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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 392


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 392, Siblings.

Just like in the original manga, Rasa’s confidant, Baki, was Gaara’s sensei.

Ryo had met Baki before and had a good impression on him. As Rasa’s confidant, Baki had the strength of an Elite Jounin. Loyal and cautious, he became Gaara’s sensei.

Gaara had just graduated. Temari and Kankuro had graduated last year. However, Gaara still lacked experience. But for everything he lacked, he made it up with strength.

Looking at Gaara from a distance, Ryo murmured, “As expected from Naruto’s close friend.”

“Ryo. What did you just say?” Couldn’t catch his words clearly, Pakura turned her head towards Ryo.

“Nothing. I just said I don’t feel Ichibi’s Chakra from Gaara.”

“Then… it’s hopeless?” Anxious, Pakura asked.

Yamanaka Ryo shook his head, “We don’t know that yet, but we can try.”

“Ryo, wait! Gaara’s condition is a bit special! It seems something hit him, that’s why he closed his heart from Ichibi.”

Smiling, Ryo waved his hand, “Then let’s see if Temari and Kankuro are qualified to be his siblings.” As soon as he finished the words, Ryo disappeared in front of Pakura.


At the same time, Baki, who was training Gaara, suddenly noticed an extremely powerful Chakra behind him. Baki was going to turn around and asked, but suddenly his visions darkened, and he lost his consciousness.

After incapacitating Baki, Ryo stared at the three children. Interested, Ryo saw Temari and Kankuro looked nervous, while Gaara looked indifferent.

Ryo was about to start talking when Temari spoke first, “You… who are you? How dare you kill someone in Sunagakure?!”

‘This girl is pretty brave!’ Ryo thought, looking at Temari with slight amusement.

Temari’s words gave encouragement to Kankuro. He summoned a puppet to protect Gaara behind him and raised his vigilance at Ryo.

Amused at the two children’s reactions, Ryo suddenly had the urge to tease them. He changed his expression and spoke to Temari, “Little girl, haven’t your sensei told you? Children shouldn’t speak much. Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“I… I’m not… scared… You’re the one… should be scared…  This… this is Sunagakure… If-If you hurt us… You can’t run…”

“What a clever young girl! Unfortunately, you’re wrong. I just killed your sensei, why should I be afraid of you?” Ryo said, deliberately released his murderous aura.

Kankuro was pale and frightened by it, “You can’t kill us! We’re Yondaime Kazekage’s children!” Hearing that, Temari glared at her brother but then sighed helplessly.

“It seems you gave up. And you’re actually Kazekage’s children. But unfortunately, I have no interest in you three. So… say goodbye to this world!” Saying this, Ryo took out a Flying Thunder God Kunai from his Ninja Tool Pouch.

Temari was terrified by Ryo’s words, but her fear dissipated when she saw the kunai.

“You’re brave, so I’ll leave you for the last one. You and the Puppeteer had protected the kid, so I’ll start with him.”

“No!!! Don’t hurt Gaara!” Temari quickly stepped in front of Gaara.

“Oh, your name is Gaara? The name fits perfectly with you. You surely only loved yourself. Look, your siblings desperately wanted to protect you. But you seem like you don’t care at all.”

Ryo’s words triggered Gaara, who had always been indifferent. He saw Temari and Kankuro standing in front of him and at Baki, who was laying on the ground. And at Ryo, who stood near Baki’s corpse. Gaara frowned, couldn’t understand why his siblings protected him. This situation triggered him. He pushed Temari away and controlled sand towards Ryo.

Gaara was just a child. His sand didn’t harm Ryo at the slightest. Ryo used both of his hands to form a seal and used Daitoppa to stop Gaara’s sand.

Seeing his attack was blocked, Gaara was furious. He controlled more sand to fly towards Ryo’s direction.

Ryo laughed, attached Raiton Chakra to the Kunai, and split Gaara’s sand tide.

Seeing that Gaara’s attack was easily blocked by the man, Temari grew restless. When Gaara was preparing for a third attack, Temari whispered to Gaara. “Gaara, blind him with your sand. Then Kankuro and I will block him. You should run away! Got it?”

Gara was confused, “But why?”

“Why? Because an older sister should protect her little brother!” After that, she turned to face Ryo with a sharp look.

Gaara hesitated but eventually turned the sand into a sand storm to disrupt Ryo’s sight, just like Temari told him.

Ryo pretended to be confused by Gaara’s sand and intentionally stopped for a few seconds before dismissing the sand storm. And rushed forward. As soon as he got out of the sand storm, Temari waved her giant iron fan to create Wind Scythe one after another. On the other side, Kankuro moved his puppet to attack Ryo.

He easily avoided Temari’s Wind Scythe and teleported to cut off the Chakra Strings on Kankuro’s puppet. The Puppeteer who lost his puppet was vulnerable. He easily defeated Kankuro. After seeing Kankuro being captured, Temari didn’t give up. Unfortunately, it was useless. Ryo caught Temari in the next moment.

Gaara was running towards Kazekage’s office. Ryo didn’t want to chase him, only shouted. “Hey, boy! You’re just going to abandon your siblings here?”

Hearing Ryo’s words, Gaara stopped running. He turned around to gaze on his siblings, and then at Ryo.

“Gaara…go! Don’t…come back…” Temari’s voice suddenly stopped. Ryo twitched his lips and tossed Temari’s body aside.

“I already told you, girl. Don’t speak too much!”

Temari’s ‘death’ triggered Gaara, whose Chakra suddenly burst.

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