his own jurisdiction!

Ayaka smiled in awe, then disappeared into the universe.


Thousands Snow Starfield was a small starfield located in the heart of the North Area. There were only tens of thousands of solar systems in it, and the planets suitable for the survival of life were even more scarce. It was only twenty to thirty, and more than ten of them had been destroyed for no reason.

Ayaka came to the Thousand Snow Starfield and landed on a basically destroyed planet. With the broken walls, deep dead silence, in addition to the smoke of the ruined battlefield, the entire planet had been completely deserted.

With a sigh, Ayaka launched an Instant Transmission to the next planet. According to North Kai’s message, she jumped to more than ten Middle-Level Planets in a row, each of which had suffered a catastrophe.

Ayaka appeared on a green planet with a swish. She could smell there was a refreshing and comfortable fragrance from nature.

“I arrived in time. The guys haven’t arrived yet.”

Ayaka leaped up and flew along the forest to where civilization was developed.

The civilization on the green planet was still in the primitive stage. The main race was distributed along the rivers and seas. Such planets were most popular among alien invaders. The primitive race was a backward civilization, narrow-minded, easier to be ruled, without paying too much cost to sell a good price.

Ayaka’s speed was breakneck. In the blink of an eye, she came to the convergence of several large rivers, scattered around many races. The men of the race were working hard and busy.

Ayaka did not disturb them and flew alone up a high mountain to find a landing place to rest down.


About a few days later, a long-awaited disc-shaped ship from outer space landed.


The disc ship landed on the ground, and eight sharp claws stretched out from around the ship. It was like the sharp claws of a crab sinking deep into the rock layer. Then, a group of strange-looking aliens jumped down from the ship, hundreds of them. The aliens were wearing special battle armor and had energy cannons strapped to their hands.

“Here it comes!”

On the rocky platform of the cliff, Ayaka stood up with a jolt. She moved her arms and legs, her gaze swept sharply towards the disc ship. The aliens were in full view.

“Heh, this outfit… it’s Frieza’s men.”

However, the three people who appeared afterward surprised Ayaka.

Those three figures were one purple, one red, and one green. The red and green figures were tall and fat, while the purple was relatively small.

“Surprisingly, it was them, not Frieza Force!” Ayaka looked at the three people who walked out of the spaceship in shock, and an icy cold light flashed in his gaze.

They were surprisingly Cooler’s minions – the Cooler’s Armored Squadron.

“Salza, Neiz, and Dore, all the Cooler’s Armored Squadron members are all present. Don’t blame me for taking you all out!”

Ayaka’s mouth showed a cold smile, and her eyes were grimed.

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