Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 89


Ayaka had expected the tenacity of Cooler’s life force. In the Dragon Ball Z chapter, Frieza was a reference, but seeing such a strong life force presented in real life, still brought a strong shock.

Looking somewhat wearily at Cooler, Ayaka knew that his power had been consumed too drastically.

“North Kai, are all the Freiza Clan’s life force this tenacious?” She hurriedly asked North Kai.

In the original story, Frieza was defeated by Super Saiyan Son Goku’s transformation, and only half of the body was still alive. Later, he even turned into an android. No wonder their numbers were so rare. If they are as many as the original Saiyans, they would have dominated the entire galaxy.

There were specific laws in the Other-World. If the race was strong, the life cycle was long and scarce, and if the race was weak, the life cycle was short, and the number was huge.

North Kai wiped his sweat, and his jaw was shaking disobediently. He said awkwardly, “To be honest, I’ve never seen Freiza Clan in a near-death state. They are too terrifying and have been ruling the planets of the North Area strongly. For countless years, no one has been able to strike them to a near-death state, so I don’t know how tenacious their life force really is! “

Nodding slightly, Ayaka understood.

Frieza afraid of the Legendary Super Saiyan, so he did not hesitate to destroy the entire Planet Vegeta. This showed that in the records of the Freiza Clan, there should be a description of the Super Saiyan. In fact, whether there really was a Super Saiyan, even the Saiyan also held a skeptical attitude.

This indicated that the long passage of time was enough to wash away the traces of history. Even if there was a Super Saiyan in the Saiyan race, it so happened that Freiza Clan had also seen the power of the Super Saiyan, but the only thing that remained today was the legend.

Ayaka returned her gaze to Cooler.

Cooler was unbearably stopped in the midst of the meteorite debris. His bloodshot eyes filled with a crimson, his forehead meridians fluttered, and his face was unusually distorted by the tremendous pain that made him clench his teeth. His face was hideously searching, and his beast-like ferocious gaze revealed a bloody cold light, like a hungry cheetah hating to tear his opponent to pieces immediately.

Deeply gasping for air, Cooler gritted his teeth and cursed. As an adult member of the Frieza Clan, he had more powerful strength than Frieza, and Ayaka’s behaviour had completely enraged him.

The cold gaze swept around, and Ayaka’s figure was soon found. Cooler black face twisted wild laugh, “Damn bitch. You actually forced this king into such a situation. I’m pleased! But next, this king will be at full strength; feel the despair of the end!”

Being stared at by Cooler’s icy gaze full of killing, a chill rose from Ayaka’s back. She was busy mobilizing her remaining ki to drive away from the discomfort. At the same time, the Energy Bound was fully opened. Even if it was only a drop in the bucket, it was better than not having a single replenishment.

“What a terrifying gaze. It actually gives a feeling of trembling heart and soul!” Ayaka murmured.

The wounded Cooler seemed even more terrifying, as if something was about to break out of his body.

At this moment, Ayaka felt a thrill. She knew that Freiza Clan liked to play with their opponents, and it was a bad habit. However, it was also a habit that had developed over time because they were so high that there were hardly any opponents who could fight them.


Cooler clenched his hands into fists and roared in pain. The muscles of his entire body began to tremble, “Let you see the strongest state of this great king!”

The vast energy gushed out, the bones and muscles of the whole body seemed to be replaced with life, and a sticky ball like a heart “pounding” vibrated. Each vibration made the energy rise continuously. The muscles continue to grow, the cracks in the sandstone shell on the chest became more, and finally…


There was a crack, a new layer of white gauze shell re-grown. Cooler’s skin and crust seemed to have fallen off his body, and new skin soon grew.

He roared madly. His face was hideous and terrifying, accompanied by an incomparably terrifying breath. The hard armor on his head began to deform, protruding towards the back of his head, slowly growing into four sharp horns.


A brand new purple tail was re-generated, with long white sharp spikes at the end.

The madly rising ki formed a thick cyclone that wrapped him firmly like a hurricane. The outer hurricane winds were swift, sweeping the entire starry sky like a storm.

Surrounded by an outward impact to tear and push.

Ayaka was floating in the void with a hand to block the chaotic energy storm. The rising power from afar made her face a little pale, as if a thousand pounds of weight firmly pressed on the chest, the pressure multiplied.


With Cooler as the center, the hurricane wind violently spread in all directions. With a powerful shock wave, all at once cracked all the meteorites and debris within the range of tens of thousands of meters, while all the dust within the range of hundreds of kilometres was blown away. Hundreds of thousands of meters range of open space appeared.

The only two people left in the void were Cooler and Ayaka.

Cooler stood in the center of the entire void with the sharp white horns, childish purple skin, a new tail with a sharp edge. A white hard shell covering the shoulders and legs, and this was the Final Form of Cooler!

Everything seemed to be reborn. The exciting and surging terrifying power slowly spread out from the body, bringing an inexplicable shock to the whole world.

“Hahahaha, a brand new power, and surging ki. It’s been a long time since I’ve wielded my full strength like this!”

The hazy, gloomy voice came out through the hard armor on his mouth, and Cooler’s ferocious gaze was full of cold intent.

Ayaka felt cold all over her body. A heavy killing intent enveloped her body; she could not move half a cent. Her heart trembled, and her face was filled with horror; a bright blue light flashed in her eyes.

Cooler’s power level was reflected in her eyes, “51,000,000!!!”

She was not a match for 51 million!

Ayaka did not have time to think. Cooler came to her with a “whoosh.” Ayaka’s face changed dramatically, and she tried to move her body with her teeth as she frantically pushed the little power left in her body. However, Cooler’s speed was too fast for her to respond, and the hand with the terrifying power had already slapped her left shoulder solidly.

A huge pain struck her.

Ayaka immediately understood that the bones in her shoulder had been broken. The powerful force knocked her entire body out heavily, sliding like a meteor, shattering all the meteorites along the way in the blink of an eye. Struggling to bring her body to a halt, she couldn’t have time to think before Cooler came over with another flying diagonal kick.


In the nick of time, Ayaka immediately launched Instant Transmission, avoiding Cooler’s heavy blow. Her body appeared in the starry sky tens of thousands of meters away.

“That was close!”

Ayaka wiped her sweat. The sharp pain coming from her shoulder made her face look incomparably pale.

“What is this strange way of moving again?” Cooler’s cold voice came next to her ears, and Ayaka’s face changed dramatically. She saw that Cooler was already standing across from her. His hands were on his chest, and he calmly looked at himself.

“The gap is too big. There is no way that I can be his opponent now!”

Ayaka understood the gap between her and Cooler.

The Final Form of Cooler was numerous times stronger than her. It was not a gap that the Kaio-ken or the Heavenly Fist could bridge. 

“Super Saiyan… How can I transform into a Super Saiyan? The most powerful form in the Saiyan legend, the form that makes Freiza Clan shudder!” Ayaka’s thoughts quickly dispersed.

“The original story, Son Goku used the anger and despair generated by Krillin’s death to break the boundaries. However, I don’t yet have the feeling that Son Goku had at that time.”

Ayaka pondered. She only felt that her pressure was not huge enough, bearing several life-preserving stunts. She could not experience the immediate threat of death, and extreme despair, which made the barriers to transforming into a Super Saiyan was invisibly thickened. She then tried to interpret from another angle, thickening! Yes, she had a more full and thick foundation than Son Goku. As long as the opportunity to transform into a Super Saiyan arrived, she exceeded Son Goku’s state far when he transformed.

Son Goku had a stressful transformation. He transformed with anger, relying on his anger to enjoy the Super Saiyan power in advance. His energy base was still somewhat insufficient. If she wanted to really become a Super Saiyan, anytime, anywhere, free to transform, she needed constant consolidation and enrichment at a later stage.

If she transformed into a Super Saiyan, there was no vacuum in between. She would have skipped the “Semi Super Saiyan ” stage and arrived at the real Super Saiyan level.

After thinking so much, Ayaka was anxious. Even if she could transform into a Semi Super Saiyan now, she could at least put out the fire in an emergency, or even more directly – to defeat Cooler.

“But now, I don’t have the conditions to transform!” Ayaka’s mind turned quickly, while Cooler’s attack did not stop.

Cooler moved extremely fast. In a flash, he came to the side of Ayaka. His body sank, his legs bent and attacked fiercely, and the ki on his legs burned like lava, rubbing out a whoosh of muffled sound in the vacuum.

She dodged, but her right hand also flashed golden light, and a divine sword appeared. She was holding the sword with both hands, resting on her chest.


The sword’s sharp blade cut on the white hard shell of Cooler’s leg, rubbing out a dazzling spark. Cooler sneered, instantly closing the leg, while the body shocks, the infinite huge force will be from the waist, again conducted to the leg.


The waist kick broke the golden longsword, instantly turned into a bit of starlight back to the body.

Ayaka withstood the tremendous force, and a mouthful of blood spurted out of the mouth. Her whole body quickly flew out.

“Ayaka, leave quickly, do not fight with Cooler. You are no match for him!” North Kai took a look at the situation was not good and anxiously shouted.

However, Ayaka could not react at this moment. Cooler’s attack came again, and countless heavy blows hit her body. Ayaka only felt as if all the bones in her body were going to break; intense pain filled the nerves.

It was a completely one-sided battle.


Cooler laughed crazily and clenched his hands into fists, preparing to send out a huge wave of energy. However, the moment Cooler prepared the energy wave, Ayaka made an Instant Transmission, and her whole body disappeared into the starry sky.

“Damn. How did she disappear? What a troublesome ability!” Cooler calmed down. His face was gloomy and horrible; infinite anger surged in his chest, “That bitch has too much potential. If I don’t strangle her sooner or later, it will threaten my king’s rule!”


At the North Kai’s Planet, North Kai looked nervously at the place where Ayaka disappeared.

The next moment, the North Kai’s Planet space a twist, and seriously injured Ayaka appeared in front of North Kai.

As soon as North Kai saw her, he hurriedly helped her up. Ayaka’s face was pale; the golden energy in her cells surged violently, quickly repairing the injured parts. When her face improved, she reached out and took out a Senzu Bean and swallowed it.

The sound of bones ringing, and Ayaka immediately restored to form.

“Cooler is too strong. I don’t even have a chance to eat Senzu Beans. The Final Form of Freiza Clan is not something I can deal with.”

Ayaka had thought of holding the Senzu Beans in her mouth and eating one in times of crisis, but this idea is not really feasible. Not to mention that it took some time for the Senzu Beans to take effect, and the Senzu Beans themselves serve to heal the body’s injuries, but not to restore the injured person’s power level immediately.

After eating the Senzu Beans, there must still be sufficient time to reach peak condition. In the meantime, Cooler had the opportunity to injure her again. 

So, Ayaka could only choose to avoid Cooler for now.

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