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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 393


Hokage Ryo’s Patch Chapter 393, Goodbye, Shukaku.

Gaara didn’t understand. What he knew when he saw Temari’s ‘death’ was his heart hurt. Just like when he saw Rasa’s cold eyes. Gaara wanted to vent the pain in his heart and go on revenge for Temari. But he understood he wasn’t strong enough, so he unlocked Shukaku’s seal.

Gaara has been with Shukaku every day for years. No one in the village had a complete understanding of Shukaku’s power. From Gaara’s point of view, he can kill Yamanaka Ryo by calling Shukaku.

“Brat, didn’t you say you don’t want to meet ore-sama? Why did you unseal ore-sama today?”

“Shukaku! Help me kill him!”

“Brat, do you think ore-sama will help you?”

“Shukaku! Please help me kill him!”

Gaara’s words made Shukaku stunned; he had known Gaara for years. He never asked him anything. After cutting off contact with Gaara, they communicate for the first time after two years. And this time, he was begging him.

After a moment of silence, Shukaku finally laughed and said. “Haha! Alright! Ore-sama will help you kill him today!”

With Shukaku’s cooperation, Gaara unlocked the seal. One by one, red Chakra bubbles began to pop around Gaara’s body. With Shukaku’s Chakra, the sand started to gather around the boy.

Looking at the sand in the windless desert automatically gathered around Gaara, protecting him. Ryo muttered to himself. “As expected from Shukaku. Even the sand in the desert isn’t his opponent.”

After fusing with Shukaku’s Chakra, Gaara’s control of sand was stronger. They were in Sunagakure, the sand grains were gathered by Gaara into Shukaku’s claws. He controlled Shukaku’s claws and attacked Ryo.

Ryo laughed, erupting his Raiton Chakra. A lightning blade extended from the Flying Thunder God’s Kunai, splitting Shukaku’s claws in half.

Seeing his attack was blocked, Shukaku spoke, “Damn humans! How dare you resist ore-sama?! Gaara, give me your body!”

Gara nodded, forming hand seals with both of his hands, he used Feign Sleep Technique. With that, Shukaku took over Gaara’s body. The sand on the ground gathered on Gaara’s feet, forming Ichibi’s body.

“Hahaha! Ore-sama finally got free! Thank you, damned humans! In return, go to hell!” Shukaku took a deep breath and said, “Futon!”

Yamanaka Ryo snapped his fingers, creating an Ice Wall. Blocking Shukaku’s air bomb.

“Ice… Ice Wall? Are you…”

“Haha, this move… Shukaku, nothing changes from you!”

The familiar voice shook Shukaku, “Yamanaka Ryo, is it really you? What are you doing here?”

“I’m looking for you.” Ryo smiled.

“Why are you looking for ore-sama?”

Hearing Shukaku called himself ‘ore-sama’, Ryo frowned, “‘Ore-sama’? Shukaku, you wanna die?”

“Wait… I mean, what are you looking for from me?”

“Please reconcile with Gaara.”

Hearing this, Shukaku retorted, “Reconcile? It’s impossible! This brat did too much! Ore-sa-, I mean, I kindly helped him! He’s just an ungrateful little child!”

“Gaara was still a child. That’s why he said Bijuu, who has lived for hundreds of years, was careless and mean. He was angry, see? Besides, the Ninja World isn’t very safe these days. As far as I know, there’s a secret organization planning to capture Bijuu. They said the leader had Rinnegan.”

Upon hearing the word ‘Rinnegan’, Shukaku was anxious, “Rinnegan? You mean that Old Man’s eyes? How is that possible?”

“Why would I lie to you? This organization should start its activities in two years. By then, you’ll understand what I’m saying is true. But if at that time you didn’t have Jinchuuriki’s help, you have no chance to escape in front of Rinnegan!” Ryo tricked Shukaku, making the Ichibi startled.

After a while, Shukaku recovered, “You… you’re not lying, right? Even with this brat’s help, it’s useless to fight against Rinnegan.”

“That’s right. You alone won’t be able to fight Rinnegan. But together with Gaara, at least you can resist until I come along!”

“You?” Shukaku gave Ryo a stern look and disdain, “You think you can fight Rinnegan?”

“Absolutely.” Ryo said, opening his Sharingan. A row of Ice blue ribs appeared around his body. With Sharingan’s power, the blue ribs gradually changed. Finally, a huge light blue giant appeared in front of Shukaku.

“A Complete Body… Susanoo!” Shukaku was stunned to see a Complete Body Susanoo again after years.

Ryo ignored Shukaku’s shock and continued, “Not just this. Did you remember the ice giant I had? Combining Susanoo and my ice giant, do you still think I can’t fight against Rinnegan?”

Remembering Ryo’s Ice Colossus, Shukaku shivered again. He clearly remembered the thing that broke his absolute defense with a single punch.

The Ice Colossus and Susanoo. Shukaku couldn’t imagine how powerful the two combined.

“Looks like you understand. So, will you reconcile with Gaara?”

“Even if you said that, do I really have a choice?” Shukaku helplessly said.

Hearing this, Ryo laughed. Shukaku looked at the man with a complicated expression, retracted his Chakra, and returned to Gaara’s body.

After Shukaku’s return, Gaara was awake. He gazed at the unharmed Ryo at a distance, his face instantly went pale, “Even Shukaku can’t kill him?” Gaara muttered to himself.

Ryo ignored him. Instead, he turned to lift Temari, who was lying on the ground, and lifted the Genjutsu.

With Pakura’s help, Baki was also awake. After Pakura’s explanation, Baki knew it was Ryo who had knocked him unconscious.

Gaara saw Temari’s ‘resurrection’ and unconsciously smiled. After hesitating, Gaara bit his lips and ran towards his sister.

Temari was about to say something, but seeing Gaara’s long lost smile, she said nothing.

Ryo touched Temari’s head and said, “What a troublesome brat. Take care of the rest! I’ll get going now!”

Hearing this, Temari glanced at Ryo with puzzlement in her face. Ryo laughed and disappeared, leaving Temari alone with her confusion.

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