Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 91


Ayaka flew across the sky and then flew low, gradually finding traces of civilization after crossing the forest and lake.


She landed in a small town, which was relatively prosperous, bustling with people passing by. The people of this planet were the same as Earthlings except for their hair color and skin. The townspeople did not seem to be surprised by the girl who suddenly fell from the sky, but they were amazed by her beauty. However, they were soon overwhelmed by trifles and went on with their own business.

“It seems that the people of this planet have become accustomed to flying.” Ayaka secretly thought and then surveyed up. She found that the people around had an average of 350 power levels, similar to the Cruxians. The whole planet should be at a low level.

Changing with the flow of this planet’s clothing, Ayaka was finally not so different. Wandering freely through the various streets, through several contacts with the natives, Ayaka soon learned that this planet was called Metamor, a planet belonging to the East Area’s fringe.

Metamor was large, much larger than Jupiter, with seven moons and 16 times the Earth’s gravity.

“Metamor? What a familiar name!”

Ayaka suddenly felt as if she had heard this name somewhere. The name of the planet that could make her feel familiar must have been in contact with it before…

After thinking hard, Ayaka couldn’t recall where this name appeared in the original story.

Nah, have you heard? Lord Baker will teach martial art at the dojo!”

A large man in sackcloth said in a whisper to a person beside him in the restaurant. There was a strong sense of admiration in his words as if the man named Baker was famous in the neighborhood.

The man at the same table then nodded excitedly, “If I can get the guidance of Lord Baker, I can definitely have great achievements, I really look forward to it.”

“That’s right. It’s a pity that Lord Baker rarely teaches his skills, but this time it’s a rare opportunity!”

The more they talked, the more excited they were. They couldn’t wait to go to the dojo to receive instruction.

Ayaka sat at a table in one corner, eating a snack while listening to their conversation. She picked up the pastry and stuffed it into her mouth, “Lord Baker should be a relatively famous strong person in this area. The power level of the people of this ice blue planet is generally not low… Almost all of them are called martial artists. In this environment, the one called Lord Baker still has such a reputation, so maybe he has something quite unique!”

Soon after finishing the food on the table, Ayaka checked out and left, heading in the dojo direction.


Planet Metamor used a universal currency called energy stones. Depending on the strength of energy, energy stones had various specifications. According to different energy scales, the energy stone currency had different denominations. It was manufactured jointly by several powers of the universe.

Baker was a rare martial artist in this area and was a woman. Baker’s dojo didn’t often open, only once a month. Whenever the dojo was open, martial artists from various towns and cities came to visit, hoping to receive instruction.

When Ayaka arrived at the dojo, the entire dojo was already overcrowded. 

The huge brown and red wall enclosed the dojo, and only the front entrance was passable. The disciples who maintained law and order were guarding the gate, registering the martial artists who came.

Since it was an open “event”, there was no strict identity screening procedure. Simply write down the name in the record book.

Ayaka walked through the door and entered the inside of the dojo.

Baker’s dojo was very large. There were four open-air arenas of 50 square meters. Inside was divided into three martial arts dojo levels; Baker’s practice and a small courtyard were the last.

“Look at this dojo arrangement, Baker is also true talent. Her strength may not be as strong as the alien, but at least an outstanding martial artist at this level.”

Ayaka looked around and could not help but think of the dojo. “Also in the countryside town, Baker’s dojo is a bit more large-scale. Well, after all, Planet Metamor is much stronger than Earth.”

Soon, Baker came out. She was a beautiful lady with green hair and blue eyes, who didn’t look very old, only in her twenties. Baker sent her disciples to compete against the visiting martial artists and give instructions one by one. Since Baker only gave instructions once a month, the group listened reverently and thoughtfully.

Baker’s martial arts training was extremely high, and often a single instruction makes them feel stunned.

Ayaka walked around and watched several bouts in a row, secretly nodding, “Baker has 1600 power level, with such martial arts insights. She is so young, yet already very rare!”


In the evening, the dojo, which had been open all day, began to close, and Baker had returned to her small courtyard to rest.

There was a knock on the door, and Baker stood up and walked to the door. She opened it to see a tall, beautiful girl standing in front of her.

“Are you here to study? Now the lecture time is over, you can come back next month!” Baker said with a frown. The young girl in front of her smiled blandly. She then had a flash of her body, and her whole body became a blur and then disappeared in front of her.

Baker’s gaze was cold, instinctively alert, and her nerves were fiercely tense.

“Come and sit down, how can I be good when the host is standing at the door?”

Somehow Ayaka appeared in the house at the small table, lifting the teapot to pour a cup of tea.

“So strong!” Baker’s pupils shrink. Her heart flooded with waves, silently crossed herself. She didn’t notice; this strength was much stronger than her.

As for Ayaka’s reflexive behavior, Baker could not see the slightest trace of her embarrassment!

Baker walked to the small table and sat down in amazement, “Who are you and why did you come to my dojo?”

With her strength, this young girl in front of her had no reason to come to her isolated place.

“Don’t be so nervous, I’m just a traveler in the interstellar world. I landed on Metamor and happened to hear rumors about you, so I came to take a look!” Ayaka took a sip and continued, “Your strength is very good. Although it is still so far behind the aliens of the outside world, your training in that martial art is good!”

After saying that, Ayaka’s body released a little ki. Although it was only a little ki, it made Baker felt like she was in the middle of a wave, and her body was so stiff that she couldn’t control herself.

As if the sky was dark, Baker felt that the huge energy oppressed the whole body subconsciously wanted to resist. Cold sweat emerged at once.

“What a terrifying aura. Even grandfather is completely incomparable!” Baker stared at Ayaka in horror. If not for the other side’s prior release of goodwill, she would have fainted from fear!

In Baker’s heart, her grandfather, who had adopted her, had been the most amazing martial artist she had ever seen. She had taken over the martial arts academy after his death and had never met an opponent. However, the young girl in front of her was so strong that just a little ki made her feel suffocated.

“Do you have any martial arts worth learning on this planet? I can exchange them with you!” Ayaka said bluntly.

Don’t look at Planet Metamor’s “not so high general strength”. Power was a relative subject to Ayaka’s vision.

Baker seriously looked at Ayaka and saw the young girl in front of her didn’t look like she was lying, and thought to herself, “Is it true that she’s just here to exchange martial arts?”

After considering again, Baker decided to believe Ayaka’s words. When it came to the exchange, she did not seem to have any too valuable moves; what is that that she knows that the opposite girl doesn’t know?

Ayaka saw Baker was a bit distressed. She smiled and poured another cup of tea.

“I can’t think of anything to give, but my grandfather knew a technique when he was alive. Maybe there is some value!” 

Baker sighed.

“What technique? Tell me, if there is value you can exchange with me!”

“Grandfather had a move called ‘Fusion Dance’. The move is not difficult, but there are too many restrictions on the use, some flashy!” Baker explained softly as she glanced at Ayaka.

Ayaka listened. The tea in her mouth spurted out, and her eyes opened. It was too unexpected!

‘Planet Metamor. Is this Planet Metamor that teaches the Fusion Dance?’

Ayaka was startled. Although it was easy to learn, there were many restrictions. It required both sides to have the same amount of ki and to share the same mind. There was a time limit to use it, so it was not too much to say that it was flashy.

However, even though there were many restrictions, it was still a remarkable technique.

‘The same power, the same mind, the requirements are really quite a lot, but no matter what, I need to learn it!’

Ayaka’s mind calculating, Launch and Lancy were very suitable for the use of the Fusion Dance. As for herself, she did not think there was anyone who could use the Fusion Dance with her.

“Is this… okay?” Baker asked with difficulty.

“It’s okay. Let me think of what technique I can use to exchange with you!” Ayaka said with a smile.

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