Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 505


Facing the lightning of the black-robed man, Yamanaka Ryo had no intention of dodging.

When the lightning was about to hit him, a wave of ice and fog appeared from the soles of his feet. The lightning that touched the ice and mist was instantly frozen, and the black-robed man was frozen. What he didn’t expect was that Frost even followed his lightning and went to freeze his arms.

The black-robed man had a surprised look at his arm, then turned his eyes to Yamanaka Ryo with an expression of interest.

“Yamanaka Ryo? Funny. I didn’t expect that there are such strong people besides the two of them in this world.”

As the black-robed man shook his arm, Yamanaka Ryo’s ice fell off his arm.

“You are also very interesting. You can decompose my ice.” Yamanaka Ryo’s attack did not use Rinnegan’s power, but his ice has been merged with Inyoton. Even if he didn’t activate Rinnegan, it should not be easily cracked in this way.

Black-robed man’s face became hard. As a member of the Ōtsutsuki Clan, he has a natural sense of superiority. It’s okay for him to say that Yamanaka Ryo’s ability was alright. But hearing Yamanaka Ryo said the same thing to him, in his opinion, was an insult.

The red circle behind the black-robed man flashed, and Raiton Chakra appeared on his body the same as when Fourth Raikage used Raiton Chakra Mode.

Then in a blink of an eye, a black-robed man appeared in front of Yamanaka Ryo, raised his arm fiercely, and smashed him.

“Raikage, isn’t this the technique you used to attack the masked man just now?” Ōnoki asked seriously.

Well, I didn’t expect this guy to be able to imitate the Railton Chakra Mode and Taijutsu at first glance.”

“The enemy this time is not an easy one. Akatsuki has such an expert… Raikage, do you think Yamanaka Ryo can win?”

“If he can’t win, everyone here will die.”

Fourth Raikage didn’t answer directly because he didn’t know who was better, but instead, he said the consequences if Yamanaka Ryo lost.

Hearing this, Ōnoki didn’t say anything, and he turned his eyes to the center of the venue.


Raiton Chakra Mode was the most frequently used technique by Yamanaka Ryo before Hyoton’s power was developed to the extreme. It can be said that it was one of his signature Ninjutsu. Now the black-robed man uses Raiton Chakra Mode to attack Yamanaka Ryo.

The same Raiton Chakra Mode, the same Raiton Armor, the two lightning flashes in the center of the venue, the fist-to-fist battle between Yamanaka Ryo and the black-robed man continued. 

The Raiton Chakra on both of them became more violent, and the air was filled with static electricity. The Kages and the guards’ hair began to stand up.

Their speed ​​was getting faster and faster; at first, everyone could see their silhouette. But now, only Kakashi and Obito, who have Mangekyō, can distinguish who the two flashes of lightning are.


The deafening loud explosion sounded in the center of the venue. The two silhouettes entangled with Raiton Chakra finally stopped.

The exploding smoke dispersed, everyone sucked in a cold breath because they saw that the Raiton Chakra Mode of Yamanaka Ryo had disappeared. A large hole appeared in his body, which seemed to be penetrated by a fist.

And the body of the black-robed man was still entangled with Raiton Chakra, and no apparent scars were seen on his body.

“Yamanaka Ryo lost! This… how is this possible?!” Temari on the side looked unbelievable.

Other people responded similarly to Temari, except Ōnoki and Namikaze Minato, who remained calm.

“Sensei, aren’t you worried?” Kakashi asked strangely when Namikaze Minato was so calm.

“There is nothing to worry about. Ryo is okay.”

Namikaze Minato’s tone barely fell, and Sure enough, the hole in Yamanaka Ryo’s body slowly disappeared.

“I didn’t expect that I would lose to you in the Raiton contest, but thanks to your effort, I can understand some of your situations. It’s my turn.”

Yamanaka Ryo’s tone barely fell. Black-robed man’s consciousness was drawn into Genjutsu World.


The surrounding scenery changes, but it didn’t affect the black-robed man’s mentality too much.

Facing the endless snow and ice of the World of Ice, the red aperture behind the black-robed man flashes, and snow can no longer approach him.

Then the black-robed man made a seal with both hands… His Rinnegan on his forehead turned on, and the ice and snow in the Ice World centered on him were decomposed into natural Chakra and eyes power.

Yamanaka Ryo laughed and controlled natural Chakra with his Dojutsu, and once again, the snow and ice swept away towards the black-robed man. The two sides just stalemate as the cycle comes back to the start.

After a long time, the black-robed man has run out of Chakra. Yamanaka Ryo had Korin’s help, so he hasn’t run out of natural Chakra. Although the Chakra of the black-robed man was comparable to half of a Kyuubi, it also had its limit.

The black-robed man started to be a little nervous. His action gradually became uncontrolled and got crazier, constantly destroying the Ice World. Unfortunately, this was all futile as it only sped up the consumption of his Chakra.

The black-robed man knew that he couldn’t go on like this, and otherwise, he couldn’t convey his message to them. So the black-robed man slowly floated up the red circle behind him. Rinnegan’s eyes power increased through the red circle and instantly broke down the ice at the corner of the Ice World.


After opening a gap, the black-robed man immediately escaped the ice world through gap.

As soon as the soul of the black-robed man came to the outside world, he automatically returned to his own body. At this time, he knew that the space just now was just between fantasy and reality.

In the Ice World, the black-robed man consumed a lot of Chakra, and he knew that he couldn’t fight anymore. “I didn’t expect the natives of Ninja World to have this kind of strength!

But everything was not over yet…

“Today, I came here to declare war. Our purpose is Hachibi and Kyuubi. Because you wouldn’t kindly surrender it to us, then there’s only one way left, which is battle. Yamanaka Ryo, this time I was careless. But I will win next time we meet.”

“Just like he said, the Fourth Shinobi World War has begun! I look forward to your performance.”

After speaking, Obito disappeared from the venue with a black-robed man.


After a while, everyone in the conference room recovered, and everyone’s expression seemed extremely serious.

Cough cough, as far as I know, Akatsuki doesn’t have a lot of manpower. Except for those S-rank Missing-nin, they shouldn’t have so much fighting strength. What do they use to start the war? Should we be alarmed by this?” Ōnoki said.

“Tsuchikage, you know what it is. Deidara should have told you about it, but Deidara’s information was not complete. There is a guy named White Zetsu in Akatsuki, and they make their Body Clone in Mugen. After going through special methods, these Body Clones can have ordinary Chunin’s strength. If he splits up 5 and even 10 million Body Clones, plus those S-rank missing-nin leaders, he can be the enemy of the entire Ninja World.” Yamanaka Ryo said lightly.

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