Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 96


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Yajirobe was startled to see a fat white cat approaching. However, Korin did not pay much attention to him. He came to Son Goku’s side and took out a Senzu Bean and stuffed it into Son Goku’s mouth. He chewed the Senzu Bean, and warm energy generated in the body, his body’s injuries immediately improved.

Son Goku opened his eyes. His body leaped from the ground, and he began to move his arms and legs.

Haha, everything is restored. Thank you, Korin!” Son Goku gratefully bowed to Korin.

Korin stroked his beard, nodded, and said, “Goku, I saw all the things on Earth, you actually almost defeated Demon King Piccolo. These three years you worked very hard to train!”

“Please, Korin, teach me the way to defeat Demon King Piccolo!” Son Goku’s eyes said seriously.

Korin shook his head and refused, “Your growth has exceeded my expectations, I have nothing to teach you. How to defeat Demon King Piccolo can only rely on your own.”

“Is there really no way to defeat Demon King Piccolo?” Son Goku’s face hung disappointment.

Son Goku could not help but think of Ayaka. Her strength was much stronger than his. If she was here, she could definitely defeat Demon King Piccolo.

Hey hey, Son Goku, where are the Senzu Beans you said?” Yajirobe interjected with dissatisfaction.

Son Goku looked at Yajirobe, then said to the Korin, “Korin, Yajirobe sent me up, I promised him to give him some Senzu Beans!”

Korin nodded and took out a small jar with Senzu Beans. Yajirobe saw Senzu Beans, thinking of what Son Goku said when he tempted him. His eyes were shining. He grabbed the Senzu Beans and stuffed them into his mouth; there were dozens of them.

Hey, you can not eat so many Senzu Beans at once.” Son Goku whispered a reminder.

Unfortunately, it was already too late. Yajirobe was propped up into a ball by Senzu Beans and fainted.

Ugh, what a disgusting guy!” Korin licked his paws and did not bother about his death. He walked to a water tank, looked through it to the Lower Realm, and said to Son Goku in a gloomy tone, “Demon King Piccolo has started to plague the Earth. Many people learned the news of Demon King Piccolo’s appearance through the TV, and now the panic on Earth has started to spread, and chaos has appeared in many places. He also sent his subordinates around to kill martial artists. Many martial artists have been killed.”

“Then how about grandpa Roshi and them?” Son Goku asked in a hurry. Korin looked up and said, “Don’t worry, Roshi has long since taken a group of people to hide on a safe island. The disciples of the Crane School are also around.”

“Well, Goku, there is a way to make your strength increase greatly, but there is great danger in this method….”

“What method is it?” Son Goku’s eyes shone. As long as he could defeat Demon King Piccolo, he would try even greater dangers.

“Sacred Water! Sacred Water is not like Ultra Divine Water, it is something that can really stimulate the potential, but the danger of super God water is too high. If ordinary people drink it, it is like drinking poison, just a small amount of a few drops can make them die!”

Korin didn’t know if he was right or wrong to say about the Sacred Water. In the original story, it was a compulsion, and now there were several people who could defeat Demon King Piccolo, “Uh, if your sister knew, she would blame me.”

“Korin, where is the Sacred Water?”

“This is it!” Korin turned out a clay pot from the secret room with a “Divine” word.

“Goku, you really want to drink it? This is very dangerous.” Korin repeatedly mentioned the danger of Sacred Water.

Son Goku did not pay much attention, poured a small cup of Sacred Water, and, ready to drink it.

“It’s better not to drink the Sacred Water!” The young girl’s voice came, and the next moment three beautiful figures appeared on Korin Tower.

Ayaka stretched out the cup, preventing Son Goku from drinking the Sacred Water.

“Sister!” Son Goku shouted in surprise when he saw Ayaka.

Oh, you can’t drink the Sacred Water, it will kill you!” Ayaka said with a smile. She took the Sacred Water and nodded to Korin, “Korin, long time no see!”

Phew, Ayaka, it’s been a long time. You’re coming and going more and more.” Korin narrowed his eyes to look at Ayaka. He keenly felt that Ayaka and the girls were more mysterious than they were three years ago, “Since you’re here, Goku won’t have to risk his life to drink the Sacred Water.”

Ayaka laughed, “I just came down from above. I will leave it to Goku to handle the matter of Demon Piccolo. Well, Goku’s strength is still a bit short, but no need for the Super God Water, I have something better.” She said and pulled out Tree of Might Fruit from her pocket and threw it to Son Goku.

Son Goku reflexively caught the fruit and asked in confusion, “What is this fruit?”

“This is the Tree of Might Fruit. It can develop human potential depending on the situation. The effect is countless times better than the Sacred Water, and there are no side effects!” Ayaka explained.

Hearing what Ayaka said, Korin was startled and said in his heart, “As expected of Kami, there are so many good things!”

“Is it that amazing?”

Once Son Goku heard it, his eyes put out a brilliant light. He stared at the fruit in his hand, examined it for a while, then sent it to his mouth and ate it in two or three bites. Soon, Son Goku felt his whole body heat up, as if countless air currents were surging in his body. An inexplicable force kept surging out from his muscles, and his body was full of strength.

“Wow!” Son Goku shouted excitedly. The ki in his body kept getting stronger, surging out.

Korin looked at the teenager in shock. In just a moment’s work, he sensed that Son Goku’s ki had actually risen by more than double.

“The Tree of Might Fruit is working. How much will Goku’s strength increase?” Launch said with a smile.

Ayaka shook her head, “Not sure. Goku is still weak, the fruit should be able to at least double his power level. Well, it can reach more than 500, a few hundred amount is not much!”

If it was not more than a small amount, it was simply a waste of Tree of Might Fruit!


Son Goku roared. His body’s ki seemed to condense into a huge ape, excitedly venting. The effect of the fruit slowly presented, and his power level finally stabilized at 527.

Ayaka had been delighted with this effect. Son Goku’s strength now fully reached the degree of the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, and even some beyond. It was just unable to gather ki to 1000 power level like Z, but it was more than enough to deal with the 260 power level of Demon King Piccolo.

Upon feeling the surging power in the body, his body had inexhaustible strength. Son Goku excited, “Sister, that fruit is really too powerful. I feel much stronger!

“That’s for sure. Your current power can kill your old self with a slap.” Lancy said with a glare.

“Hehe…” Son Goku laughed happily, seemingly not realizing the preciousness of the fruit yet.

“Well, Goku, with your current strength, can easily defeat Demon King Piccolo. However, Demon King Piccolo killed Shenron, and there was no way to resurrect those humans who were killed because of Demon King Piccolo!”

Korin walking back and forth with a cane then glanced at Ayaka. He pulled out a string of bells, “You are already qualified to advance to the Lookout. This bell is a credential to the Divine Realm. When you defeat the Demon King Piccolo, you can go to the Divine Realm.

“Kami created Shenron, so can you resurrect Shenron if you see Kami?” Son Goku took the bell in surprise.

Uh, you could say that!” Korin glanced a few times at Ayaka, who looked blandly. He should have said that the Old Kami created Shenron with his Namekian abilities and that the position of Kami didn’t create Shenron.

“Great, so everyone can be resurrected! Sisters, Korin, I go first to find the Demon King Piccolo!” Son Goku shouted and jumped off the Korin Tower, riding the Flying Nimbus toward Demon King Piccolo’s ki.

“Goku, don’t forget to bring the Power Pole when the time comes. Otherwise, you can’t go to the Divine Realm.” Korin pounced on the top of the tower fence side, loudly commanded, but Son Goku had lost the trail.


“What a furtive fellow.” Korin muttered, then looked at Ayaka, thinking that when Goku went up to the Divine Realm and met Kami, it would be interesting!

Ayaka lightly leaned on a nearby stone pillar, squinted at Yajirobe, then said to the girls, “Well, Goku went to deal with Demon King Piccolo, we need go down to the world for a walk, to see an old friend!”

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