Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 93


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Just as she was about to leave the satellite, she got a call from North Kai, “Wait, Ayaka, don’t go yet. Someone is coming to see you!”

“Someone is looking for me?” Ayaka stopped preparing to leave and asked in surprise, “Who is looking for me?”

“First, I will not tell you. Later when you meet, you will know! It is an acquaintance!” North Kai smiled.

Shaking her head, Ayaka sometimes felt helpless for North Kai’s bad taste. He said it was an acquaintance, so it should be someone she knew. Without giving it much thought, she casually chipped a rock with her hand and sat down to wait for the other side to arrive.

She sat on the end of the satellite as the satellite followed the planets wandering in the universe. Distantly watching the stars twinkle with a little starlight was also something else.

“Could it be the girls?” Ayaka suddenly thought. She had left Planet Yardrat for almost half a year, and the girls should have almost learned Instant Transmission.

Ayaka was almost certain. To find her in the vast universe of emptiness, she was sure; it was the girls who had learned the Instant Transmission.

“North Kai, it is the girls, right?” Leisurely, Ayaka communicated with North Kai again.

North Kai laughed, “Hey, you know so quickly. It is Launch and Lancy! As soon as they learned the Instant Transmission, they contacted me and said they were coming to find you.”

Sure enough, it was them. Ayaka smiled lightly, then quietly waited.

Several minutes passed, but the girls hadn’t arrived yet.

“Why haven’t they arrived yet? Although it is far from the North Area, they should be here in a few moments!”

“Hey, North Kai, the girls have not arrived yet, help me see where they have arrived!” Ayaka contacted North Kai once again.

North Kai nodded. His two tentacles inquired and said, “They’ve already left the North Area, they’ll be there soon.”

Shortly after cutting the connection with North Kai, two beautiful figures appeared on the satellite and were constantly looking around.

“Hey, over here!”

Ayaka shouted with a wave of her hand, and only after shouting did she realize that this was the vacuum of cosmic space, so how could the girls hear her.

She teleported to the two, grabbed their hands, and then launched an Instant Transmission. The three disappeared together in the void.


Launch and Lancy felt that someone grabbed them. After that, the picture turned violently and left the empty but wonderful universe, and what came into view was a vast and rippling prairie.

“How about that, isn’t it beautiful?” Ayaka’s voice full of joy into their ears.

They turned their heads to look, and Launch shouted happily, “Ayaka, it is you!! I thought it was someone else!”

Ayaka smiled and let go of their hands and then surveyed them. More than half a year without seeing each other, Launch and Lancy changed a lot! Although the strength hadn’t grown too much, their temperament had changed more obviously. Grandma Vichy’s teachings were different!

“What took so long to get there? Although the East Area and the North Area are far apart, with the ability to teleport it won’t take much time! By the way… how can you guys move in space now?” She remembered that the two of them had just appeared on the satellite, which meant they had left the dependence on oxygen and could move freely in the vacuum.

The two could not move around in the universe, so she was waiting for them on the satellite. The words of North Kai misled her.

Lancy swayed her long emerald green hair and grabbed the words, “This is the ability taught to us by Grandma Vichy. Although it’s not as good as your Energy Bound, but it allows us to move in space for a short period of time.”

The Transient Space Movement, together with the Instant Transmission, could already do many things.

“After passing Grandma Vichy’s test, we asked North Kai about your whereabouts. It would have been quick, but we met a very, very big giant tree halfway and stayed for a while.”

“Giant trees? What kind of giant trees attract you guys to put down your feet?” Ayaka asked, puzzled.

“Well, it’s a big tree, bigger than a mountain. It’s big tree that can be seen in space.” Lancy gestured and said. The more she said, the more even she felt she couldn’t say it clearly.

Launch smiled and said, “It’s a reddish-brown tree, tens of thousands of meters high, with strong and powerful roots. It’s deeply rooted in the soil, and the whole planet is full of coiled and winding roots. I’ve never seen such a huge tree.”

“Tens of thousands of meters tall huge trees with rhizomes all over the world!” Ayaka’s eyes glowed and asked excitedly, “Is that planet so barren that the whole planet doesn’t even have a blade of grass except for that giant tree?”

Ah yes, how do you know?” Lancy remembered the condition of that planet. It was a barren desert except for the giant tree.

“Great opportunity. If I’m not wrong, that giant tree is called Tree of Might. The fruit produced is called Tree of Might Fruit. After eating it, it can make the power level increase dramatically.”

Seeing the two confused expressions, Ayaka explained, “Tree of Might originally grew in the divine realm, and the fruit can only be eaten by Kami. Because Tree of Might is too dominant, if rooted in the planet, will absorb all the nutrients of the soil and produce fruit, and the planet’s land will become a barren desert, until a grass does not grow. Instantly, if Tree of Might leaves, nothing can grow on that planet for hundreds of years.”

“Tree of Might is a great disaster for a planet, but it is a great opportunity for those who encounter it!”

Ayaka remembered the anime. There was an inferior warrior named Turles, who looked exactly like the grown-up Son Goku. His luck was surprisingly good. After the destruction of Planet Vegeta, he escaped, and later in the interstellar journey, the strength continued to get stronger. Before he ate the fruit, his power level reached 27,000. After eating the fruit, his power level rose to 300,000, but unfortunately, Turles was too ambitious to aim at the Earth and was finally wiped out by Son Goku together with Tree of Might.

“Is that tree so powerful?” Lancy was amazed.

Ayaka nodded and said with certainty, “Tree of Might’s fruit can enhance power level and does not have any side effects. Do you remember which planet has the Tree of Might’s fruit?”

Launch looked at Lancy and Ayaka, who were both excited and said, “That planet is at the junction of the East Area and the North Area. It can be reached in a few transients.”

“Then what are you waiting for, hurry up!” Lancy urged. She teleported away first.

Ayaka and Launch smiled and followed closely.


At the junction of the North Area and the East Area, a small piece of space was distorted in the vast and endless starry sky. The three of them emerged.

In front of them was the planet occupied by Tree of Might.

Ayaka slowly went towards Tree of Might. The closer she got, the more she felt the immensity of the Tree of Might. With its tens of thousands of meters high trunk like a pillar, towering high into the clouds, the dense cluster of leaves growing in the sky, blocking all the sunlight like clouds. The ground was barren and lacking water, almost becoming a desert.

Landing on the trunk of Tree of Might, Ayaka scanned the surrounding area and found that apart from Tree of Might. There wasn’t even the slightest sign of life around. So, she said with regret, “It seems that this planet is really too sick to be saved!

“Given the state of this planet, Tree of Might should have already borne fruit. Launch, Lancy, let’s split up and search for it, make sure to find all the fruits!”

Instead of sitting back and watching the fruits fall into the mouths of others, Ayaka would certainly prefer to be the picker herself.

With that, the three of them turned into several swift winds and deftly passed back and forth among the leafy tree trunks.

“There’s a fruit there!”

Ayaka’s sharp eyes saw a fruit blocked by dense leaves, and a strong wind shot out from the palm of his hand. The fruit flew down and was taken into Ayaka’s arms with a smile.

‘A single fruit is limited in its usefulness, if you want a big increase in power level you need a large number of fruits. I wonder how many fruits this Tree of Might can produce?’

Upon thinking in her mind, her hands and feet weren’t slow at all. The fruits were constantly found one by one, and soon there was nearly a hundred Tree of Might Fruits in her hands.

When the Tree of Might Fruit all swept away, Ayaka had picked about two hundred fruits.

Three people gathered together, counted a total of more than five hundred Tree of Might Fruit.

The next was the distribution. The girls had a total of three hundred, and Ayaka exclusive two hundred and forty.

A Tree of Might Fruit growth of power level was limited. According to the strength of each person, the effect was different. In general, the Tree of Might Fruit was like potential development; each fruit could open a part of the potential.

“Launch, these three hundred Tree of Might Fruit eat all by yourself. As long as your power level increased, according to you and Lancy’s physique, Lancy’s power level will also quickly follow, so that you can better play the effect!” Ayaka reminded.

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