Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 88


The energy contained in the Death Wave was undoubtedly powerful, but Ayaka’s two thunderbolts were also extremely terrifying.

The terrifying scene generated by the two’s collision was as violent and volatile as the heavens’ opening. The sky was torn into a patchwork, forming a vacuum mass, just like a broken mirror.

As the momentum of the big impact gradually subsided, the destructive impact of the hedge gradually dissipated. The air was still filled with a sour smell, but the thin mass of gas divided the azure sky into two large parts, as beautiful as a dream.

Below, Ayaka, who managed to block Cooler’s Death Wave, gasped and breathed heavily.

“That was close. Luckily it was blocked; otherwise, the planet would have been in danger!” North Kaiser wiped his sweat with his mind unsettled. His nerves, which had been tense, finally relaxed.

Ayaka’s gaze firmly locked high in Cooler, but her heart quickly calculated.

As the strength continued to rise, the destruction generated during the battle also continued to rise. Generally speaking, the ordinary planet could not support the collision’s full force between the two powerful people. Not to mention the destruction of the planet in one blow, it was effortless to make the species on it extinct.

‘We must move on to other planets!’

This idea welled up from her heart, and Ayaka made up her mind to implement it. “Let’s lure Cooler to outer space. Although Freiza Clan can survive in the universe, I’m afraid that the movement will be affected to a certain extent. The vacuum conditions may be beneficial to me instead.”

Ayaka’s ki was weaker than before, and her eyebrows showed a bit of fatigue. However, the ki around her was still burning. Although she also understood that she could only fight wisely against Cooler, and not by force! The use of small cleverness might give her hope of victory, but she would definitely end up losing the battle first if she kept on carrying on.

With a single thought, Ayaka’s whole body was revitalized, and a rapidly rotating wind power rose from the bottom of her feet. Lifting her tiny body up and fiercely rising into the sky, the wind whistling in her ears. She did not fly towards space first but flew towards Cooler’s disc-shaped spaceship at an incredible speed.

With an instantaneous shift, she appeared in front of the spaceship…

With a boom, the whole spaceship was penetrated by her with a single blow!


Numerous figures intertwined and surfaced, and those aliens were immediately disembodied.

After completing this, the corners of Ayaka’s mouth smiled faintly. Then she appeared a few kilometres in front of Cooler with a teleport.

Cooler sneered at Ayaka, who was not far away. His purple tail kept flicking, and his finger bones made a crackling sound.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. The next step is not so easy. Accept the punishment of this king!”

Cooler’s cold, piercing voice came from thin air. His voice seemed extraordinarily gloomy. His mouth did not even mention his resentment against Ayaka for destroying his ship and killing his subordinates.

Ayaka’s expression remained unchanged, and a trace of disgust flashed on her face. Why was Cooler the same as Frieza in the original story? There was so much nonsense. Did Freiza Clan always talk nasty?

“Worthy of the race with the name of Freiza Clan. The indifference and ruthlessness had been deep into the marrow. I am afraid that killing your subordinates can not completely anger you. In your opinion, how many of those subordinates do you want?”

She wondered what the reaction would be when she killed Frieza in front of him. Thinking of Dragon Ball Z when the Frieza-Androids was split into chunks by the Saiyans, Frieza’s father didn’t seem to be touched by much anger and even wanted to take that Saiyan as his son…

Cooler indifferent eyes stared at Ayaka, not affected by what she said. The cold expression did not change. The corners of his mouth barred, “It looks like you know a lot and even knows about our Freiza Clan.”

The Freiza Clan was extremely rare in number, and very few people in the entire universe knew of its existence. Surprisingly, she was able to shout out the title of Freiza Clan accurately.

Cooler suddenly developed a hint of interest, “Does it mean that you are also a member of some rare race?”

Ayaka’s eyes dripped, thinking that if the Saiyans were considered a rare race then, she was, indeed, a member of a rare race.

Tsk, but no matter which race you are a member of, you are doomed to die today!” Cooler’s gaze was cold, and huge energy flashed in the pupils of his eyes as if it would burst out at any moment.

Ayaka had some faint disappointment. At this moment, she would rather fight with Frieza. Although he was just as evil and ruthless, at least Frieza was a young man in the Freiza Clan. Young and vigorous, not as cold as Cooler.

Secretly sigh, she turned her body and then slowly flew towards outer space.

Naturally, Cooler wouldn’t let her go, so he leapt to Ayaka.


With an Instant Transmission, Ayaka wasn’t blocked but appeared further away.

Oh? Surely it’s a magical skill. You used this move just now, right? I’m really getting interested.” Cooler smiled grimly. His body turned into a stream of light, and in a moment, he was next to Ayaka again.

Cooler waved his fists with both hands. The chaotic and rampant ki surrounded his left and right. As soon as the light stopped, countless sharp blades came mercilessly at Ayaka.

Ayaka was too late for using the Instant Transmission. She hurriedly dodged back and forth by dancing her body lightly and did not tangle with Cooler. Her body accelerated away from the green planet in the dodge.

The vacuum environment makes Cooler action a little uneasy. The attack action obviously began to wander. Damn! This little bitch actually hit this aspect of the idea!

Cooler, who quickly understood Ayaka’s intentions, was extremely angry. What he hated most was someone who dared to tease him!


Cooler’s feet straddled forward, and his large tail swung in the air, leaving several streaks of shadow in the vacuum. By the time he left the spot, he was already in front of Ayaka.


He punched Ayaka hard, and Ayaka only felt her arms tingling. Her body was already like a meteorite moving at high speed, flying rapidly in the direction of the back to the green planet. The danger was sometimes an opportunity, taking advantage of the body moving deeper into the universe. Ayaka took the chance to speed up and escape with all her might towards the deeper.

Cooler sneered and pursued closely. Ayaka seized the opportunity to make a wide range of Instant Transmission. This time it was enough to leave Cooler behind a solar system distance!

To ensure that they were far enough away from the green planet, Ayaka lured Cooler in a short distance. Moreover, to ensure that Cooler wouldn’t lose her, she specially released powerful energy fluctuations to serve as bait. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Cooler’s figure to appear in view.

Then there was another long-distance teleportation!

After several lures, Cooler was finally lured to a deeper universe. Finally, the two landed on an asteroid belt in an uninhabited star system.

“This is the most suitable battlefield!”

With her feet on the hard meteorite, Ayaka looked at Cooler intensely. Although Cooler was somewhat affected by the vacuum environment, his superb strength allowed him to adapt quickly.

Landing opposite Ayaka, Cooler licked his purple lips, and his whole body exuded an icy and evil aura.

“It really is the ideal tomb, luring me over just to fight here?” Cooler cold voice was like a special electric wave. Although there was no air present, the sound was truly transmitted into Ayaka’s ears. Without making a sound, Ayaka’s figure abruptly disappeared and began to move at a fast pace.

The corners of Cooler’s mouth grinned as he stretched out his fingers to the void and kept sweeping. In a moment, the crimson beams of light closed into a dense net, blocking the entire void firmly.

The muffled sound of puff puff puffs tearing the calm space. The blue arc of electricity cut through the void, and the red beam of light was destroyed like a crumbling.

Ayaka’s beautiful and attractive body suddenly appeared. Her arm formed a knife, and with a sharp qi, the momentum like a broken bamboo to meet Cooler.

Cooler’s face changed slightly, hastily waved his hand to meet the attack. The sharp qi flooded with terrifying lightning struck his arm, and the sudden chaotic electric current through the arm into the body. Cooler was in pain, his face was a bit distorted, and his arm was sore and weak.

Cooler instantly knew that something was wrong. His whole body burst out, but Ayaka had already seen the right moment. She kicked across the foot, and a huge force came out from her leg. She kicked Cooler hard into the meteorite.


Like a cannonball hit, the meteorite haughtily smashed out of the human-shaped crater, fierce force inside the meteorite exploded, and the meteorite clicked and clicked to produce countless cracks.


The meteorite was blown to smithereens. Cooler’s arms and legs were braced, and the stirring energy wrapped him tightly, with shallow scratches on the surface of his body.

“Damn you. I’ll break you into pieces!” Cooler roared in anger. Although it was a moment of carelessness, King Cooler was wounded by that nobody.

A huge Death Wave rose from his hand and was thrown in all directions towards the asteroid. Invisible fluctuations in the universe to conduct, dazzling bright light in the asteroid belt lit up.


In the burst, countless meteorites of different sizes will be destroyed under the Death Wave.

Ayaka carefully lurked behind a meteorite, palpitating her chest, “Fortunately, I dodged quickly. Cooler is crazy, how can he have more ki to use?”

How much ki did it take to perform a big move as he did so aimlessly?!

Cooler finished venting. The anger in his chest gradually calmed down, and his gloomy eyes searched for Ayaka’s figure.

Behind the meteorite, Ayaka bided her time. Her left hand lit up with an emerald blue light, and a long sword with a brown scabbard and golden hilt appeared in her hand.

The body of the sword shines snow-white cold light. At the end of the hilt, there was a golden star pendant like a bright pearl. This was precisely the divine sword forged by the divine dragon Porunga, which was in tune with Ayaka’s soul.

“Cooler, I can give you a great gift!” Ayaka said with a cold smile as she concealed the appearance of the divine sword.

The silent starry sky was suspended with colourful stars. The distant stars burned like fireballs, and the blazing energy irradiated the entire star system.

In the inner ring of the star system, Cooler’s purple figure stood there with two blood-red colours under the eyes, particularly fierce.

Cooler examined the surroundings but could not find Ayaka’s figure. Suddenly, Cooler’s eyes were certain. His face was fierce as he waved a laser-like energy beam in his hand. His entire body flashed rapidly, instantly coming in front of Ayaka.

“How dare you hide behind a meteor. Let’s see where you can run?”

The corners of Ayaka’s mouth wryly a moment. Her whole body haughtily disappeared.

Cooler was astonished; how could he not find her figure? Of course, it was because Ayaka used Instant Transmission. With Cooler’s eyesight, he couldn’t catch the trajectory of Instant Transmission.

“Cooler, over here!”

Ayaka lightly smiled. Her body appeared in the back of Cooler. The golden longsword in the hands emitted the silver-white cold light, smoothly wrapped in a very high energy swing down.

“It’s not good!” Cooler alert back. He saw a longsword attack. It was the sharp cold light that made his whole body tremble. At the critical moment, Cooler pressed his teeth and turned his body with his superior reaction power, “Bastard, how will this king be killed by you!”

The golden longsword swung down. The sharp blade was unstoppable and solidly cut on Cooler’s body.


The purple tail was cut off, and Cooler roar of pain. His eyes were bloodshot, looking unusually painful.

Ayaka put away the longsword. Once again, she launched a horrific attack. Various techniques and ki waves were used to hit Cooler’s body. The earth-shattering explosion erupted, forming a chaotic zone hundreds of thousands of meters in diameter at once. The violent shock pushed the asteroid belt to roll up the violent cyclone, the center of the cyclone’s brilliant, dazzling light emitted in all directions.

Ayaka panting, resting on a meteorite. Her eyes fixed on the center of the explosion. Such an explosion, even the extraordinary powerful Cooler would be seriously injured!

The asteroid belt gradually subsided, and the purple figure of Cooler appeared in the starry sky. His body was pitiful looking. His long purple tail had been cut off. His sandstone white chest armour was covered with cracks, especially his head and upper and lower skin, which were basically intact, with blood gushing continuously.

“Is he not even dead?” Ayaka looked on in astonishment.

North Kai on the North Kai’s Planet had a cold sweat, “He’s so strong. What a nightmarish existence!”

Author Note about Frieza and Cooler’s power level. The power level of Dragon Ball Z and the anime version of the two was more than 100 million. For example, Frieza had 530,000 in the normal state, 1.5 million after first transformation, 4.5 million after second transformations, and reached an outrageous 120 million after third transformations. Personally, I think I should make a change here. In the Dragon Ball Ayaka saga, Frieza would be set at around 15 million, and would not reach 120 million.

This setting change actually didn’t affect the later plot, because the original Son Goku used dozens of times Kaio-ken to barely equal Frieza. Through the breakthrough for the Super Saiyan, he would finally completely suppress Frieza.

In this book, Frieza’s power was artificially suppressed, it seemed that the personal ten million data was more reliable. It was necessary to make changes if Son Goku fought Frieza in Planet Namek, but it was not necessary to make dozens of times Kaio-ken. The number of times could be appropriately reduced, and then the Super Saiyan state would suppressed Frieza.

Because of the power level description of this power after the events of Frieza gradually out of the main set of Dragon Ball, so the original plot after Frieza also basically did not adopt the power level of this statement. Therefore, this modification of Frieza and Cooler combat power value, in fact, did not have too much impact on the late enemy.

(In the original story, Goku’s power level before and after fighting Frieza was very weak. Before Frieza, Son Goku only had about 100,000, and after fighting Frieza until the appearance of Androids, it reached several hundred million. This was before having only one enemy – Frieza. I personally felt that a lot of drama could be added).

After returning to Dragon Ball Z, the power would overlap with the original story.

In other words, it was just subdivided battle zone, which was originally belonged to Frieza, into several battle zone.

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