Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 295


Sasori stopped, and Ryo did not continue to attack either, standing a few steps away from his opponent’s range, watching carefully.

“You win, Ryo Yamanaka! Let me know what you want to do. If this goes on for too long, I’ll just end up being dead for nothing!”

Ryo smiled and said: “That’s better! It’s a lot easier talking to someone sane. My request is very simple: I want you to accompany me to Roran.” 

“Roran? Isn’t that country long dead? What would you want there?!” 

“You don’t need to ask more questions. Just follow me and I guarantee I’ll leave you alone after we get back.” 

Looking at Ryo’s sinister smile, Sasori knew that he didn’t have the best of intentions behind this trip. However, he was now outclassed, and could only agree to help him.

Roran’s specific location had clearly been recorded by Ryo. It was from there that he got the power of the Ryumyaku.

Now, Korin’s presence solved Ryo’s problems with amounts of Chakra. Any exploitation of that power to enhance his strength was long forgotten by Ryo.

However, he now was thinking again of this power, for new purposes. This power caused fluctuations in time and space before, and was even used for time travel. Therefore, Ryo thought it could have properties that help with Time Space Ninjutsu.

For this reason, he wanted to once again harvest some of this power, and integrate into Minato’s body.

The reason was obvious: giving Minato such Chakra should allow him to regain his Time-Space sensitivity much faster.

If it fails, it’s just a couple of days that Ryo had wasted. However, if he succeeds, this will gain Minato years of practicing! 

Right now, the big trouble should be on the horizon. With all he knew about Kagyua’s plan, and all the unknown potential dangers that he might have unlocked by his presence, Ryo wasn’t sure if Minato could be on par with what’s to come. 

However, if he gains him years to focus on growing beyond his previous level, things should be very different.

The two marched in the desert for one day and one night, before reaching the site of Roran.

Ryo and Sasori went straight to where Minato had sealed the Ryumyaku, and there, Ryo ordered: “I need you to control your puppets to remove this seal.”

“Is it that simple?”

“Simple? Huh, if you say so. I’ll just tell you this; don’t use any of your precious puppets.” After saying that, Ryo took a few steps back.

Following Ryo’s advice, Sasori used one of his least significant puppets, and control it to reach the seal.

Ryo and Sasori were both dozens of meters away. Besides a skillful puppeteer of Sasori’s caliber, Ryo could think of no one that could control a puppet from such distance to perform such a task.

This was why he chose him, the greatest puppeteer in the world. Ryo didn’t want to do this himself and risk returning to the past. With Sasori, he could do the task from a distance, and avoid all risks.

Ryo also considered using a shadow clone for this, but he didn’t want to risk having any incidents.

Sure enough, the process went very smoothly, and the power of the Ryumuaku broke out instantly, distorting space and time. Sasori’s puppet simply disappeared!

“This… this is the Ryumyaku’s power? It actually existed?!” Feeling the amazing power before him, Sasori was in awe.

“Oh, don’t be surprised. Now, step back. This power distorts space and time; and trust me, you don’t want to get accidentally sent into the past. Just hide!”

Sasori’s face changed greatly, and he immediately began to run away. Ryo also teleported to a point that wasn’t too far, waiting for the end of this burst of the Ryumyaku’s power.

After around ten minutes, the power finally stopped boiling.

“Hey, send another puppet and see if it remains intact.” Ryo said.

Sasori nodded, controlling his puppet into the scope of the Ryumyaku. A few minutes later, he was able to successfully retrieve it.

Only then did Ryo breathe a sigh of relief. Sasori’s puppets were proving very useful, allowing both of them to explore what’s ahead of them.

Now that he confirmed his safety, Ryo let some of his Shadow Clones walk in, sealing some the Ryumyaku’s power into a sealing scroll.

Achieving his target, Ryo once again sealed the Ryumyaku and left Roran with Sasori.

Back in the desert, the latter said: “I’ve done what you’ve asked me, Ryo Yamanaka. You should now stick with your promise and let me go!”

“Of course, but not before doing one more thing: I’m sealing your memories, Sasori. After all, what you’ve just seen is too dangerous for me to let you know it. “ Saying those words, Ryo activated his Mangekyo, and pulled Sasori’s soul into Ice World, sealing his memories of the Ryumyaku.

“Alright, now you can go!” Said Ryo.

Here, the last thing that Sasori recalled was him admitting defeat, and waiting to hear Ryo’s term. When he suddenly heard Ryo’s permission to leave, he thought at first that this was but a ploy. 

However, when he heard Ryo repeating what he had just said, he just turned around and left.

“Alright, now, to Mount Myoboku!” 

By now, Minato was sitting beside the toad stones. Immediately he perceived Ryo’s arrival through the fluctuations of space around him, opened his eyes, and said hello!

As the two greeted each-other, Ryo immediately took the scroll handing it to Minato: “Ni-san, try to merge the energy in here with your own Chakra.”

Hearing that, Minato opened the scroll.

In the past, Ryo had carried out experiments on several animals. In all his trials, this energy did no harm to any living animals that were injected with it. Therefore, Ryo could safely give this Chakra to Minato with no further experiments.

Perceiving the power in his hands, Minato showed a smile of excitement: “Ryo, where did you get this Chakra? This should help me with my training, as it excites Space-Time fluctuations!” 

“This is the Ryumyaku’s Chakra from Roran. I noticed what you’re saying when we last had that mission in there.”

“Roran?” Minato seemed a little confused. After thinking for a while, he asked: “Is is the place where I sealed everyone’s memories?”

“Yes, it’s there.” 

Minato nodded, and asked no more questions, just focusing on assimilating the Ryumyaku’s energy.

Ryo didn’t disturb him, and teleported from Mount Myoboku to Pakura’s place.

After being bust for two days and one night, Ryo returned to Pakura’s place. By now, Shi was now already cooking dinner.

Ignoring his girlfriend rolling her eyes, he sat down beside her without hesitation.

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