Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 83


About five minutes later, one of the aliens finished probing the surroundings with a machine.

“Lord Salza, the planet air composition measurement has been completed. The data shows that this place is very suitable for life to live. Its civilization is very low, with power level was expected to be no more than 1000,” The alien respectfully reported to Salza.

Salza brushed his wrist, nodded indifferently. His green pupils revealed a cruel gaze, and a cold, fierce smile condensed on his lips, “Such a low civilization is completely effortless to conquer. We don’t need to do anything!”

Dore and Neiz showed a regretful expression, hoping the opponent to be a little stronger. If they were too weak, there was no need to fight.

Dore lost his interest and ordered his subordinate, “Conquer the planet as soon as possible. Don’t drag out the time. The strategy set by King Cooler is not allowed to be violated.”

“Yes!” The aliens stood up straight and answered loudly

After that, a large number of aliens rose in the air and prepared to conquer the planet. In the eyes of these aliens, Dore’s orders and the other lords were the same as King Cooler’s will, which could not be disobeyed.

The North Area was divided into several regions in the Southeast and Northwest. Each region was dominated by forces, warring constantly. The planet constantly changing hands was often the case.

As the strongest Freiza Clan who ruled behind the scenes, King Cold, King Cooler, King Frieza, ruling the Eastern, Southern, and Northern parts of the North Area. The Central Area was intertwined with all the forces, who wouldn’t let anyone pass. This time, Cooler’s purpose was to unify the Central Area. For this reason, he did not hesitate to send his own ace forces to take the lead, and all the planets that resist would be removed.

“Wait!” Salza shouted in a clear and cold voice.

The aliens who were ready to strike immediately stopped in their tracks.

“Captain, this is….”

Salza stepped on a rock with an icy, evil smile, “Dore, King Cooles is asking us to occupy this place. It’s okay if those primitive natives are dead, but this fragile planet can be sold for a good price!”

Dore grinned. The Captain was thoughtful. If they destroyed the planet’s environment, they would delay King Cooler’s plan! Wasn’t King Cooler just wanted to occupy the area and rule it? The value of unliveable planets would naturally depreciate a lot.

Thinking of this, Dore reissued the order, “Kill all the natives up there but be careful not to cause too much damage. Go now!”

The aliens obeyed the order and quickly flew in all directions. Hundreds of aliens scattered all over the planet in the blink of an eye.

“Let’s wait quietly.” Salza laughed out loud.

They certainly didn’t worry about the safety of the aliens. First, there were plenty of aliens like that, and second, the aliens with a strength of 500 or less could achieve a power level of 1000 after being equipped with the new energy cannon weapons, which was more than enough to deal with the natives.

“What a pity. The people here are actually far less powerful than those guys before. Thus, we cannot experience the thrill of battle!”

Watching his subordinates ordered to conquer the planet, Dore licked his lips with his tongue and sighed in an evil tone.

“Then, pray that you will meet a worthy opponent on the next planet!” Neiz said jokingly.

Cooler’s Armored Squadron was established by Cooler’s collection of evil warriors from the North Area. The three members were all aces of aces, each with terrifying strength. Even the weakest Naiz was no better than the Captain of the Ginyu Force. There were really not many strong people who could match them in the North Area.

Suddenly, a young girl’s voice was heard, “Why don’t you let me be your opponent?”


The three frowned. When they looked up, they saw a gorgeously dressed young girl floating in the air. Her bright, icy eyes were staring at them intently.

Slowly landing, Ayaka stood opposite the Cooler’s Armored Squadron. The breeze swept in, rolling up the dead branches and leaves all over the ground, making a rustling sound.

“I’ve waited for you for a long time. Cooler’s Armored Squadron, today you will be destroyed here!”

The tone of voice was flat but revealed an unquestionable attitude.

“Hahahaha…. captain, did you hear that? I’m laughing my ass off, knowing that we are the Cooler’s Armored Squadron under King Cooler. How dare she threaten to destroy us. Doesn’t she know the terror of our Cooler’s Armored Squadron? How ridiculous!” Neiz laughed arrogantly with a very disdainful tone.

Salza smiled wickedly, and a dark aura radiated around him.

“How can this backward civilization understand the terror of the Cooler’s Armored Squadron. Such ignorance is the origin of sin. Neiz, Dore, treat her well!”

“Of course, I can’t wait!”

Dore obviously did not recognize Ayaka. He moved his wrist, pressed the scouter. The beeping data appeared, and the data on the frame kept jumping. 



The scouter couldn’t withstand the over-range operation and explode.

“Oh…. it even exploded. It seems that the opponent is not weak. I have to play!” Dore said with some surprise.

Although the scouter was old-fashioned, the upper limit was also several tens of thousands. Since the scouter exploded, it meant that the young girl’s strength on the other side at least exceeded the limit of the scouter.

Neiz smiled evilly, walked up, and turned back to his companion, “Dore, give her to me! Tsk, Such a beautiful chick. I can sell her at a good price if I capture her alive. Those aristocratic bigwigs like this bite.”

Dore nodded. It was a rare opportunity for him to get a jump on someone, and he could only sigh with regret. Human trafficking was certainly not their main business, but occasionally a side business was also possible.

Ayaka raised an eyebrow, and a trace of cold severity flashed in her eyes. It seemed that she didn’t put these three guys in her eye! With a cold smile, she would make them regret invading her later.

Looking at Neiz, her face was icy cold. The ki contained in her body exposed. Instantly, the temperature of the air seemed to drop by ten degrees. The entire air condensed, and a strong sense of oppression swept over.

Neiz’s face suddenly changed. He had underestimated her. This woman was not simple, and her strength was not lower than his.

Salza gazed and shouted, “Neiz, be careful of that girl. Her strength at least 100,000 or more!”

“It’s too late to know now!” Ayaka smiled lightly.

Before Neiz could react, she grabbed his battle armor.

‘Oh no!’

Neiz was in a panic. He wanted to avoid it, but the battle armor was firmly grasped by Ayaka, causing him to be unable to avoid the attack.


The hands emitted a brilliant and dazzling light, along with high temperature and high heat. The terrifying energy burst and instantly broke through the defense of the battle armor.

There was a miserable scream…

Seeing the battle aroma suit rupture, Neiz’s face was hideous. He was in a panic, and all the panic was not helping. He hastily roared his luck to resist.

“Too late!!!” Ayaka sneered and struck; The ki wave in her hand steeply strengthened several times, and the light was even more blinding.

Neiz could only feel an incomparable burning sensation and intense pain from the abdomen. He could not help but yell.


The ki wave penetrated the body of the Neiz, making him flew into the air, where an explosion occurred. 

High temperature and high heat spread out to form a powerful shock wave. A few seconds later, the shock wave reached the ground, immediately rolling up the dust on the ground. Large trees were crushed and broken, and deafening loud sounds kept echoing in the ears.

When the bright light and smoke dissipated, Ayaka’s figure gradually emerged. At her feet, Neiz helplessly flopped on the ground. He was completely penetrated below the chest and above the abdomen, with the smell of nitrous smoke rising from his body and a large amount of green blood raging out.

“I…. Neiz, am a terrifying Cooler’s Armoured Squadron… how….” Neiz groaned reluctantly. His consciousness gradually blurred, and he soon died.


Dore looked at the scene in front of him with disbelief. A horrified expression showed on his face. Had Neiz died just like that? He was a strong man with 150,000 power levels. Even compared to him, he was equal. How could he lose so easily?

Dore looked at Ayaka, and his gaze couldn’t help but become fearful. She was able to kill Neiz easily; her strength… was definitely above him.

“Bah!” Salza spit. His face was gloomy and ugly.

This was the first time since the Cooler’s Armoured Squadron was built that a member was killed right in front of his eyes.

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