Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 95


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“Let’s go to the Lookout first. We can see anywhere on Earth from the Lookout.”

Without giving it much thought, Ayaka, Launch, and Lancy rushed toward the Lookout.


Earth, the Lookout.

Kami and Mr. Popo stood at the edge of the Lookout. Kami was leaning on his cane, looking down at the Lower Realm with a sad frown. He was very disturbed by the Demon King Piccolo’s reemergence and felt that this was his debt to the Earth.

Mr. Popo worriedly looked at Kami and said, “Kami, Demon King Piccolo summoned Shenron, and has regained his youth. His strength has become more powerful. Unfortunately, the previous boy would have been able to defeat Demon King Piccolo if he were stronger!”

Kami shook his head regretfully, “Due to Demon King Piccolo’s special status, we can’t directly take action. We can only hope that an Earth master will defeat him!”

The good thing was that Demon King Piccolo did not kill the previous boy, so there was still hope for Earth.

Mr. Popo nodded. The internal affairs of the Earth couldn’t be interfered with by Kami. Such a rigid rule was intended to motivate Earthlings on the Earth to be elevated after the calamity. This was why Demon King Piccolo was allowed to develop before. Now, the power of Demon King Piccolo almost touches the threshold for Kami to step in.

On the other hand, Demon King Piccolo was the split out of Kami. So, Kami couldn’t directly kill Piccolo because Kami couldn’t commit suicide.

Piccolo, who had regained his youth, might not be something Kami could deal with. Mr. Popo himself was a servant sent from the Upper Realm to assist Kami, so naturally, he would not do anything that would endanger the life of Kami. However, if Demon King Piccolo led the world into disaster, perhaps Kami and Mr. Popo would have to take action.

At this time, the atmosphere was distorted, and Ayaka and others appeared out of thin air.

“Ayaka, you guys are back!”

Seeing Ayaka and the others appear, Kami had a smile on his face. With the Earth’s incumbent Kami here, what problems remain that couldn’t be solved. As long as the incumbent Kami took action, Demon King Piccolo was no longer a match at all.

“Hi, we’re back!” Ayaka greeted with a smile.

As soon as Launch and Lancy got on the Lookout, they ran to the edge of the Lookout to see Shenron.

“You guys came at the right time. Demon King Piccolo is scouring the Earth from the Lower Realm and has reached the threshold for Kami to strike, now it’s your turn to strike!” Kami said seriously.

“Well, I know, but Demon King Piccolo is just a small point, I think it’s not time for me to strike!” Ayaka nodded, looking relaxed, and said.

“If you don’t make a move, can you leave it to the girls?” The Kami naturally know that Ayaka wouldn’t let Demon King Piccolo scourge the Earth, so he aimed his gaze at the girls who were watching the Lower Realm.

Ayaka shook her head and said, “Not them either. Demon King Piccolo will naturally have someone to do deal with him.”

“Besides a few of us, is there anyone on Earth who is a match for Demon King Piccolo?” Kami asked in surprise, and Mr. Popo also looked over in confusion.

Ayaka lightly smiled, walked to the edge of the Lookout, pointed to the Son Goku in the Lower Realm, and said, “That boy is called Son Goku. He is my brother, and I recognized him in the Lower Realm. He is very good! To him, Demon King Piccolo shouldn’t be a problem.”

Kami and Mr. Popo nodded at the sound of it. Mr. Popo asked suspiciously, “This youngster is the child who fought and lost against Demon King Piccolo before. However, he has been seriously injured, and looking at his condition, he is not a match for Demon King Piccolo!”

“Could it be that you want him to drink the Sacred Water water? No! Although the Sacred Water can stimulate the potential, but the danger is too high!”

Kami thought for a moment and felt that it was too risky.

Ayaka shook her head and took out a red fruit from the Capsule; it was the Tree of Might Fruit.

“The Sacred Water is too dangerous, I naturally will not use it.” Ayaka pointed to the red fruit in her hand and said, “This is called Tree of Might Fruit. Just eating one can stimulate a lot of potential, and it’s not dangerous at all.”

The Sacred Water was not a safe thing in Ayaka’s view. It stimulated the potential, but it was too overbearing. In the original story, Son Goku suffered nine deaths, with the Saiyan bloodline to carry through. Ayaka even suspected that it was because of the Sacred Water plus the late use of several heavy loads of Kaio-ken that Son Goku premature heart muscle strain, resulting in viral heart disease.

Saiyans as a Warrior Race had a power core – the heart. So, how could they say that there was a problem? Any individual with an extremely high power level could not be harmed too much by ordinary foreign germs. Their body’s immune system was beyond the ordinary strong! As soon as the germs enter the body, they were swallowed up by the body fluids’ immune cells.

Son Goku actually suffered from viral heart disease, most likely because of certain reasons and the weak link in the body. Although it was just a guess, since there was a better substitute, Ayaka was not going to let Son Goku drink the Sacred Water.

Kami took the Tree of Might Fruit and looked it up and down. “How Amazing!”

“Of course. This fruit was borne from absorbing the life essence of the entire planet, it contains rich life energy. The important thing is that it does not have any side effects.” Ayaka took out nine more fruits and handed them to the old sky god.

Kami immediately understood the preciousness of the Tree of Might Fruit and carefully put the fruits away.

“A total of ten fruits, Kami and Mr. Popo first eat one each, the other eight you decide for yourselves. This fruit will stimulate the potential according to different strength differential. If your strength is too low, the potential triggered is less, and if it is too high, the fruit will not play a good role, so it is best to eat between 100,000 and five million power level.”

Between one hundred thousand and five million to eat was the best. Kami and Mr. Popo looked at each other. They always felt that with their state eating the Tree of Might Fruit was a kind of waste. However, since Ayaka let them eat, they did not refuse. In addition to himself, Mr. Popo also ate one each. The remaining eight, Kami intended to save it well, just in case.

“You gave us ten fruits, so do you have any more?”

“I have already eaten a lot with the girls, and excluding the ten I still have eighty here, completely enough.” Ayaka said with a light smile.

Although the Tree of Might Fruit was important, it was not that useful for people with more than five million power levels. After all, the essence of a planet’s life was divided into hundreds of fruits; each one contains not much. The Senzu Beans was more critical; the difference was that the Spirit Tree fruit was significant in the early utility stages. The Senzu Beans were significant in the later stages.

“Launch, look at Shenron, let’s go down!” Ayaka shouted. And jumped from the Lookout quickly disappeared into the clouds.

The girls followed closely behind also jumped down.

Looking at the three who disappeared into thin air, Kami shook his head with emotion, “Ayaka’s encounter is really remarkable. Such a fruit can let them come across.”

“Kami?” Mr. Popo shouted softly.

Kami nodded, a smile appeared on his wrinkled face, “Their strength is unfathomable, surpassing us too much. Now is the time of the young!”

After handing over a red Tree of Might Fruit to Mr. Popo, Kami turned his head and walked toward the Lookout door.

“Sooner or later, the young man called Son Goku will also go to the Lookout. Being too much behind the young man will be a disgrace…”

Kami and Mr. Popo thought in their hearts at the same time.


At the Sacred Land of Korin, a fat country boy carrying a seriously injured teenager arrived in the dust, scraping up thin smoke behind him.

Although there were many changes from the original story, the plot’s trajectory still let the seriously injured Son Goku met Yajirobe.

“Hey, is there really good food on that tower?” Little fatty Yajirobe asked suspiciously.

The seriously injured Son Goku barely opened his eyes and said thoughtfully, “Yes, there is a treasure called Senzu Beans on the Korin Tower, eating one is equivalent to eating the same as ten days of food.”

“Senzu Beans? One is equivalent to eating ten days of food? How delicious that should be!” Yajirobe drooling eyes shining. If he knew that the Senzu Beans were just dried beans and did not have any taste, what would he think?

Of course, Son Goku caused Yajirobe to had no idea how many Senzu Beans had been spoiled in the later stages, and it hurts to think about it! Later, Son Goku and other Dragon Ball Fighters were considering the Senzu Beans to be highly precious. They were even eager to break a Senzu Bean in half to eat!

It was now the negligence caused by the disaster!

“Go up!” Yajirobe held Son Goku tightly. His body forcefully leaped upward and immediately disappear into a black dot high in the sky.

Korin Tower was sheltered by divine power, and only those who climbed with their strength could reach the top of the tower, which itself has an outrageous height.

Yajirobe carried Son Goku to climb upward along. After half a day, Yajirobe felt exhausted but had not yet reached Korin Tower’s top.

“Hey, Son Goku, how high is this Korin Tower, why haven’t we reached it yet?” Yajirobe complained.

Oh, soon. In a short while we will reach the top of the tower!” Son Goku was seriously injured, so it was hard to speak.

“Humph!” Yajirobe grunted unhappily. If not for the legendary delicacy, he would not want to suffer this!

After another long time, Yajirobe, who was already panting, finally saw a spherical endpoint a few hundred meters above.


Yajirobe threw Son Goku on top of the tower, climbed up himself with difficulty, and then lay on the ground panting heavily.

In the distance, Korin had long noticed them, leaning on crutches to come over.

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