Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 94


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Ayaka had some idea of such an allocation. Launch and Lancy’s qualifications were, after all, limited. Although through the transformation of the Porunga, their bloodline was no match for the Saiyans.

The three hundred Tree of Might Fruit for Launch to eat could make the two powerful early. She only intends to eat one hundred and fifty of the two hundred and forty fruits in her hands. The other ninety Ayaka had other plans.

After instructing Lancy to stand guard, Ayaka and Launch began to eat up.


With the first bite, the green and sour taste swirled in the mouth. As they swallowed the fruit, a hot burning sensation came out of their chests as if the whole body was on fire. Steam rose, a trace of invisible ki in the body as a trickle, hot and cool sensations constantly hit the nerves. Feeling that the body would soften, the heat slowly receded, and cool relief spread throughout the body.

The brain was unusually high in spirit. Countless air currents echoed throughout the body meridians. Ayaka roared; her sensitive nerves felt the movement of blood flowing from her body.

It had been a long time since she had such a clear feeling. Ayaka looked at herself and found that her power level had actually increased by a large margin.

It should be known that after that big battle with Cooler, Ayaka raked in the gains. Her power level rose from 3 million to nearly 7 million. With one fruit going down, it actually rose to 7.15 million at once, a rise of more than 200,000!

“One fruit has such an effect. If I eat all one hundred and fifty of them, my power level will not go up! Well, the Tree of Might is to develop the potential of the individual. Turles ate so many, and his final power level is only 300,000; I just ate one to raise the 200,000 power level!

Ayaka let go and wolfed down the Tree of Might Fruit one by one into her mouth. The hot and cool sensations were constantly alternating in her chest. Tree of Might Fruit didn’t seem to take up space. As soon as it went down, it turned into ki currents and spread throughout the body, and soon, all the one hundred and fifty fruits in her hand were eaten.


Ayaka’s whole body ignited yellowish ki. The strong windstorm was constantly sweeping the ground. Tree of Might was swaying like rain in the intense storm, continually swinging from side to side.

“10.2 million!” Ayaka was excitedly laughing.

Tree of Might Fruit had the most obvious effect when she ate the first one. Her power level rose to more than 200,000. After the rising value gradually reduced, even the last few fruit effect had minimal. Although one hundred and fifty fruits down, it still hard to raise her power level to 10.2 million, up more than 3 million!

The last few fruits had been a bit of a waste, but Ayaka was not afraid because she had plenty of fruits! There were still more than ninety in hand for another plan!

Tree of Might Fruit increase had an optimal take effect interval. Generally speaking, the power level higher than 100,000, but less than five million, was the most effective one to eat.

Low power level people – such as the power level of only a few hundred people, even if they ate up a two hundred percent, it was a waste. While high power level people, although the value of growth was considerable, the increase rate was slightly higher for high power level people. In terms of the people themselves, the rate of increase was somewhat shabby. Those who exceed the effective taking interval, such as Ayaka with more than 7 million power levels, could increase to 200,000.

Usually, when more than 5 million power level people eat the Tree of Might Fruit, the effect was not much. If people with a power level of tens of millions of people ate, it did not affect and was like eating an ordinary apple. It could only satiate the mouth, and the taste of the Tree of Might Fruit wasn’t really good.

Since the sudden advance in her strength, Ayaka could safely and boldly say that the galaxy was allowed to straddle her with a bit of care.

Not far away, Lancy looked at the young girl in shock. Her mouth opened wide, and her eyes flashed with surprise.

Ayaka calmed down and flew to Lancy’s side. Then both eyes gazed at the rising ki of Lancy.

“Launch had 300,000 power level. What will be her strength after eating 300 Tree of Might Fruits?” Ayaka and Lancy were both curious as they stood by Launch’s side and watched her rising.

Launch’s power level had reached 300,000, within the best range of the Tree of Might Fruit. Her power had risen about 100,000 after the first fruit was eaten, which was much better than the 300,000 of that Turles.

The next fruit increased gradually drop, but the drop was minimal and was very stable. Launch’s ki finally stopped rising when all 300 fruits were wiped out.

From the ki that emerged from Launch’s body, her strength reached 3 million.

Ayaka looked at her gratefully and thought pleasantly, “Now Launch strength reached 3 million. Soon after, Lancy will also reach this value, nearly eight years ahead of the beginning of Dragon Ball Z… I don’t have to worry about being surpassed by others in a short time.”

Launch, who first woke up, did not notice that her strength had gone up several times. Ayaka was busy reminding her, “You still aren’t quick enough to converge your ki!”

Ah! What’s going on?” Launch realized that her body burst with rich and frightening ki. She was shocked and hurried to converge.

Ayaka and Lancy both laughed.

After this, they were ready to leave… Ayaka took out the Capsule and put away the remaining ninety Tree of Might Fruits. This kind of treasure must be carefully cared for. The Tree of Might on the barren planet would be destroyed, so the three of them instantly moved and disappeared into the universe.


The North Kai’s Planet.

When Ayaka and the girls returned here, their wonderful experience really scared North Kai.

North Kai sighed, “I didn’t think you guys could actually encounter the legendary Tree of Might in the East Area. This is incredible.”

“But this is good! Instead of letting other people pick the Tree of Might Fruit, it would be better for you guys to harvest it!”

Knowing that Launch already had a power level of 3 million, the North Kai was smiling with unspeakable pleasure. “If Launch reached 3 million, then Lancy will also soon reach this level. You two have really good physique.”

Of course, Ayaka’s power level that already exceeded 10 million became a great joy for North Kai to relish.


Earth, after the end of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.

The 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament was held as scheduled. All the contestants were as in the original. Because Son Goku’s strength was strong, after climbing the Korin Tower three years ago, he surpassed today’s Tien Shinhan. After three years of training, his power was far beyond normal, and he finally won the championship.

Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu also converted under the guidance of Master Roshi, rebelling against the Crane School.

At the end of the tournament, Son Goku and others originally intended to celebrate a good time, but they met the Demon King Piccolo’s subordinates, Tambourine. At that time, Tambourine was attacking Krillin and was stopped by Son Goku in time. The angry Goku and killed Tambourine. According to the “magic” sign left on the body of Master Roshi, he recognized Demon King Piccolo, who had caused trouble three hundred years ago.

Finally, Son Goku still embarked on the road to find the Demon King Piccolo for various reasons. He held a life-and-death battle with the Demon King Piccolo. Although Son Goku’s strength far beyond the original, he ultimately lost to Demon King Piccolo by a single move.

Ayaka returned to Earth when Demon King Piccolo gathered seven Dragon Balls to summon Shenron.

“Eh, why is the sky black?” Lancy looked at the dark sky in surprise.

Landing on the ground, Ayaka looked up at the sky, frowned, and said, “Someone had gathered all the Dragon Balls and summoned Shenron!”

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