Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 414


Although they didn’t get any information from Kurotsuchi, Ryo was determined that Onoki wouldn’t do it now.

Ryo left an Ice Body Clone to monitor her and teleported to the third exam venue. 

Ryo’s sudden appearance surprised everyone. 

“Ryo, why are you here? Weren’t you observing the Iwagakure Ninja?” Kakashi asked.

“I caught one of their strongest Ninja. I don’t think they will launch an attack now.” 

“Iwagakure? Attack? What are you talking about?” Kurenai asked with a confused expression. 

“You don’t know?” 

“In this operation, Hokage-sama didn’t inform all Jounin,” Asuma explained. 

“It’s fine, just tell her.” Ryo smiled. 

Asuma nodded and relayed the information to Kurenai. After hearing this, Kurenai was terrified. She didn’t expect trouble lurking with the Chunin Exam. 

“Well, let’s stop this topic. The next game is about to start! It would be a sibling clash! It’s going to be good!” 

Hearing this, they turned their heads on Hinata and Neji in the arena. They were both Hyuga.

After Hayate Gekko announced the duel started, they turned on their Byakugans and posed for a Gentle Fist. 

“Hinata, you can’t win. Just give up now!” 

“Neji nii-sama. Even if I can’t win, I want to fight you with all I had!” 

Neji sighed. As she grew up, although she looked weak, no one could change her decision once she decided on something—no one except that guy.

Neji glanced at Naruto on the stands who made Hinata won’t give up. 

“Hinata, you were the Princess of the Main Family. Now, you’re the daughter of the Hyuga Clan Leader. Why do you like that kid?” 

Hinata froze, wondering why suddenly Neji asked about it.

“Sorry, forget it, Hinata! Let’s talk about it later! We have to focus on the exam! And I won’t go easy on you.” After talking, Neji concentrated his Chakra on his hands and faced Hinata using Hyuga’s Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm Jutsu. 

Hinata quickly dodged to the right. Neji seemed to read Hinata’s movement and aimed to the right, hitting her chest with one palm, making her fall to the ground. 

Struggling to get up from the ground, seeing Naji’s silhouette raised her sense of powerlessness. ‘That’s right, Neji nii-sama is strong, I can’t win against him!’

When Hinata was down, Naruto shouted from the stand. “Hinata, do your best! Don’t give up just yet!” 

Hinata froze and smiled. Her eyes filled with determination. Neji fiercely glared at Naruto. If she gave up, he wouldn’t have to hurt her. This guy really knew how to be a hassle.

Not knowing what was going on in Neji’s mind, Hinata rushed towards him and started the Gentle Fist duel.

She was confident. She didn’t want to disappoint Naruto, but she was hit and fell all over again, and finally lost her consciousness and collapsed.

Seeing Hinata fall, an inexplicable emotion rose in his heart. After a moment of hesitation, Naruto rushed towards Hinata. 

Ryo looked at Naruto, who was rushing towards Hinata, interested. “Is he okay?” 

When he reached her, Hinata was already carried on the stretcher by medical Ninja.

Looking at Hinata’s bruised body, he was distressed and angry. He fiercely gazed at Neji. “After this exam, I’ll take my revenge for Hinata!”

Hearing this, Neji was stunned. His long-lost feelings emerged again, just like a farmer when their crops were damaged by wild boars.

Neji was different from the original Manga. The situation when Kumogakure kidnapped Hinata was also different.

And he still had his father, under Hizashi’s teaching, Neji acted like a guard to protect his younger cousin. 

After Ryo’s doing, the Hyuga Branch House system was eliminated, and Neji’s status was equal to Hinata.

Since then, Neji had awakened a siscon attribute. As a siscon, Neji felt guilty after hurting his younger sister. Naruto’s statement only made him even more irritated. 

Neji coldly snorted. “Hmph! It’s been too long since I want to punch your face!” 

They both glared fiercely until Hinata was carried away from the arena, and Naruto followed along.

Ahem… the victor is Hyuuga Neji! Next, Konoha’s Rock Lee vs. Sunagakure’s Gaara!” 

Lee and Gaara came to the arena at the same time from the opposite direction. As soon as Lee entered the arena, Guy was nervous. 

“Guy, this kid looked exactly like you!” Asuma smiled. 

Guy shook his head. “Not just from his appearance. Lee is a Ninja who specializes in Taijutsu like me! And he worked harder than me!” 

Hearing this, Kurenai was surprised. “Specializes in Taijutsu just like you? So the kid’s innate talent is just as bad as you?”

Guy spoke in a serious tone. “No, Lee has no innate talent for Ninjutsu at all. He depends solely on Taijutsu!” 

“But… I heard his opponent is Suna’s Jinchuuriki. And he can use Bijuu’s power, just like Naruto.” Kurenai was concerned. 

“It’s not a problem! Lee is very strong!” 

Kakashi suddenly asked. “Guy, do you think your disciple will win?”

Shaking his head, Guy replied. “I’m not sure, but one thing for certain, Lee will do his best! He had been looking forward to this kind of fight!” 

“Really? Then he’s exactly just like you!” After that, Kakashi turned his attention to the duel. 

Right now, the duel has begun. After a while, Lee realized his opponent was strong, so he tried his best at the beginning. 

At first, because of Lee’s speed, Gaara had difficulty controlling the sand to form an effective defense.

But as time went by, he was finally familiar with Lee’s speed. Gaara gave up the sand control. And the sand itself forms a defense. 

He himself used a part of Shukaku’s Chakra to form two Sand Eyes. With his Spiritual Strength and Chakra, he could organize an effective defense without controlling the sand. 

With an extra pair of eyes to observe Lee’s movement, Gaara had toppled Lee’s speed advantage.

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