Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 504


The Five Kages Summit has not yet officially started, and each village has been on each other’s throats. The five Great Ninja Villages present were all very alert to the other four villages, except between Konoha and Sunagakure Ninja because Yamanaka Ryo and his relationship with Pakura were relatively peaceful.
Mifune sighed helplessly. The current situation was even more complicated than he expected.
It took a long time for Five Kages to calm down, and Mifune immediately started to arrange Five Kages to sit in the seat he had prepared in advance.
The second Five Kages conference in years finally began…
When the meeting started, Fourth Raikage was the first to speak as the initiator of the meeting, “Today, you are called here with only one purpose, and that is to hope that Ninja Village can unite to face Akatsuki as their enemy. All of you must have known about Akatsuki’s dangers. Our village’s Nibi, Eight-tailed Jinchūriki, was captured. Konoha was attacked by Akatsuki some time ago. Sunagakure was also attacked. Kazekage was injured, and such organizations have threatened the safety of Ninja World. “
“Cough cough! What? Raikage, wait a minute!” Namikaze Minato interrupted Four Raikage with a dry cough.
“Is there anything wrong, Hokage?” Fourth Raikage frowned, asked.
“Your village’s Eight-tailed Jinchūriki should be fine. When we arrived, we had sensed the Chakra in Hachibi.”
“What? Hokage, are you telling the truth?” The Fourth Raikage got up from the chair and asked excitedly.
“Of course, it’s true. I won’t crack a joke like this. I’ll let Ryo tell you the location of Eight-tailed Jinchūriki later.”
“You have my gratitude!” Fourth Raikage said solemnly.
Namikaze Minato smiled nodded.
After such an episode, Fourth Raikage continued to talk about the dangers of Akatsuki, and Namikaze Minato secretly communicated with Yamanaka Ryo: “Ryo, do you know where Hachibi is?”
“Well, Minato, you also know that the person who arrested Hachibi was Sasuke. The strength of Hachibi cannot be caught by Sasuke, so I kept my eyes and went to see where Hachibi went right now. “
“I see. Your luck is really good. With such care, you can get a Raikage’s favor Today.”
Yamanaka Ryo laughed, not answering.
Unconsciously, the Five Kages conference has been going on for more than an hour. During this hour, the Five Kages have unified their attitude towards Akatsuki. Akatsuki’s capture of Bijuu and other activities have indeed violated the interests of the Five Great Ninja Village.
The other four kages agreed, and Fourth Raikage was ready to announce the end of the meeting. After knowing that Killer B was okay, Fourth Raikage could not wait to find him.
“It seems you have reached a consensus on this matter, so this meeting should also….”
Before he could finish his sentence, Obito, together with a black-robed man, appeared out of thin air and entered the conference room.
Everyone present was stunned, and then the expression became serious.
“Is this masked man…. Obito?” Namikaze Minato reached Yamanaka Ryo through sound transmission.
Yamanaka Ryo nodded.
After getting a reply from Yamanaka Ryo, Namikaze Minato has a worried look at Obito.
Obito didn’t know that Minato was looking at him, sneered, and said, “Your meeting is over. Now it’s our turn.”
All Ninjas above Elite Jōnin were present, and Obito’s words were undoubtedly a provocation.
The hot-tempered Fourth Raikage took the lead in launching the attack. Raiton Chakra Mode broke out, he jumped directly from the chair, flashing lightning, and Raikage appeared in front of Obito in a blink of an eye. His arm fiercely smashed into Obito.
“As expected of Raikage, such a superb Instant Lightning body, should be able to rank in the top three in Ninja World, that masked man is dead now.” Chojuro admired.
“Raikage’s Raiton Taijutsu is very strong, but it doesn’t have any effect. Raikage’s attacks have just passed through the masked man.” Byakugan was there, and Ao saw more than Chojuro.
‘This guy’s technique is a bit strange. Why does Raikage’s attack fail? Is the masked man’s speed ​​so fast that Byakugan can’t even see it?’
Thinking of this, Ao leaning down quietly and said to Terumī Mei, “Mizukage-sama, I don’t think Raikage can cope with that masked man. Should we help Raikage?”
“No need, someone already did it,” Terumī Mei pointed at Ōnoki.
Ao looked up and found a square transparent body in Ōnoki’s hand. When Raikage’s attack stopped, he saw the opportunity. The square transparent body became larger and locked Obito and the black-robed man in the transparent body.
“Well, well…. Isn’t this Kekkei Tōta? I didn’t expect someone in your age would make Kekkei Tōta.” The black-robed man said in surprise.
“You still have time to throw sarcasm here? Hurry go into the time-space with me.”
The black-robed man waved his hand and said, “No need.”
After speaking, a strange position appeared around the black-robed man’s body, and Jinton was broken down by this position in the next second.
Ōnoki is startled. Usually, the target will disintegrate. He did not expect that his technique will be broken down by others Today.
Yamanaka Ryo also showed an interesting expression. When the black-robed man decomposed Jinton just now, Yamanaka Ryo sensed a fluctuation in Spiritual Strength, which means that the decomposition of Jinton was likely to be Dojutsu of black-robed man Rinnegan.
“Ryo, aren’t you going to help? This black-robed man seems to pose a problem.” Kakashi whispered.
“I think they are very motivated to face him. Let them play first!”
Hearing this, Kakashi nodded. He had nothing more to say.
Next, Terumī Mei and Gaara also take on him. Ninjutsu of Four Kages worked with each other and caused some trouble for the black-robed man. As for Obito, he hid in Kamui space. The people present except Namikaze Minato, and Yamanaka Ryo could not take him.
The attack of the four Kages made the black-robed man particularly uncomfortable. Finally, when the black-robed man was bound by Gaara’s sand, a red aperture appeared.
The aperture flashed, and powerful energy exploded around the black-robed man. The four Kages were also blown away by this power, and the black robe of the black-robed man was also broken, revealing the true body inside.
He was dressed in white-clothed, with horns on the left and right sides of his forehead, a red Rinnegan on his eyebrow, Byakugan’s eyes, and a red aperture floating behind him.
“Is this the member of Ōtsutsuki Clan? His chakra is about the same amount as half Kyuubi.” Namikaze Minato muttered to himself.
“Minato-nii, I’m going to play, and it’s time to get in action after watching the show for so long.”
After finishing speaking, the silhouette of Yamanaka Ryo appeared in the center of the venue, and the black-robed man looked at Ryo.
“Introduce yourself! My name is Yamanaka Ryo.”
The black-robed man ignored Yamanaka Ryo’s words, raised his hand, and shot lightning at Yamanaka Ryo.

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