Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 92


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“Let me think about it. The Heavenly Fist, it should be perfect for you!” Ayaka said thoughtfully.

Considering Baker’s strength, Ayaka finally came up with Heavenly Fist in exchange. Although the Heavenly Fist was not like Kaio-ken, it was born from Kaio-ken. After Ayaka’s careful research, it was full of power, and it was also a first-class technique.

“What a powerful move!”

Baker received the black booklet that recorded the Heavenly Fist and was soon attracted by the booklet’s moves. She was very quick to take out the secret technique of the Fusion Dance.

The Heavenly Fist, releasing the body’s ki in the form of thunder and lightning. By waving the fist out, the thunder startled the sky. In Baker’s view, this fist technique was incomparably profound and magical. An aura of a martial arts master came out in the booklet, which was 10,000 times more important than the flashy Fusion Dance.

“Then the deal is done, see you around!” Ayaka said with a smile, and after greeting Baker, she teleported away.

Baker watched in shock as the other side suddenly disappeared.

Trading a Fusion Dance for a super move, she seemed to have taken a big advantage! However, soon she turned her mind to the black pamphlet and was instantly captivated.


After getting the Fusion Dance, Ayaka was in a happy mood. This trip was also considered to be rewarding.

Leaving the Baker dojo, she visited several famous dojos one after another, during which she met the strongest master of Planet Metamor. He was a strong man with a power level of 30,000, but such a strong man was already like a child in Ayaka’s eyes, so she left Planet Metamor in an instant, thinking that she would not gain much by staying any longer.


In the East Area’s deep cosmic space, a crystal bright light streaked by, carrying a dazzling bright light behind it.

When Ayaka left Planet Metamor, she jumped several times in succession and then flew at high speed through the cosmic space.

“Huh, what’s that?”

Not far away shone a colorful glow, which was fascinating.

Up ahead was an earthy planetary system with three small moons revolving around an interstellar planet (satellite). The one emitting the colored light was one of those three moons.

Ayaka immediately turned the direction and sped towards the glowing satellite.

Upon landing on the satellite’s uneven surface, there was no atmosphere. Surrounded by calcareous scattered fragile rock, huge diameter craters covered the surface of the satellite. The appearance looked just like the moon, except that the volume was countless times larger than the moon.

Along with the colorful blinding light, Ayaka came to a substantial ring-shaped impact crater near. The impact crater was huge, 10,000 meters in diameter and a thousand meters deep. The light was emitted from the center of the crater.

The closer she got to the crater, the brighter the light became. The blinding light shone through, making Ayaka had to close her eyes tightly.

“Open the Unsighted.”

The blue color quickly covered her eyes to block the irradiation’s blinding light. Ayaka finally saw what was in the center of the ring-shaped pit. Surprisingly, it was a crystal clear and flawless building.

‘Is that a temple?’

The temple building was ancient and elegant, with a strange and very different modeling style, looking small and exquisite, unlike the architectural style of this area of the interstellar. The whole temple shone with a colorful haze.

“What a beautiful temple. How could such a temple appear in the crater of a satellite? Well, did it fly in from beyond the sky?”

Ayaka’s interest increased, and she carefully walked into the crater and came near the crystal temple.

“Hey, North Kai, do you know what this temple is?” Ayaka contacted the North Kai.

Since this place was located in the East Area and was under the East Kai jurisdiction, it was very far from the North Area. It took a long time before North Kai was contacted.

North Kai was also very cautious about such communication and greeted East Kai beforehand. As soon as he heard that a “Kami” under the care of the North Kai had come to the East Area to “travel”, East Kai said enthusiastically that the North Kai did not have to avoid it and that he could just communicate with her directly.

“I’ve never seen this kind of temple before, it doesn’t look like an ordinary thing! Well, let me check it out!” North Kai stared at the crystal temple through the image with strange eyes. The tentacles on his head trembled and sent out several waves of electricity, contacting the Grand Kai to check.

Soon, North Kai finished his inquiry.

“Ayaka, this temple is not something from the galaxy, and there is no record of this object in Grand Kai’s Planet. Moreover, I felt a strong divine power on the temple, which is beyond the jurisdiction of the Kai, perhaps it is something left behind by a great person.”

“Really? That’s something to take a good look at!” Ayaka said in amazement.

The divine relics beyond the jurisdiction of the Kais were not easy to come across, and that great person was at least at the level of Supreme Kai.

“Never!! That temple is very mysterious, don’t risk it!” North Kai persuaded.

“It’s okay, my physique can be different from ordinary people, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” Ayaka was confident. Even the Dragon God, who represents the will of the universe, couldn’t change her physique, and she believed that this world could not change her.

Gently walked to the temple’s side, she put her hand against the pillar of the crystal temple. A calm and icy feeling immediately hit her body, making her unable to resist a soft chant, and all the cells in her body seemed to be activated and full of vitality.

Ayaka walked into the temple. Inside was a large hall held up by twelve huge pillars of coiled crystal dragons. The hall was large, and the walls were carved with beautiful murals.

In front of the hall were two winding staircases on the left and right. A transparent crystal door was distributed along the staircase, but the scene behind the door could not be seen.

Pushing open the largest door on the second floor, Ayaka walked in.

The surrounding environment suddenly changed dramatically. Suddenly, it was as if it was in the ice and snow. A rising ice pillar stood there in the ice and snow-covered world, shining with a cold, bright light.

Ayaka curiously approached the ice pillar, stretching out her hand to touch the column of ice and snow. A strange cold struck; her whole body seemed frozen up, followed by a cold coolness to the heart. Her soul shivered, and a tremor came, and the two broken swords shining snow-white cold light was separated.

It was the sword that Cooler cut off!

The Porunga forged this divine sword with Ayaka’s soul. It was hidden in the body when not in use, but since Cooler’s brute force cut it off, it lost its spirituality. It had always been cowering in the body, and no matter how Ayaka called it, it could not appear.

However, now it was unexpectedly revealed automatically.

Two broken sword sections floating in the air constantly rotate when the dazzling light on the icicle burst out. The blinding light will illuminate the entire space. A crystal ball of light slowly left the icicle, gradually into the two broken swords.


The broken sword emitted a dragon-like whistle. The divine sword broken into two pieces was haughtily connected, and the sword emitted an icy coldness.

The original brown scabbard, golden hilt longsword, all of a sudden became glittering. The sword body was shimmering snow-white cold light, and its whole body into a transparent crystal color, as if a bright pearl shining with bright pleated light.

Crystal Sword re-integrated into her body, and Ayaka couldn’t help but fight a thrill. Her body was filled with a refreshing atmosphere. But… it was so cold!

“The Icy Divine Sword!”

A consciousness came through, letting Ayaka know the Crystal Divine Sword’s name and the origin of the Crystal Divine Temple.

The Crystal Divine Temple was named the Ice King Palace and came from far beyond the governance.

The so-called governance outside the universe was the space outside Kais. The Kais governed the star field where Ayaka was located, and each Kai had its own planet. The Ice King Palace came from outside the governance, each King has its own Palace, and the Ice King Palace was the Palace of one of the King.

For unknown reasons, the Ice King Palace floated to a moon in the middle of the East Area under East Kai’s jurisdiction and fell by gravity and was captured by Ayaka.

“Governance outside the Kai’s territory, the King! It seems that this world is not so simple!”

The original story had only been describing Kais, so Ayaka simply thought that the Dragon Ball World’s highest level was the Supreme Kai. Now, it seemed that the Kais was only the tip of the iceberg of the entire world. Outside of the world, there was the mysterious King’s world and even more regions, so their eyes couldn’t be limited to one place.

“If someone get the Ice King Divine Sword, he or she will obtain the Ice King Palace, and even phase the new Ice King return to the throne!”

Ayaka smiled and thought, “The Ice King Palace, as the King Palace, was comparable in function to the Kai’s Planet. It was also extremely helpful in training, not to mention that there was such a powerful weapon as the Ice King Divine Sword, so congratulations!”

As for selecting a new Ice King, Ayaka was not considering it for the time being. Her strength was not enough to think so far ahead. Moreover, the King was outside the pipeline, and the road was a major obstacle.

“At least, until my strength is strong enough, and capable of breaking into the realm, I will pick the Ice King!”

Ayaka left the Ice King Palace. Today’s events couldn’t be told to anyone, and the North Kai wouldn’t have thought about this crystal temple’s true origin.

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