Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 85


Being tossed back and forth by Ayaka, Dore even begged to die. However, it wasn’t easy to die. Ayaka had the “medicine”, Senzu Beans in her hand; it was worse than death!

Finally, it was the team leader Salza who saved him. Salza scampered out of the ground and saw Dore was lying in the place being constantly abused. He could not help but be furious. He rushed over with a hideous face. Without saying anything, he sent out numerous ki waves at Ayaka and took the opportunity to pull away Dore.

Ayaka unhappily frowned and looked at Salza.

At this time, Salza cloaked and wretched. His eyes were burning with great anger, carrying the rotten Dore in his hand.

Ayaka sneered. Her flaxen hair swayed in the wind, and her clean face instantly became murderous.

She had played enough.

The foreplay was over… It was time for the endgame!

The ki in her body continued to rise, 500,000, 1 million, 2 million…. gradually, the entire planet was wrapped in breathtaking ki.

The powerful power of 3 million seemed to be like materializing smashed on Salza’s heart. In an instant, it made Salza’s face incomparably white, “No, how could this happen!!!”

As desperate thoughts spread inexorably, Salza lost his power all of a sudden.

A person, especially a guy like Salza who was used to kill. When he had absolute strength, he would ravage to his heart’s content in the face of mole crickets, and their life was not worth mentioning in his eyes. However, when it turned another way, his fragile mind was instantly crushed by the quasi-bar of his own behaviour.

Salza smelled the death.

The enemy’s attack hadn’t even started, yet he had already smelled the death.

This made him very uncomfortable. Could it be that the powerful and terrifying Cooler’s Armour Squadron of the entire universe was going to be wiped out here?

‘No, I wouldn’t allow it!’

“Run!” The thought rose in Salza’s heart.

Immediately, he threw Dore in his hand to Ayaka and fled the battlefield quickly. Rather than both die, it was better to sacrifice one for the other to escape. Salza did not hesitate to decide to sacrifice Dore.

However, Ayaka did not care about the half-dead Dore…

Now Salza was her target.

Her body flicked, and at once, Ayaka was in front of Salza.


A loud sound that shocked the eardrums reverberated in the air as Ayaka kicked Salza’s body. The new battle-armor was immediately shattered, and the pieces were like countless shining meteors floating in the air.


After several attacks in a row and being hit at the vital points, Salza painfully spurted blood. His hoarse and mournful voice echoed in the air.

“Cooler Armour Squadron, doomed to destruction today!”

A cold and merciless voice reached Salza’s eardrums, and ki of despair came over him. Ayaka aimed at the wretched Salza, and with her hands together, a huge ki wave was fired out.


The ki wave was like a pale dragon with a terrifying aura. It came unstoppable along the way.

Salza’s pupils fiercely into stress needle-shaped, “No! King Cooler has not…”


With regret and reluctance, Salza was struck by a terrifying wave of ki. The powerful ki did not have any feelings, and in the face of the absolute destruction, Salza was unceremoniously crushed into the dust of the universe.

After eliminating Salza, Ayaka sighed lightly, but it wasn’t over yet because Dore of the Cooler Armour Squadron hadn’t died yet.


The previous battlefield had been completely unrecognizable—the sudden change of terrain and continuous flow of hot lava making this place like a purgatory.

Dore was still breathing, prostrate on the ground. His body was full of wounds, and blood kept flowing.

“Salza is dead, and you are the only one left in the Cooler Armour Squadron!” Ayaka announced Salza’s death in a bland tone while raising the death flag to Dore.

Dore’s face twitched and threatened with reluctance, “The Cooler Armour Squadron won’t fail easily. King Cooler already knows what’s going on over here. He won’t let you go.”


Ayaka’s eyes were shining. Her eyes can’t help but narrow, “Don’t worry. Sooner or later, your King Cooler will also meet you in hell!”

“Dore, don’t you know who I am? Ah, of course, countless people have died on your hands, so how can you remember them all?”

Dore opened his mouth, not knowing what Ayaka was talking about.

Ayaka shook her head and put up two fingers. The tips of which gathered ki to emit dazzling light, “Karma is circular. It’s only a matter of time. If you can’t remember anything, just die in my hands.”

Ayaka’s fingers aimed at Dore, and a beam of eye-catching and terrifying spiral sword gas spurt out.


Dore was powerlessly stunned. Déjà vu memories came to his mind, “It’s you. You’re already….”

‘The same move and the familiar hair colour.’

Dore’s memory fell into a blank as the terrifying spiral sword gas penetrated his entire body.

“This time, the Cooler Armour Squadron is completely destroyed!”


“Haha, Ayaka actually defeated the Cooler Armour Squadron. I’m really happy!” North Kai’s excited voice rang in her ears.

Ayaka laughed lightly, “The Cooler Armour Squadron looks terrifying, but they are just the Freiza Clan’s dogs. They’re not my opponent.”

“Yes, the Freiza Clan is the real enemy! Ayaka, you go and annihilate those aliens to save this planet!” North Kai was so excited that he rolled and crawled. The gorilla Bubbles looked at North Kai with his head tilted, and his mouth let out a “woola woola” cry.

Ayaka nodded gently and flew towards the location of the aliens.

The native people were experiencing a massacre, and Ayaka’s appearance was like the savior’s mythical story who appeared in time before the end of the world. She wiped off the entire enemies without much effort.

She would be a legend in the future for a long time.


Outer space, in a giant spaceship.

The alien on the console kept monitoring the information from the headquarters, but among the complicated information, there was one message…

One message about the green planet, which caused the alien to tremble with cold sweat.

Not daring to stop for a moment, the alien immediately ran to the shield to report to King Cooler.

Cooler sat on the oval pilot chair playing with the glass ball, staring out with a deep face, “What’s the matter?”

“King… Cooler, the latest news from the headquarters. The Cooler Armour Squadron is destroyed!” The alien was trembling to report.

Such shocking news, they were afraid to provoke King Cooler’s fury.


The glass ball in his hand was crushed. The corners of Cooler’s eyes were raised, and a bloodthirsty and crazy aura tumbled out. The men in the airship immediately felt a wave of nausea and uncomfortable, unable to breathe.

Hmph, the Cooler Armour Squadron was actually destroyed. Huh, very impressive, hahaha…” Cooler licked his purple lips, and a pair of scarlet pupils revealed infinite killing opportunities.

“How long will it take to get to the destination?” Cooler asked in a cold voice.

“Report to the king. It will take three more hours!”

“I give you one hour. We must arrive in one hour!”

“Yes!” The aliens were in a cold sweat. Although they were terrified, they still obeyed King Cooler’s order and started maneuvering the ship at a super safe speed. 

They had to arrive at their destination within one hour.




When Cooler’s ship began to accelerate, Ayaka was flying all the way, shooting out ki waves in all directions. Each ki wave accurately killed the aliens along the way.

These aliens’ strength was only 500 or so. They couldn’t evade Ayaka’s attacks, and killing them was as easy as crushing ants. In a short time, the number of aliens killed by Ayaka was more than a hundred.

After a few dozen minutes, more than 300 aliens were all killed.

At this time, North Kai’s anxious voice came, “Ayaka, hurry up and leave this planet!”

Ayaka was startled and asked, “What happened?”

“It’s Cooler. I just sensed that Cooler’s ship has appeared in the vicinity of the planet. Cooler’s strength is too terrifying, and you are not yet his opponent. Hurry up and leave.” North Kai said in a panic.

“Cooler is here. It’s a lot faster than expected!” Ayaka froze but did not have the slightest intention to flee, “North Kai, I’m ready to fight with Cooler for a while!”

North Kai scolded, “Do not be foolish, Ayaka. With your strength and the Kaio-ken, you are only comparable to Frieza. However, Cooler is different from Frieza. He is countless times more terrifying than Frieza!”

“North Kai, don’t worry, I know Planet Yardart secret techniques, plus some special techniques. I can get out safely even if I can’t beat him. Surprisingly, I ran into Cooler, how can I retreat without a fight!” Ayaka confidently transmitted a voice to North Kai.

North Kai was silent for a moment and sighed, “You are really… well, then you take care of yourself and leave as soon as something is wrong. Alas, you will be finished!”

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