Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 297


“Anyway, did something happen during this time? Did someone talk to you?” 

Ryo’s question stunned Shisui. As soon as he tried to think of something to cover up on Fugaku, Ryo added: “I believe your ability was waiting for a firm belief in your heart. Something must have happened, and I’m guessing that you’ve had a decision or a choice, after a good discussion with someone!”

Shisui smiled and said: “There’s nothing that gets past you Sensei. Yes, a week ago, Fukage Dono and I talked about the clan.”

“So that’s the case. I’m guessing he asked you if you would choose the clan or the village, in case a conflict occurred.”

“Well, I’ve been raised with the thought that the village is the most import, always. However, you Sensei have always told me that my values should bring me and the ones I love happiness, and that things aren’t always so black and white. I’ve hesitated when asked, but then the fact that I’m an Uchiha rose above all thoughts in my mind. Sensei, in a sense, you are an Uchiha too, so, you understand me?”

Hearing that, Ryo was surprised by Shisui’s words. This was the first time he saw him express his thoughts so straightforwardly.

This felt very gratifying to Ryo, as he felt his disciple had finally grown up.

Since his apprentice spoke out his heart, Ryo wasn’t going to hide his own thoughts.

“Yes. My father is also an Uchiha. Don’t get me wrong, the clan is far from perfect, and they have tons of flaws, but I’m not about to simply let them fall to their enemies any time soon.” 

Getting this answer from Ryo, Shisui felt more relaxed than he had felt in years. He felt… less alone, in his desire to save his clan.

His Sensei was literally one of the greatest forces in the world, and his “joining of the cause” made Shisui visibly excited.

“However, it’s too early to act, Shisui. The future of the clan is not something that you and I alone could change. You’ve worked in the Anbu, and you know very well how the higher officials in the village, along with most civilians, feel about the Uchiha. They are the number one great family of Konoha, and are in charge of security. Just this is enough to make them too many enemies.”

Ryo’s words were like ice-cold water, thrown at his disciple’s excitement.

“Sensei, what should we do now?”

“All we could do now is wait. When things get intense with the Uchiha, the village is bound to make a move. The Uchiha need the wisdom and the heart to break any attempts against them.”

Shisui seemed to understand, and he nodded. Ryo smiled on the other hand, then laughed and left.

After returning to Konoha, Ryo began to recall how the events turned out of the Uchiha, and how the massacre against them took place in the Manga.

They planned a coup d’état for years, and when they were about to make their move, Shisui tried to appease the 3rd who realized their plans, promising to use ‎Kotoamatsukami to stop them.

Unfortunately Shisui did not get the trust of Danzo and his lobby. In fact, when realizing that Shisui had a Mangekyo, Danzo did a sneak attack on him and stole his right eye!

Shisui was then powerless against Danzo’s plots, and he entrusted his remaining eye to his Kohai, Itachi, before taking his own life to awaken his Mangekyo! Back then, Itachi was 11 years old. (T/N: This age thing is controversial. Some argue Itachi was 12-13back then, but it’s all speculation that could be more or less correct. To my knowledge, 11 seems right.)

At this thought, Ryo couldn’t just sit still. Itachi was actually now that age!

He teleported into the Hokage’s office, asking Sakumo about Danzo’s recent movements.

The latter thought and answered: “Danzo had been allowed to go around in the village recently, just to have some walks. Occasionally, the two councilors would visit him. To be honest, there’s nothing about his movements that’s suspicious. Is there something wrong Ryo? Why are you asking about this so suddenly?”

“Nothing, I just remembered something. I will tell you later.” After Ryo finished his words, his disappeared.

He immediately went to the Anbu, who were now being led by Kakashi.

During these past few years, Kakashi’s progress had been great. With Ryo’s help, his body was integrated perfectly with Sharingan. Now, it caused his body no strain when closed.

Therefore, Kakashi was actually able to follow his father’s footsteps. He mastered the Hatake style to a great degree, and was now, despite his age, stronger than he used to be in the first Naruto.

When activating his Sharingan, he could even face a Kage tier Ninja, at least until he would run out of stamina.

Kakashi, who was handling his official duties, heard Ryo’s voice, and immediately put down what was in his hands to see him.

“Ryo, what brings you to me? What do you need?” He had known Ryo for too many years, and he knew all too well that he made no innocent visits.

“Well, I wanted to see Itachi. Can you call him out?”

“Itachi Uchiha? I can’t remember anything that links him to you! Why did you come so suddenly to see him?”

“It’s none of your business; just call him out!” 

Kakashi was about to retort, but seeing that Ryo was rather anxious, he actually asked his subordinates to look for Itachi.

A few moments later, the kid arrived: “Captain, what do you need me for?” 

“It’s not me; he’s the one looking for you!” Kakashi pointed at Ryo.

“Hey Itachi! Long time no see! Can you come out with me?” As he said that, Ryo took the lead and went out.

Itachi looked up at Kakashi, just to find him nodding. Therefore, he followed Ryo.

Having a much different life than what he had in the Anime, Itachi’s behavior was different. After walking for a while with Ryo, he couldn’t help but ask: “Ryo sama, what did you call me for?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to talk to you about your clan. I guess, you know their situation right now; don’t you?” 

Itachi nodded, a hint of sadness showing on his face.

“Well, if the worst was to happen, and the Uchiha were to go against the clan, which side would you choose?”

Itachi remained silent. He was shocked by this question, coming from a Kage tier of the village who was never that close to him. But more than anything, he had no idea how to answer.

Ryo did not pressure him to answer at all however, for his purpose behind all of this was to give him as much time as possible to deal with this question and hopefully make the right choice.

Meanwhile, at Koharu’s place, Danzo and Homura were also discussing the matter of the Uchiha.

“Danzo, the conflicts between the villagers and the Uchiha have recently returned to being fiercer. Should we make our move now?” 

“We’re in no hurry. The Uchiha are the biggest clan in the village. As we are right now, we can’t beat them. We need to wait, wait for them to not be able to take this anymore!”

Homura’s face changed, and he argued: “If we let them get pushed that far, they would rebel, launch a coup d’état even! Many in Konoha might fall!” 

“Oh they will rebel, or at least try. However, you don’t need to worry; Konoha is strong enough to deal with them. When the time comes, we won’t even have to do anything, and the only ones to fall will be the Uchiha themselves.”

Hearing Danzo, Homura was relieved. As he envisioned the demise of the Uchiha, he smiled ever so-slightly…

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