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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 366


Hokage Ryo Path Chapter 366 – Hyuga Clan Leader’s Affection

Hyuga Hiashi looked at Toyota. He asked Ryo with great vigilance, “My cooperation? Cooperation in what, exactly? What do you want?”

“Just like I said before. I want to help lift the Caged Bird Jutsu from the Hyuga Branch Family and release them. As for the cooperation… I need Hiashi-sama to hand over some of Hyuga Clan’s secret Jutsu after the Branch Family is freed from the Caged Bird.” After he heard Ryo’s word, he understood the meaning. But Hiashi didn’t understand why an outsider like Ryo was involved in Hyuga Clan’s private matter. Did he have a hidden motive? Thinking of this, he glanced again at Ryo.

Seeing this, Ryo understood what Hiashi was worrying about. He laughed and said, “Hiashi-sama has Nothing to be afraid of us. You saw what Hyuga Toyota had become. If we had any evil intention, you would be dead by now.”

“Hmph! Now that you control Elder Toyota, why don’t you just instruct him to teach the Hyuga Clan’s secret Jutsu to the Branch Family?”

“Because he isn’t the one whose younger brother is the Branch Family Clan Leader. Hiashi-sama would know it better than anyone else, how the Branch Family hates the Main Family? How many of the Main Family members will be spared when the Branch Family unleashed their hatred after their Caged Bird was lifted? I think both families are parts of this village. I didn’t want you to kill each other. That’s why I tried to give the Brach Family freedom, while also protecting the Main Family. And this man will play an important role in releasing the Caged Bird.” Ryo pointed to Hyuga Toyota.

Ryo’s word was sincere, and it moved Hiashi’s heart. He contemplated for a while, and asked, “Yamanaka Ryo, what are you going to do?”

Ryo replied with a smile. “What I want to do is simple. I want to use Hyuga Toyota to cause a stir within the Main Family, leaving the Main Family Clan Leader desperately trying to protect the Branch Family. However, we might need to use one of your daughters as a plot.”

Hiashi sighed, “Very well. It looks like you’ve arranged everything. If that’s the case, then I have Nothing else to say. I agree to cooperate.”

Hyuga Hiashi always wanted to lift the Caged Bird, but he didn’t know how, nor was he confident he could protect the Main Family. That’s why he kept silent. After listening to Ryo’s plan today, Hiashi thought. First, the Hyuga Clan always supported the Hokage. So the Hokage didn’t need to reduce his influence on Hyuga Clan. Second, the system restricting the Branch Family did hinder Hyuga Clan’s development. He couldn’t change this system. So when a person had the power to change the system, he was happy to see it. That’s why Hiashi agreed to cooperate with the Ryo.

Seeing Hiashi’s approval, Ryo and Sakumo both smiled. Sakumo stood from his chair and patted Hiashi’s shoulder. “Hiashi-sama, put your trust in me. You will not regret this decision.”

Shortly after, Ryo let Hyuga Hiashi and Toyota returned to their residence.

That night, Hyuga Toyota summoned two other Elders of the Hyuga Main Family. Both of them thought Toyota was going to tell them about why the Hokage summoned him. Instead, Toyota remained silent and talked about Hiashi’s two daughters.

“Everyone in our family knows Hyuga Hiashi has two daughters. In that regard, Hiashi should have decided who should be the Main Family, and who should be in the Branch House.” Hyuga Toyota explained briefly.

The two Elders were surprised. They hadn’t expected Toyota to bring up this topic again. When Hyuga Hanabi was 3 years old, the three of them already suggested Hiashi that he should engrave the Caged Bird on one of her daughters to determine which one belonged to the Branch Family. But Hiashi rejected. He said Hinata’s innate talent wasn’t good enough to serve as the heir. When Hanabi grew up, if her innate talent exceeds Hinata, then Hinata will be the one belong to the Branch Family.

A year ago, a 5-year-old Hanabi defeated Hinata in training. The three Elders reiterated their previous request so that Hiashi engraved the Caged Bird on Hinata, but he still refused. At that time, the three Elders already felt that Hiashi had violated their family system. So they started feeling reluctant towards Hiashi. That time, they knew his strength far exceeded the three of them combined. He would defeat them effortlessly with Gentle Fist. Hence, the three Elders gave up their hope to engrave the Caged Bird on Hinata.

When Hyuga Toyota mentioned it again, the two Elder’s faces were surprised. After a long pause, one of them asked slowly, “Great Elder, wouldn’t this offend the Clan Leader-sama again?”

Hyuga Toyota coldly snorted, “Hmph! So what if he’s angry? Our clan’s system has been like this since a long time ago. Even if he disagrees, he has to agree anyway!”

“But the Clan Leader-sama’s power…”

“You both don’t forget that the Main Family isn’t just us. I have already contacted some Main Family members. A total of 11 people have agreed. Tomorrow, we will confront the Clan Leader to let him know that Nothing could change the Hyuga Clan’s rules!”

After the two Elder exchanged glances, they helplessly nodded, promising to aid Hyuga Toyota.

The next day, Hyuga Toyota led the entire Main Family group to Hiashi. Aside from clan meetings, this was the first time the Branch Family clan member saw so many Main Family members gathered.

At this point, Hiashi had prepared. Ryo advised him to take his two daughters training together. At the same time, there were some women from the Branch Family serving as Hinata and Hanabi’s caretakers. They were startled and immediately bowed down when they saw Hyuga Toyota walked in with the Main Family clan members. As usual, the Main Family ignored the women and went straight to Hyuga Hiashi.

Hiashi glanced at the approaching entourage. He casually asked, “What is it?”

Hyuga Toyota, who was under Shisui’s control, said, “Nothing major. We just want to know which one among your daughter belongs to the Branch House.”

“We talked about this a while ago. I will wait until Hanabi grows up and see whose innate talent is better before making any decision.”

Hyuga Toyota glanced at the second Elder, who helplessly stood up and braced himself. He said, “As far as I know, Young Lady Hanabi had defeated Young Lady Hinata last year. What are we waiting for?”

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