Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 90


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There was a starfield in the middle of the North Area, separated from the Thousand Snow Starfield. The Final Form of Cooler looked around for Ayaka’s figure but was unable to locate her.

“DAMN IT!!!”

Cooler sprinted through the boundless space and smashed his fist into an oncoming meteorite. The meteorite immediately broke apart.

There was no doubt that Cooler had let Ayaka escape. It was highly ironic that the Great King Cooler let a weak mole escape from his fingers after transforming into his Final Form.

The Cooler Armored Squadron’s loss was equivalent to cutting off Cooler’s men. The original expansion plan had to be revised.

However, the priority was to stabilize the existing sphere of influence and prevent others from taking advantage of the situation to interfere.

Cooler calmed down. The anger burning in his chest could not be quelled, and his evil eyes were gazing at the space. He spat powerfully and slowly flew deeper into the universe.

As for the original green planet, it had lost its position during the pursuit of Ayaka. The message in the communication system of Cooler’s headquarters was also erased from the system under the deliberate shielding of the North Kai.

The role of North Kai was roughly to do some small actions.


In the Eastern Part of the North Area, a giant planet transformed by technology.

A huge figure with black horns on his head draped in a large cloak sitting on a throne in the luxurious palace. Its feet were crossed, one hand on the chin, and it was leisurely sipping red wine.

He was the commander of the entire Eastern Region, Frieza and Cooler’s father, the strongest king of the Freiza Clan – King Cold.

Thump, the alien with scaly armor on his head quickly ran in and prostrated himself to report, “King Cold, there is the latest news coming from the Central Area!”

“Oh, what’s the news? Did my clever son Cooler finish ruling the Central Area, or did Frieza run off to compete with his brother for territory?” King Cold spoke very casually.

“No your majesty. King Cooler did not complete his rule and King Frieza did not get involved. The latest news says that…… King Cooler’s Armoured Squadron have encountered a strong enemy in the Central Area and have been completely wiped out… and that King Cooler has rushed over.” The scale-armored alien reported nervously.

King Cold shook his wine glass unexpectedly, took a sip of wine, and said with interest, “The Armoured Squadron was actually destroyed, Cooler must be very annoyed. Hehe, interesting, then the people who annihilated the Armoured Squadron will die a horrible death I guess!”

“Your majesty, the news coming back from the front line seems to say that King Cooler did not manage to kill the opponent and let it escape. According to the aliens of the search team, the murderer escaped while King Cooler transformed into his Final Form!” As he spoke, the scaled alien felt incredible.

With a ping, the wine glass in his hand was crushed. The bright red wine dripped onto the ground with a clatter. King Cold’s face changed slightly but quickly recovered.

With a wicked smile on the corner of his mouth, he said, “Interesting, really interesting. To think that someone could escape from Cooler’s Fineal Form, haha, this person’s strength is no worse than my Friza Clan!”

The scaly-armored alien stood carefully, not daring to make any movement. His heart was pounding, and at this moment, King Cold was certainly extremely unhappy.

Indeed, King Cold was extremely unhappy. His Frieza Clan originally ruled the North Area, but now a master who could rival them appeared for no reason, and his rule was threatened.

“Pardi, inform it down. Let the subordinates search with all their might to find that person, and inform quckly if there is any news!”

King Cold gave the order, “Remember, use the highest power! Send a message from Cooler and Frieza that they should prioritiza finding the murderer! Search all armed planets!”

Any factor that threatened the Frieza Clan’s rule needed to be eradicated immediately.


The scaled alien named Pardi answered loudly and turned around to walk out of the palace.

“Wait!” King Cold’s thick and deep voice rang out.

The alien immediately stopped walking and looked at King Cold.

“Have the Cold Force ready to march into the Central Area at any time!”

Now that Cooler’s force has been destroyed, Cooler should temporarily give up the Central Area’s conquest and stabilize his existing power and select a new mech force. However, it was the right time for him to send his Cold Force to take the Central Area in one fell swoop.

The Central Area had been out of the Frieza Clan rule for too long, and King Cold needed it to fall under the power of the Frieza Clan immediately!

After the alien left, King Cold’s face was gloomy. His mouth muttered and said, “In the end, where is the strongest person who can escape in the strongest state of Cooler. I’m afraid that strength is far beyond Frieza. He will be the biggest enemy of the Frieza Clan!”

King Cold did not know that Ayaka used the Heavenly Fist to enhance the strength and did not know that Ayaka’s escape had a lot to do with Instant Transmission. In King Cold’s opinion, it was impossible to escape from the Cooler Final Form; the strength must be not inadequate.

Such a big problem would be their clan’s great enemy. It must be eradicated.

As a King, King Cold had more power than Cooler and Frieza, which was why he made the Central Region a conquest target only after the defeat of Cooler.

Both Cooler and Frieza were his sons, and sons were subject to the arrangements of his heirs. There was no difference between handing over the rule to Cooler and others and ruling personally. Not to mention that in addition to blood ties, King Cooler’s strength also made him confident that he could master his two sons.


In the far south of the North Area, Frieza’s base camp.

Frieza also got the news of Cooler’s defeat. He was ridiculed that he was also profoundly shocked at the opponent’s strength. That strength had definitely been above himself.

The thought of someone’s strength beyond him made him gnashed his teeth with hatred. This was a situation that had not existed for many years! In the universe, there was a more powerful existence than Cooler! After all, he had existed for a longer time than him.

Now there was a nameless person who exceeded him. Frieza felt the pressure if he met that person because he was afraid to lose.

Frieza Clan was a rare race in the universe and had an extremely long life span, living hundreds of years from his ultimate state. He was still very young, which could only be counted as a peremptory of the Frieza Clan. Although he was evil and ruthless, he was not nearly as brutal as King Cold and Cooler.

That nameless person who appeared, could it be the Legendary Super Saiyan?

When Frieza thought of this, he was trembling.

It was reasonable to say that he destroyed the entire Vegeta Planet, and the few surviving Saiyans were also under his control. “Could it be that…. there are still fallen fish?” He snapped.

“Immediately notify the Ginyu Force to depart for the headquarter!”

Frieza wanted to conquer that planet but was worried about running into that person, so he dispatched the Ginyu Force to go to the head of the line.

When this order was given, Frieza could not sit still any longer and called an alien and said, “Go immediately to the archives where the Saiyans are kept and sort through the birth data of all Saiyans in the last few hundred years! Anyone who is not 100% confirmed dead, all included in the list of suspicion!”

“No matter how many people there are, this king shall grant you. Keep it a secret, and don’t let the Saiyans know! In addition, I ask for the results within three days!”


At North Kai Planet, Ayaka had fully recovered. She took a long breath, and her whole body was in pain.

There were surging and powerful energies coming from her body. They were like new life force infusion, giving her a feeling of being transformed. She knew that after the battle with Cooler, her strength had made whole progress. It was just a sigh of relief that she hadn’t been able to break through to the Super Saiyan stage after all.

“It’s true that it’s too difficult to transform into a Super Saiyan, I’m still far from it!” Although there were some regrets, Ayaka was not discouraged.

Strength’s growth was a fact, just not to the point of breaking through to the Super Saiyan.

She sat in the same place, like an old monk in meditation.

North Kai saw her and thought she was frightened by Cooler’s terrifying strength. It was also true that she had never known that Cooler was so powerful that he could be so terrifying. When she suddenly faced such an enemy, even North Kai was frightened.

When Cooler had been like this, how strong were King Cold and Frieza? North Kai felt that the future of the galaxy under his jurisdiction was in danger!

His eyes stared at Ayaka through the sunglasses. North Kai put all his hopes on the young girl in front of him.

“Alas, the Freiza Clan is really a terrifying existence. Ayaka is now at a level where I can no longer guide her, so she can only rely on her own comprehension!”

Thinking of this, North Kai was a little ashamed. He did not seem to know that Ayaka had the Saiyan blood; otherwise, the worry might be much less. However, it wasn’t completely his fault because the whole Plant Vegeta was also destroyed in the Freiza Clan’s hands.

Ayaka shook her head and said, “I want to improve my strength, I still have to go around the planets!”

“Right, why don’t you go to Grand Kai’s Planet and see the Grand Kai. Grand Kai is highly respected and knowledgeable, and is in charge of our four Kais. So, I think he can guide you!” North Kai proposed.

Ayaka thought about it. Grand Kai was really knowledgeable and had countless masters under him. He would even hold a Heavenly Martial Arts Tournament in the future to select the strongest person in the galaxy. Among them, there were many strong people close to the second stage of Super Saiyan. She wasn’t in the state of the strongest person in the future yet, but if she got the guidance of the Grand Kai, she would improve by leaps and bounds.

However, thinking of Grand Kai’s old boy-like character, Ayaka shook her head. Forget it, she needed to break through the Super Saiyan first, and then she would seek advice from the Grand Kai.

“No, Grand Kai is highly respected, it is better to wait for the opportunity to visit. I plan to travel to other planets!”

North Kai nodded his head. Then, under his attention, Ayaka launched an Instant Transmission and disappeared from North Kai’s Planet.


East Galaxy, a strange small starfield.

This was the starfield under the command of East Kai. In the original manga and anime, the planet beyond the East Area was not much depicted, so Ayaka had very little knowledge of the East Area. Ayaka intended to use the next period to travel well, deepen her power, and preferably succeed in breaking through the Super Saiyan barrier.

In a bright and colorful starfield, a binary star system, two huge blazing planets swirled around each other to scatter a dazzlingly bright light. In the galaxy, there were more than a dozen planets, countless times more massive than Jupiter. Either regularly rotate around a single planet, or move in a regular or irregular curve around the galaxy.

There was no shortage of tiny moons around these planets—each larger than the Earth, with complex and orderly orbits.

Ayaka scanned the landscape and flew toward an ice-blue planet.

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