Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 84


“Captain!” Dore looked worriedly at Salza. At this point, he had to worry about the safety of his life and others’ lives. Neiz had learned a lesson, and it could be him next.

Salza coldly snorted; his face was ugly. Dore wanted to say something, but the words stuck in the throat and couldn’t come out. His body was carefully leaning towards Salza.

“Calm down; the opponent is nothing to fear. As long as we work together, she is not invincible!” He said so, but Salza also did not dare to be careless. From Ayaka’s performance just now, Salza knew that the opponent’s strength was at least not worse than his.

Although it was not difficult for him to defeat Neiz, it seemed that he could not do as crisply as the girl in front of him.

The main reason for this was to keep it safe and to quietly press the communication signal to transmit the matter here to the headquarters planet. He believed that the headquarters would soon deliver the news to King Cooler.

Looking at Ayaka with a cold smile, Salza thought, ‘She might be able to be so confident now, but it will be the end of her when King Cooler arrived… When the time came, she must be severely humiliated and abolished her ability. We could sell her to those evil heavy-mouthed alien nobles!’

“Dore, let’s do it together. We don’t have to defeat her; just stall until King Cooler dares to come!” Salza instructed Dore.

“King Cooler will come?” Dore’s heart shook, as if injected with infinite life force, immediately had strong confidence.

“With my strength and the captain’s strength, isn’t it a trivial matter to hold off until King Cooler arrives?”

However, they obviously underestimated Ayaka’s strength. Ayaka and their level was not a star and a half difference. She had the full ability to exterminate them before Cooler arrived.


Salza and Dore roared. Their whole body immediately erupted with a compelling aura. The yellowish airflow surged and rolled around them, and the earth began to shake and vibrate.

The ground beneath his feet was hard and deeply sunk half a meter, and the rocks that could not withstand the tremendous pressure have broken and cracked to form countless deep cracks. The sky also began to change color, appearing incomparably dark, and the air pressure immediately rose.

The corners of Ayaka’s mouth rose, silently watching the blue-skinned yellow-haired Salza and green-skinned black-haired Dore, “Do they exert their full strength? Oh, 180,000 and 150,000 power level! Outstanding power level. Unfortunately…. they ran into me today!”

Ayaka increased her ki to show off and then stabilized at 240,000. Immediately more astounding energy than Salza and Dore appeared on the planet; the whole planet seemed to start trembling.


In the distant part of the North Area, Cooler’s Headquarter.

The aliens were busy detecting the situation in Cooler’s territory, constantly receiving messages from various planets.

A message came from the distant center. The alien took the message, and his face turned pale when he looked at it. He then hurriedly ran up to the communication station to contact King Cooler.

A huge ship was sailing in the middle of the universe, Cooler’s eyes gazed coldly through the space shield. His eyes wickedly stared at the dazzling planets in the universe.

At this moment, an alien in front of the console panicked. He took off his communication headset and ran to Cooler with a pale face.

“King Cooler, King Cooler….”

“What is it?” Cooler asked in a deep cold tone. His scarlet eyes stared intently at the alien.

With cold sweat running on his head, the alien replied in a trembling voice, “Just now…. a message came from the headquarters. The Cooler’s Armoured Squadron has encountered a strong enemy… Lord Neiz has been killed, and Lord Salza sent an emergency signal….”


Cooler came to his senses as he sat down on the oval seat and floated in the ship. His purple lips curled in an evil sardonic grin, “The Cooler’s Armored Squadron has encountered an enemy, and they’re in danger? Haha… it is really interesting!”

Facing the gust of cold air emanating from Cooler’s body, the surrounding aliens were in a cold sweat.

Cooler wasn’t laughing with a “happy” look. He was actually on the verge of an outburst. 

The aliens were too scared to interrupt to avoid angering King Cooler.

“Check the coordinates and go immediately!” Cooler gave a gloomy order.

“Yes, King Cooler!” The aliens hurriedly replied and performed a series of complicated operations with their hands and feet.

The ship turned its direction and flew towards the green planet in the center of the North Area.

“How many years has it been since I’ve encountered an opponent who dares to offend me! Do not let me down! Haha….”


Thousand Snow Starfield, on the green planet.

Salza carefully examined Ayaka. The ki emanating from the opponent made him feel great oppression.

He said gruffly, “She’s really extraordinary strength. This ki alone exceeds me a lot. When did such a powerful figure emerge in this universe? King Cooler should be on his way. Let’s hold until King Cooler arrives.”

Together with Dore, they attacked the enemy.

In a moment, sand and stone flew, fist shadow intertwined, and a full of great destruction of the attack came violently.

Ayaka was confident and smiling, swaying her body to dodge the attack easily. Although Salza and Dore’s attacks were swift and powerful, they could not cause any damage to Ayaka.

Salza held his breath and concentrated on the strength to the limit. The speed suddenly accelerated a lot, together with Dore’s cunning style, the two figures intertwined.

For a while, the fight erupted…


A fist grazed Ayaka’s body and hit the ground. The ground’s surface was instantly penetrated by energy, and a huge depression of several thousand meters appeared. The huge energy erupted deep in the ground. It penetrated the rocky substrate, and hot magma carrying a sour smell gushed out.

The forest and the ground were all covered with searing heat. The fire started, the magma engulfed a large land area, the rivers began to steam dry and wither.

The originally lush world immediately turned into purgatory on earth.

Ayaka shook her head and flashed like lightning in front of Salza. Salza was shocked. His body burst back in an attempt to pull away. However, Salza could not match the speed of Ayaka. No matter how Salza struggled, he could not get rid of Ayaka’s attack.

The hand shone with dazzling brilliance, and the force was as strong as a thousand pounds. The tip of the fist carried a materialized ki that broke through Salza’s shield at once. The terrifying force hit Salza’s body with a wail, and Salza’s arm was violently deformed. His whole body rushed towards the ground.


Salza rooted deeply into the rock formation.

Dore was shocked to see his captain knocked down and rushed towards Ayaka with a loud cry.

Ayaka had been paying attention to Dore for a long time, and when she saw him rushing towards with a cruel smile on his face, she remembered that he was unbeatable many years ago. At that time, she was too weak to be forced by him and even “died” once…

The wind and water turn, now her strength was far above Dore.

New hatred and old hatred were counted together, so naturally, she had to take care of him more passionately than Salza!

Ayaka’s body lit up with light blue ki. The majestic ki outside created countless tiny cyclones. Each cyclone was like a sharp blade, which would tear up everything in front of it.

Dore’s body came crashing down, and in a flash, the protection on his body was broken. The sharp cyclone tore at Dore’s body, and great pain struck his heart.

Dore immediately woke up and was horrified to find his failure.


He burst out the power of his body to try to break free. However, hadn’t Ayaka said she would take care of him, how could she let him break free so easily?

A hand firmly grabbed his arm, and the huge finger force immediately shattered the bones in the arm joints.

Dore blanched, then a beatable force came from his arm. His whole body was thrown high into the air, and because it was too sudden, he couldn’t stabilize his body for a while.

Before he could stabilize, Ayaka had already swooped up and formed a wild whirlwind under his feet.


A fierce attack wind swept in and hit Dore solidly. His consciousness began to blur.


The sound of bones breaking was heard. Ayaka dragged Dore to the ground, then grabbed him with force, and another joint was shattered. She looked at Dore with a pitiful smile. One claw after another, she grabbed the joints on Dore’s body.

Creak, creak-

With a few clicks, the important joints of Dore’s body were shattered. Dore was lying helplessly on the ground, breathing a little before passing out.

Looking at Dore like sludge on the ground, Ayaka shook her head, “How can he fall so easily? He’s not enough to play with! Aha, by the way, I have Senzu Beans. Senzu Beans are good things!”

Approaching Dore, Ayaka was in a happy mood. He pulled out a Senzu Bean, feeding it to Dore. She then took advantage of his lack of reaction and beat him again, back and forth several times.

For the first time, she felt how happy she was to feed Senzu Bean to her enemy.

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