Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 87


“What kind of fighting techniques is this? How can your power level soared so much at once…” Cooler looked at the girl surrounded by ki with some surprise.

In the blink of an eye, the opponent’s power level doubled and doubled again, and it was not much different from his.

“What an interesting girl. There is actually someone like you in the universe… It seems that this king has to kill you.”

An infinite killing opportunity surged in Cooler’s heart, “Such a person must be removed as soon as possible!”

Finally, Ayaka’s power level increased to the extent that she could fight with Cooler. Feeling the surging power, Ayaka’s confidence grew. The corners of her mouth rose, and strong battle intent flashed in her eyes.

Breathing steadily, and her heart rhythm was in order, Ayaka adjusted to the state. Hawking left a lightning bolt in place; she rushed towards Cooler as quickly as she could.

There was a booming sonic explosion, and in a moment, she was in front of Cooler, followed by a kick full of fierce power.

Cooler turned his upper body sideways to avoid the powerful attack, but the sharp whirlwind of fierce power still cut through Cooler’s abdomen like a blade, leaving several scratches.


Cooler’s face was gloomy, and his scarlet eyes were becoming eviler.

No one had dared to fight him for years, let alone left marks on him!!!

With his whole body’s ki soared, Cooler’s surroundings ignited orange-red ki flames. The sky changed colour all of a sudden, and the clouds disappeared into thin air.

The gloomy atmosphere was filled with a sense of oppression.

At the bottom, those aliens who followed Cooler trembled and had long been pressed by the ki.

Ayaka and Cooler looked away from each other.

One yellow and one red, two appalling groups of energy stand facing each other.

The light wind blowing rolled up the sand and dust, withered leaves fluttering with the wind. The fierce breeze turned into a storm, and the silent battlefield was like the end of the world, shrouded in creeping fear.


The huge wind snapped a branch, a slight sound came.

Ayaka and Cooler coincidentally acted.

The body frantically sprinted and immediately launched a fierce attack on each other. For a while, the sound of fists and feet striking each other was incessant, and the two blurred figures kept flying and winding up to attack.


Ayaka kicked Cooler’s arm with force, and the surging force was wrapped in crystal shimmering lightning light from the leg.

Cooler sneered, his hand forcefully blocked Ayaka’s attack. The fluorescent lighting was stopped by a wall of air, emitting a “squeaky” thunder. His body flickered, and Cooler’s cold, gloomy face appeared in front of Ayaka.

With a pair of bloodthirsty eyes staring coldly at her, Ayaka’s face changed slightly, and her body moved quickly out of Cooler’s sight.

“What a strange trick. This king is getting more and more eager to kill you!” Cooler’s cold voice came from behind her, and a slight shock flashed through Ayaka’s heart, but her body had already reacted almost instinctively.

Ayaka put her hands together and constantly waved towards the back. There was spiral sword ki, accompanied by lightning, and thunder constantly attacked Cooler.

With Ayaka as the center, thousands of long and narrow sword ki like countless floating petals, slowly scattered, and under the control of a force, violently accelerated towards Cooler blast.

Cooler eyes were sharp. When he saw the spiral sword ki coming, his face trembled, and several red flashes swept out from both eyes. The red flashes contained terrifying energy that cut through the sky like a laser.

Soon, two very different energy collisions issued a “boom” sound.

Ki wave overflowed everywhere, hitting the ground exploded a huge bright spot. The ground was constantly shaking, mountain peaks, forests, a large piece of destruction.

Cooler’s body moved extremely fast, instantly altering countless positions. The distance between him and Ayaka was getting shorter as he was about to catch up.

At this time, Ayaka’s eyes emitted blue light. A few strands of vital energy filled the brain, making her mind unusually sensitive without missing a beat to capture Cooler’s figure.

The Unsighted, in addition to observing the opponent’s energy, also enhanced the user’s battle awareness. After capturing the opponent’s figure, it would calculate the most feasible attack!

When the Unsighted reaches the extreme or was very familiar with the opponent, it could even anticipate the opponent’s possible attack before the opponent’s action.

“This is the time!”

Finding the right position, Ayaka swung her fist in a horrific blow. Cooler also swung his fist to meet it…


The two fists let out a violent crash, and the wild energy swept a shockwave in all directions.

In an instant, the two blasted back countless distances, then continued to launch powerful attacks.


Fist shadow intertwined.

Within a second, the two exchanged countless times. Each time they exchanged blows, they quickly separated after attacking. Because they were so fast that the naked eye could not capture them, their figures could no longer be seen in the sky.

“What strength!”

Ayaka descended to a rock shelf, frowning and calculating.

The high intensity of the battle had made her arms a little numb. The long-term maintenance of the Heavenly Fist’s execution was also a great burden on the body. –Although she relied on her abnormal physique and the cells constantly repaired the body, her repair speed was still a bit slow compared to the degree of injury.

“Cooler’s strength is beyond imagination. It’s almost impossible to defeat him, but that’s what makes it interesting!”

Ayaka’s aim wasn’t to defeat him. Right now, she didn’t even have the luxury of beating Cooler! The reason why she was fighting with him was to seek a breakthrough for herself.

Cooler was the slightly stronger person in the entire universe. The most suitable to be a perfect test stone!

Ayaka felt like her entire being was about to boil over.

Ayaka suddenly felt very strong ki, and it was rising rapidly, “What a strong ki! It’s Cooler’s ki!!!

“Not good. He actually ran high into the air!”

Looking up haughtily, she saw two dazzling suns hanging in outer space. One was a star, while the other was a huge ball of energy.

Ayaka’s face tightened, and her jaw dropped, “Death Wave! Does Cooler want to destroy this planet?”

Ayaka immediately recognized the huge red ball of energy called the Freiza Clan’s big move – Death Wave.

In the original story, Frieza was using this move to destroy Planet Vegeta and Planet Namek. In the anime, Cooler also used this move against Son Goku.

But this move was often made in the case of recklessness.

It was important to know that even Freiza Clan couldn’t freely stay in the vacuum and oxygen-free environment. Did Cooler not care about the consequences? Even if Cooler could survive in space, it would be a question of returning from the universe.

For Ayaka, of course, these were not problems. She could survive in space without any pressure due to her uncanny ability, and Instant Transmission allowed her to go wherever she wanted. So she also understood one thing –to defeat Cooler, the best solution was to drag him into the universe! And then use Instant Transmission to generate an attack on him!

However, in that case, thousands of lives of the entire green planet would have to be buried with him, and this point was not in line with Ayaka’s quasi-bar.

“Let’s fight!” Ayaka gritted her teeth.

To keep the planet from being destroyed here, she could only desperately carry this Death Wave.

Ayaka stood on the rock shelf. Her eyes tightly closed up, and her whole body emitted even more terrifying energy.


There was sky-rocketing ki rising from the ground, and the suffocating oppressive feeling spread out in all directions. The ground began to crack, and the entire rock shelf was collapsed in a flash.

Ayaka stood in the cracked rocks, wrapped in burning ki. Glittering white and beautiful arcs of lightning from the hands began to spread, gradually wrapping the entire body.

Surrounded by thunder and lightning, her long hair was lifted by the powerful energy generated by the whirlwind. Her clothing also followed the flashing arcs of electricity.

Ayaka looked so dashing and majestic. She held her breath and slowly separated her hands, and two balls of bright thunder wrapped around her hands. She opened her eyes, a ghostly blue light flashed, and Ayaka looked up into the sky.


In the outer space, close to the universe space, Cooler slanting down. He sneered at the emerald green planet and a huge red ball of energy at the top of the finger, emitting terrifying energy.

Humph, be good and die along with the planet. Death Wave!”

With a stroke of the fingertip, the huge red energy ball was commanded to smash towards the planet.

The energy ball penetrated the atmosphere with a loud snorting sound. The atmosphere along the way became split like a mirror. It was instantly smashed out of a hole.

That was a huge sphere of energy coalescing with a diameter of one thousand meters!


Witnessing the Death Wave descending from the sky, a cold, stern lustre flashed through Ayaka’s dark blue pupils. She manipulated the bright thunder in her hand and hurled it at the Death Wave.


A blindingly bright light flew out from her hand as if a phoenix with wings spread out and ready to fly. It rose into the sky with a proud aura and bright thunder!

Later, Ayaka manipulated another ball of thunder in her hand and shouted, “HEAVENLY THUNDER SHOCK SURPRISE!”

Seemingly accompanied by the roar of the divine dragon, the glittering thunder was like flying and raging pale dragon, emitting sinuous and twisting lightning, rushing towards the sky and roaring at an incredible speed.

The two terrifying thunderbolts generated by two great moves, the Heavenly Fist and the Heavenly Thunder Shock Surprise, went against the wind with unstoppable momentum. Breaking through the sky and soon collided head-on with the death missiles.

At this moment, time seemed to have stood still.

A huge bright light burst from the impact, and the whole planet lit up with flares.

A visually tremendous shock wave was generated, spreading out rapidly in all directions, and the next moment a deafening explosion resounded through the world!

North Kai in the North Kai’s Planet was in a cold sweat, nervously following the battle on the green planet. His two tentacles kept trembling, chanting, “Block it. It must be blocked!”

Ayaka also paid attention nervously. With a slightly tired look on her face, her breathing was a little heavy.

The two major moves just now had used up too much ki in her body, and if she couldn’t block Cooler’s Death Wave, the next battle would be tough.

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