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Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 394


Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 394, Is Haku A Girl or A boy?

The news that Shukaku and a blue giant appeared in the village caused a stir in Sunagakure. Rasa thought it was because Shukaku went berserk again and sent an Anbu to check on Gaara. He didn’t expect was that Gaara was able to use Shukaku’s power during a few hours. Rasa quickly asked Baik what happened. Baki told him what Pakura had relayed to Rasa.

Hearing Yamanaka Ryo’s intervention in Sunagakure Jinchuriki business, Rasa frowned. Although the result was good, it still made him feel uneasy. Jinchuriki is each village’s largest trump card. Ryo’s intervention disturbed Rasa’s plan and made him raise his vigilance towards Gaara and Shukaku.

It was known to him that Ryo had Mangekyou Sharingan, and that power could control Bijuu. Rasa’s concern was whether Ryo would secretly control Shukaku with Mangekyou Sharingan and plant a bomb on their village.

Thinking of this, Rasa turned and spoke to Baki, “Baki, from now on, you need to be more careful towards Gaara’s situation. Tell me as quickly as possible if you find something abnormal.”

“Yes! Kazekage-sama!” Baki was Rasa’s confidant. He couldn’t refuse his orders, immediately nodded, and accepted the order.

Rasa turned to glance at the indifferent Gaara and sighed.

Yamanaka Ryo didn’t know what Rasa was thinking because of his intervention. Pakura noticed and argued with Rasa. Rasa apologized, but it was mere words. Pakura knew what he was still thinking about. From her point of view, Rasa’s worry was completely unnecessary. Besides, if Ryo wanted to destroy the village, he didn’t need to rely on Ichibi’s power. As his woman, she understands his power the most.

Ryo had stayed in Sunagakure for more than two weeks.

After a busy day, Pakura came home, and Ryo already prepared her food as always. The two of them ate and talked about what happened today. In fact, Ryo only faithfully listened as Pakura took some interesting things that happened in Sunagakure.

After dinner, Ryo hugged Pakura, “Pakura, skip your work tomorrow. Let’s go somewhere alone.”


“Nami no Kuni! Naruto recently went on a mission there. I wanted to see his growth!”

Pakura twitched her lips, “Naruto is still a genin. Their mission was at best C-rank. What’s there to see?”

“You’re wrong. Yes, it’s a C-rank mission, but this mission involves Gato.”

“Gato? You mean that rich businessman Gato?” Speaking of Gato, Pakura suddenly became interested.

Noticing her interest, Ryo couldn’t help but feel puzzled.

In fact, the reason was fairly simple. Because Sunagakure isn’t as rich as Konoha, they rely on rich people’s patrons for the village development. That’s why Pakura was interested in the rich. And Gato was one of Naruto’s Word’s tyrant merchants.

Ryo didn’t care much about it, and returned to the previous topic, “Yeah, it’s him! Naruto’s mission directly involves him.”

“Involves him? Was there a conflict between Ninja and the merchant?”

“Pakura, do you know what kind of country the Nami no Kuni is?”

Pakura nodded, “Of course. As a small archipelago nation, the Ninja was poor. Lacking protection and economic resources, the people lived in poverty.”

“It is reasonable to say that Nami no Kuni is located on a major transportation route, and it is by the sea. Their people can completely rely on sea transportation and fishing to sustain their lives, but you just said that the people of that country have no economic source…”

Hearing this, Pakura noticed, “Ryo, is Gato controlling sea transportation?”

Ryo nodded and continued, “As an archipelago nation, controlling the sea transportation meaning that they controlled everything that happened in the country. The people of that country didn’t want to be controlled by Gato any longer, so they started to build a bridge. Once the bridge was completed, Gato would lose his power over the country’s sea transportation. So Gato hired Ninjas to stop the bridge’s construction. And Naruto was hired by the people of the country to help build the bridge.”

Hearing that, Pakura was interested, “Ryo, who’s the Ninja hired by Gato? And who’s Naruto’s sensei that leads them?”

“Gato hires Momochi Zabuza, and Naruto’s lead sensei is Kakashi.”

“Kirigakure no Kijin and Konoha’s Anbu Captain? Interesting! Let’s skip work tomorrow and have fun watching it together!”

Ryo nodded, hugging Pakura in his bed. Soon, they fell asleep while cuddling.


Early in the morning, Ryo teleported at Nami no Kuni. Feeling Ryo’s aura, the silver bird flying near Kakashi’s team immediately rushed towards Ryo.

“Ryo, why are you here? I’m tired of flying!” Xiaoyin complained on Ryo’s shoulder.

Ryo touched Xiaoyin’s feather and said, “My bad… sorry for making you observe them for so long.”

“Ryo, this is…” Pakura looked at the silver eagle resting on Ryo’s shoulder and whispered.

“She’s Xiaoyin. She is my…” Ryo briefly explained how Xiaoyin was born to Pakura.

“Can I touch her?”

“Are you okay with that, Xiaoyin?” Ryo asked with a smile.

“Is she Ryo’s friend?”

Ryo shook his head, “Not a friend, she’s my wife.”

“Wife? Of course, you can!” Xiaoyin flapped her wings and flew to Pakura’s shoulder.

Xiaoyin’s affection brightened Pakura’s mood. Ryo didn’t bother them. Turning his head, he shifted his attention to another side.

This should be Naruto’s third encounter with Zabuza and Haku. Zabuza had taken off his white mask. He was confronting Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi. With Kakashi’s strength, confronting an Elite Jounin like Zabuza won’t be that hard.

“Pakura, do you think the one over there is a boy or a girl?” Ryo pointed at Haku and asked.

Following Ryo’s direction, Pakura saw Haku and observed the person. “She should be a girl. She has no Adam’s apple, and her body’s like a girl’s.”

Hearing this, Ryo relaxed. If Haku was a man, it would be awful.

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