Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 296


While Ryo and Pakura were making out, back in Konoha, Fugaku was standing in front of the Naka Shrine.

“Fugaku Dono, it’s gotten dark. Are you still not going back to rest?” A night patrol Uchiha Ninja whispered.

“I still have something to think about. Here it’s clean and calm. Don’t worry about me and continue your patrol!” 

The patrolman did not dare to say anything; he just turned around and left.

At midnight, another figure appeared next to Fugaku, who had been standing there for several hours.

“Fugaku Dono, I’m extremely sorry I’m late.”

Fugaku looked at the young man in front of him, and said pleasantly: “It doesn’t matter; I’m very happy that you’ve come, Shisui!” 

“Thanks for your kindness, Fugaku do…” 

“You don’t need to be so formal!” Fugaku waved his hand: “I’ve brought you here to ask you a question: What’s your view on the current situation of the Uchiha clan today?” 

“My view? Fugaku dono, you’re asking the wrong person!” Shisui looked extremely surprised. Apparently, he didn’t understand why his clan’s head would ask a young man such as himself about such a matter.

“Shisui, in this world of Shinobi, respect is mainly gained through strength. You’re one of the most talented people in our clan, and with Ryo’s teachings, you’re more than qualified to delve into these matters.” 


“It seems like you can’t trust me fully, Shisui. It doesn’t bother me however, and I’m willing to show my trust in you before you have to show yours.” As he said that, Fugaku activated his Mangekyo in front of Shisui. 

“Mangekyo Sharingan? Fugaku dono, when…”

“It doesn’t matter when I’ve gained it. What matters to you is that you are the only one in the entire clan who knows about this!” 

Shisui’s expression showed embarrassment. After short hesitation, he finally said: “I think the Uchiha clan, as it is right now, is already in jeopardy!” 

“Haha! Well, it seems like not all the clan is foolish!” Fugaku said with a large smile on his face, after hearing Shisui’s answer.

“Fugaku dono, so you agree?”

“I didn’t use to think that way. However, ever since the Kyubi’s attack, our clan had been in this situation. 

Ever since the Warring States period, the only people who could control the Kyubi were first Hokage with his wood release, and those with the Sharingan. Our previous Jinchuriki, Kushina, was getting along very with Kurama, and the Kyubi would have never done what he did on that night if it wasn’t controlled by someone. 

People have used this, Shisui; people who don’t like the clan, and they blamed that rampage on us, using it a as a mean to harass our clan. To temporarily calm things down, we had to relocate, as you obviously remember.”

Hearing these words, Shisui’s face turned gloomier, as he remembered from his Anbu days how Danzo’s men used to spread rumors about his clan.

“Now, let’s cut to the chase, Shisui. I have one more question: If the clan and the village were to have a conflict, on which side would you be?” Fugaku asked.

Fugaku’s question fell like a bolder on Shisui, and he did not know how to answer. Back when he was a child, he was nurtured with the idea of the will of fire by his family. That implied that stability of the village was the most important thing.

Only later did he receive different thoughts from Ryo, who told him to never let anyone walk all over him, his dignity, or on his pride. He always told him, that those who want evil for him and for those he loved should get no mercy from him, no matter what ideals they try to hide behind.

Therefore, the current Shisui was shaken between two conflicting manners of thought, and such a choice was the hardest thing for him to make.

“It seems like my question had you against the wall, Shisui!” 

“Well, it’s a really tough choice, but one thing that I’m sure about is that I’m an Uchiha, who is a Ninja of Konoha. If something like that would happen, I’ll probably side with the clan.”

Knowing how Shisui was brought up, Fugaku never expected such an answer. But hearing it, he became very excited.

“You shouldn’t be too happy about my stance Fugaku Dono. I hope that such a day would never come, and if I could, I would do anything to stop it from coming!”

“Oh, absolutely, I hope for the same. However, some people in the village are determined to bring fourth such a day!”

Fugaku’s words immediately brought the image of Danzo to Shisui’s mind again. This man was truly sinister and treacherous, often trying to use the innocent villagers to pressure the Uchiha clan.

“Shisui, I see from your expression that you should know who I am talking about. Be careful with him, please.”

“Don’t worry, Fugaku dono! With sensei around, that man would never be bold enough to even approach me!”

“That’s good to hear. Shisui, this is the end of our conversation tonight! I hope that it will change what I see as a gloomy future approaching the Uchiha.” After that, Fugaku turned around and left.

After Fugaku left, Shisui’s Mangekyo suddenly started to frantically rotate, its windmill-like pattern becoming more and more pronounced.

This whole discussion evoked many hidden emotions in Shisui’s heart. His sense of belonging to his clan was the strongest, and it awoke Shisui’s Mangekyo’s hidden ability.

“[Kotoamatsukami]? I never expected my Mangekyo to hold such an ability! I bet Sensei will be very surprised!” Shisui muttered to himself, then closed his Mangekyo and left.

A week after this discussion, Ryo returned to Konoha from the Hidden Sand.

In the Hokage’s office, he did not wait for Sakumo to say anything: “Sakumo san, I went on business this time!” As he said that, Ryo handed Sakumo a thank-you letter from Rasa to Konoha.

However, by now, Sakumo was just accostumed to Ryo’s behavior. He was too lazy to care about this, and just threw the letter to the side!

“Cough! Sakumo san, won’t you even look at it?”

“I don’t want to see it, Ryo! Shisui’s been asking about you recently. I bet it’s important. You should go and see him!”

Ryo frowned and nodded, directly teleporting to Shisui.

At this time, the latter was carrying out an escort mission with Izumi. Ryo suddenly appeared, and he tapped his student’s shoulder asking: “You wanted me for something?”

“Sensei! You’re finally back! When seeing Ryo, Shisui stopped and ordered everyone to stop moving. After leaving a Shadow Clone, he went to the side of the road into the forest with Ryo.

“Sensei, I remember you told me when I activated my Mangekyo that its ability will appear when I need it. Just a few days ago, it happened!

“Is that so?! What’s your special ability, Shisui?!” Ryo tried his best to fake his interest in knowing what it was.

“Oh, my technique is called Kotoamatsukami. It allows the user to enter the mind of any individual within their field of view, and manipulate them by giving them false experiences, making it seem as if they were doing things of their own free will. Unfortunately, it could only be used once every several years!”

“Hahaha! Getting greedy, aren’t we, Shisui? It’s only natural that such a powerful technique would have such a restriction. Otherwise, it would make you unbeatable!” 

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