Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 86


“If there is danger, I will leave immediately! Don’t worry!”

Ayaka finished speaking, and only then did North Kai cut off the conversation. He then cautiously stared at the location representing the green planet on the North Kai’s Planet.

The next thing that would happen was probably the highest intensity battle in the North Area.

The battle between Ayaka and Cooler was not a spur-of-the-moment challenge. It was after some thought. She was now in a kind of hidden bottleneck stage, and what she needed was a high-intensity battle.

In the previous battle, it was impossible to feel the battle’s urgency because she was too far ahead of her opponent. Ayaka believed that if she could have a life-and-death battle with a master like Cooler, she would definitely gain some insight.

Perhaps she could accumulate a thick layer of hair and became the Legendary Super Saiyan in one fell swoop.

“Cooler, I hope you can bring me a breakthrough!” Ayaka looked up at the sky and muttered.


Ten minutes later, huge, evil ki came from outer space. The sky immediately became dull and depressing. Within a short time, a huge disc ship was seen landing.

“What a powerful ki. Salza and the others are like a drop in the ocean compared to him! Cooler must be furious; otherwise, he wouldn’t need to intimidatingly exude his ki at all times.” Ayaka flew up alertly and approached the airship.

The ship’s door opened slowly, and the aliens in their battle-armor came out in a line. They first cleared the surrounding area of obstacles. In the middle, a purple figure slowly walked down. The corners of his mouth rose, and his scarlet pupils emitted a cold, chilling light as if they were pools of blood in purgatory.

“Is that Cooler? It’s the same as in the original.” Ayaka watched from afar, mentally recalling the base form of Cooler.

In the anime, after Son Goku defeated Frieza, Cooler led his Cooler Armour Squadron to Earth to seek revenge on Goku. However, after a vicious fight, Cooler and his subordinates ended up dying on Earth.

Legend had it that Cooler was much stronger than Frieza and had one more transformation ability than Frieza. Although the anime and the manga version had many contradictions and the credibility of a certain question, when Ayaka saw Cooler, she knew that the anime version was not all made-up.

Cooler’s body was purple with the head, shoulders, limbs, and wrists covered with white sandstone armour, with a purple tail behind. His overall shape and Frieza Final Form were very similar, but the colour was the opposite. Frieza was mainly white, with purple shoulders and wrists and ankles. Compared to Frieza’s petite Final Form, Cooler looked a little more manly.

Sure enough, Frieza was the proper man of the Frieza Clan!

“His normal state will maintain the shape of Frieza’s Final Form. Cooler’s strength exceeds Frieza by more than a little bit. Perhaps the rumors that even Frieza does not have the fifth state transformation is true!”

Ayaka’s face was severe. Her dark pupils gradually lit up with a ghostly blue light, and the Unsighted immediately aimed at Cooler.


A total of 17,000,000 appalling data surfaced, and Ayaka could not help but take a deep breath of cold air.

“As expected of the North Area’s overlord, the strength is unfathomable! The power level alone showed 17 million, which is the real strength…”

She was shocked, but she did not flinch. Her eyes actually flashed a strong fighting spirit, and a crazy battle spirit surged to the heart. Her body was all warmed up, and at this moment, the fighting gene of Saiyan bloodline seemed to be activated.


Underneath the disc ship, the alien warily debugged the detection equipment and reported a few minutes later.

 “King Cooler, no major energy reactions have been found nearby. The opponent…. may have left the planet.”

The alien was careful. His face could not help but drip cold sweat.

“Such a waste!” Cooler’s gaze was cold. His icy gaze swept around and then sneered, “Unknown fellow since you dare to destroy this king’s forces, don’t you dare to face this great king directly?”

Cooler’s icy ki was forced towards the direction where Ayaka was. It was obvious that Ayaka had been discovered.

“I’ve been discovered!” Ayaka walked out with a helpless face.

Hmph, it’s a little girl. How dare you offend this great king!” Cooler narrowed his eyes. His purple lips condensed with a hideous smile and a wave of pressure preemptively.

Ayaka was still okay, but the nearby aliens suffered. As if struck by a heavy hammer in the chest, they immediately became difficult to breathe, and they were confused.

“I’m not afraid of you, Cooler!” Ayaka stood straight, and equal powerful ki was released, immediately pushing back Cooler’s pressure.

The two ki collided violently in the air. The substantial pressure was worse for the aliens, who could not even stand up and prostrated themselves on the ground.

“How interesting.”

Cooler’s eyes flashed a trace of surprise, and his face became gloomy. His tail constantly slapped the ground, “snapping” to break the hard rock surface.

“Oh, your strength is very amazing. I can’t help but want to recruit you… How about, as compensation for destroying this king’s force, you defect to this king and become a subordinate of this king?”


Cooler waited for a reply, but Ayaka said nothing.

After a few seconds, Cooler licked his lips, “Well, you have angered this king. Even if you are powerful, this king has decided to wipe you out!”

The bloodthirsty killing machine was gut-wrenching.

Ayaka disdainfully shook her head; she no longer had something to say. Everything needed to be solved with the fight. What was the point of talking?

“Ayaka, you have to be careful!” North Kai’s nervous voice sounded.

“Do not worry!” Ayaka glanced at Cooler. That guy was about to make a move.

North Kai carefully stared at Ayaka and Cooler at the North Kai’s Planet, not even daring to breathe loudly.


Ayaka moved first. Her body disappeared like a ghost. She did not make an extra cover and attacked Cooler straightforward.

Cooler tsk, and his eyes narrowed. He was constantly examining the surrounding area to capture Ayaka’s figure. The surrounding grass and trees were in his eyes.


Ayaka aimed a punch at Cooler’s chest, and just at the moment of the attack, a hard claw firmly grabbed her wrist. It was so fast, but the first attack failed. She harnessed the power to prepare to get out, but it was a step too late. 

Cooler coldly grunted, and a huge force spurted out from between the claws, throwing Ayaka out with a violent bang.

Ayaka’s heart was beating so fast. Her body tried to stop, but Cooler’s strength was so great that she could not stop for a moment. Her body seemed like a rapid cannonball flight, and the air around the violent friction issued a buzzing sound.


Wherever the shock wave passed, forests and rivers were stopped, and countless trees and vegetation were cut off across the waist and swept into the air.


Ayaka settled down and carefully observed her surroundings, on full alert. Her eyes turning up and down, left and right. Suddenly, she felt ki approaching her.

She turned back around, only to find that Cooler had appeared behind her at some point.


In the nick of time, Ayaka used both arms to block Cooler’s steep blow. A huge force came from both arms, accompanied by sharp pain… Ayaka flew down towards the ground again.


The body stopped only a few meters away from the ground. Ayaka’s hands emitted a light blue ki cannon, using the recoil to rapidly fold back and fly towards Cooler.


The two finally started to fight…

In the sky, lightning and thunder, fist shadow intertwined, ki wave overflowed, all kinds of earth-shattering sound constantly came.

In just a few seconds, Ayaka and Cooler had exchanged countless times. However, Ayaka’s experience was not as many as Cooler’s, and gradually, she fell behind.


If she didn’t use the Heavenly Fist that had evolved from the Kaio-ken, she would definitely not be a match for Cooler! It was a combination of the power-burst bonus of the Kaio-ken and the Thunder Shock Surprise. It was a super-powerful move among the first class.

The ki on her body increased violently by 1.5 times. The Heavenly Fist was the same as the Kaio-ken, except for the basic doubling fist, which was 1.5 times the power level. Everything else was directly multiplied by the times.

A blue crystal light surrounded her hands. After using the doubled Kaio-ken, Ayaka’s power immediately doubled, reaching a power level of 4.5 million. However, it was still far from Cooler’s 17million.

If not for Cooler’s teasing attitude, Ayaka would absolutely already be ravaged brutally.

However, Cooler was the same as Frieza. The great pride of the Frieza Clan made them superior. They did not even have the slightest idea of killing the enemy in their minds and always liked to mock slowly, little by little.

This was a nasty habit!


The ki rose again, and the furious power rolled up like a hurricane. A faint and invisible yellow ki burns up around the body, making Ayaka’s whole body look unreal!

“4 TIMES….”

Once the quadruple Heavenly Fist came out, Ayaka’s power level reached a shocking 12 million, which had reached the upper limit of the power level of the Kaio-ken. The increase in power level from performing higher fist techniques was already limited. However, facing Cooler, four times the Heavenly Fist was not enough.

“7 TIMES…”

“9 TIMES…”

Ayaka continued to increase her output.


In the end, Ayaka stopped at eleven times Heavenly Fist.

The eleven times Heavenly Fist brought Ayaka an increase of just over 16 million, but it was barely enough to fight against Cooler’s 17 million power level.

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