Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 506


“Equal to Chunin level strength? Our five Great Ninja Villages don’t have so many Ninjas altogether,” Gaara said.
Everyone looks at each other in dismay and eventually nods, and they have to admit this objective fact.
“According to the number of Ninjas in each village, I don’t think there are many people with Chunin level… but we also have Special Jōnin, Jōnin, Elite Jōnin, which should make up for the lack of numbers.”
After listening to Ōnoki’s words, Fourth Raikage burst out laughing: “Haha! Ōnoki, you old stubborn man. Are you planning to use us?”
Hearing this, Ōnoki said seriously: “10 million Chunin, many S-Rank Missing-nin, and the black-robed man and masked man. If we don’t unite, there is no possibility of winning at all, you know too. Come on!”
“Well, that’s true.” Terumī Mei agreed first.
“We, Sunagakure, are also willing to unite.” Gaara immediately stated.
“Konoha agrees too.” Namikaze Minato asked Yamanaka Ryo for his opinion and agreed.
The other three Ninja Villages agreed, and Ōnoki turned to Fourth Raikage and asked, “How about you, Raikage? Is Kumogakure willing to fight this enemy together?”
“To be honest, I am very unwilling to cooperate with you. Especially you, Ōnoki, who killed my father, and you Yamanaka Ryo, many Kumogakure ninjas died in your hands. But I have no choice. The enemy this time is too powerful. I hope you two can come up with the imposing manner and strength that defeated our Kumogakure Ninja before to help Ninja World win this war. Kumogakure will join in!”
After the Fourth Raikage agreed, the Ninja Coalition was officially announced.
“Since it is a coalition, it is necessary to choose a leader. Who wants to be the leader?”
“I don’t think there is anyone here that ‘wants’ to be a leader! Ōnoki, your question is a bit redundant. I think it should be said, who ‘can be’ the leader.” Namikaze Minato said with a smile.
“Hokage’s opinion makes sense. This leader is not just any leader. Ability-wise, the strongest among Five Kages is Hokage, and the most experienced in combat is Tsuchikage. The leader should choose between them.” Gaara suggested.
“Why choose from Five Kages? Some people were more powerful than Five Kages.” Said Terumī Mei looked towards Yamanaka Ryo aside.
Everyone froze, then all turned to Yamanaka Ryo.
Yamanaka Ryo did not expect that everyone’s eyes would suddenly come to him, but when he was about to suggest something, Fourth Raikage started to talk first: “I think Mizukage makes sense. Among Ninja World’s experts, he is so respected. If it’s him, I can accept it.”
“Yamanaka Ryo is the one who can fight that black-robed man too! I agree.”
“Raikage, Tsuchikage agree, we Kirigakure can’t be more satisfied with this decision. How about you, Konoha and Sunagakure?” Terumī Mei asked Namikaze Minato and Gaara.
“Ryo is from Konoha, and we have no reason to object.”
“Sunagakure too.”
Just as Yamanaka Ryo was still in the aggressive status, his leader’s position had been determined.
“Wait a minute, aren’t you all a bit too arbitrary? I don’t have much experience in combat command, and it may cause a problem to make me a leader!”
Namikaze Minato said with a smile: “Ryo, we don’t need you to give any order, just to take the position of leader. This position is symbolic, an undefeated symbol, and you must have enough strength to sit there. To make you a leader is to see your strength. An invincible leader can greatly improve the morale of the coalition.”
“Hokage-sama is right. We don’t need you to give any combat orders. Ninja World has a lot of smart people, but the strongest is only one. So, don’t quit.” Ao said seriously.
Although the others did not say anything, they all had the same expression in their eyes. Yamanaka Ryo had no choice but to take over the leader position of the Ninja Alliance.
Just as Yamanaka Ryo took over the Ninja Alliance leader, Mount Myōboku’s sleeping Great Toad Sage suddenly opened his eyes.
The wake of Great Toad Sage caused a great commotion. Fukasaku and Shima Sennin immediately came to Great Toad Sage.
Before waiting for Fukasaku Sennin to ask, Great Toad started to talk to him: “Shinobi World War is about to start!”
“Old Codger, what nonsense are you talking about? Now, Ninja World is peaceful. How can there be war, are you confused or something?”
“Dad, respect the Great Toad Sage! But now, the situation at Ninja World is exactly what he said. Great Toad Sage, are you perhaps seeing it wrong?”
Great Toad Sage shook his head: “It wasn’t that I was mistaken. It was the prophecy that took effect. I had dreamed before that it would lead to a war far away, and now this has been announced! The scale of this battle is unprecedented. Tell the toads of Mount Myōboku that they must be careful when they are summoned, don’t be impulsive….”
With that being said, Great Toad Sage once again closed the eyes and fell asleep.
“Dad, immediately tell all the toads in Mount Myōboku what the Great Toad Sage had told us.”
“But, Dear! I think that Old Codger just spouts nonsense!”
“Great Toad Sage’s prediction never made a mistake, and so this time too.” Fukasaku Sennin’s expression became serious after finished speaking.
On the other side, Obito took the black-robed man to one base of Akatsuki.
The black-robed man and Yamanaka Ryo’s battle just now made Obito more afraid of him.
So, after Obito decided to deal with him, he immediately asked the Black White Zetsu to help transplant Rinnegan. Only when he owns Rinnegan and masters the Gedō Mazō that he won’t be restricted by him.
The black-robed man didn’t know Obito’s thoughts. After confirming the safety around him, the black-robed man recovered Chakra by himself.
Obito sees the eyes shrink. The current status of black-robed man wasn’t good. Maybe there was a chance…
But before he acted, a man suddenly appeared outside the base, slowly walking towards the base… Obito frowned.
After confirming who was coming, Obito immediately dismissed his thoughts.
“What should I call you for the first time? A fake Uchiha Madara?” Senju Hashirama asked.
“Are you the one who was brought back by Edo Tensei or the real Senju Hashirama?”
“Of course, it is the former. I dare not let First Hokage regain his consciousness, and I can’t control the First Hokage.”
Obito, hearing this relaxed, said, “Just call me Tobi.”
“Tobi? It’s a simple name, okay. I’m here to help guard you. You can leave. Thank you for taking care of him.”
“Wait, I want to know how many previous top ninja you have summoned. Aren’t we partners? There should be no problem telling me that information!”

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