Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 507


“Alright then. I’ll tell you about it, but I also have a condition.” Said Yakushi Kabuto, who controlled Senju Hashirama.
Obito did not agree immediately. Instead, he asked cautiously, “What do you want?”
“I also want to know one thing about Yamanaka Ryo. According to my investigation, Yamanaka Ryo wiped out the Root of Konoha and killed Danzō a few years ago. But he was kind enough to let go of the Root member. Where are these people right now? “
Obito had a strange feeling. This person named Yakushi Kabuto asks about Root, something that he happened to know.
Obito knew it because he used Root to let Black Zetsu help limit a part of Danzō’s curse seal.
Unfortunately, before this person had time to play a role, Root was destroyed. He and other Root members were taken to a base training Anbu outside Konoha, lifted the Genjutsu, and after that, Obito lost contact with them.
Obito told Yakushi Kabuto about the information he knew.
After listening to Obito, Yakushi Kabuto sighed and said, “Okay, thank you for your information. According to the agreement, I will tell you how many ninja experts I have summoned this time.”
After speaking, Yakushi Kabuto made a hand seal. All the coffins rose from the ground. Obito glanced at more than 50 coffins before him.
“These are Ninjas above Elite Jōnin level. As for the others, they are summoned to find them. By the way, a few days ago, I also got a new one and summoned him.” Yakushi Kabuto controlled one of the coffins to open.
“Nagato! You even know Pain’s secrets, and you can summon Nagato.”
“Hehe, this is not difficult, especially after we cooperate.”
Obito’s expression changed. If what Yakushi Kabuto said was true, then that means that Nagato’s information was leaked from him.
“Well, Mr. Tobi, our deal is over, and you should leave!”
Obito nodded. He didn’t have a chance to do anything to the black-robed man when he stayed here, and now he wants to go back and ask why the black White Zetsu leaked the information.
After Obito’s departure, Senju Hashirama’s expression controlled by Yakushi Kabuto became full of wrath.
“Yamanaka Ryo, Yamanaka Ryo! It’s all your fault! Because of your kindness to not kill the Root person, it will kill her. Konoha, Root, Yamanaka Ryo, I won’t let you go!”
At the same time, after the leader of the Ninja Alliance was established in the Country of Iron, the people of each Ninja Village dispersed and went back to call each village’s Ninja to prepare for the upcoming war.
Before leaving, Yamanaka Ryo told Raikage about Killer B’s location, and Raikage then left with Darui and Nozomi.
Namikaze Minato returned to Hokage’s Office with Yamanaka Ryo and Kakashi with teleport and immediately ordered Anbu members to notify all Konoha higher-ups to hold a meeting.
A few minutes later, the conference room was full. Namikaze Minato got straight to the point and told everyone about the Fourth Shinobi World War.
After listening to Namikaze Minato’s words, the meeting room exploded instantly, and people were buzzing discussing it with themselves.
Uchiha Futama was the first one to stand up and asked, “Hokage-sama, you mean that we will work together with another village to face the Shinobi World War? “
“Yes! The enemies we face this time need the strength of the entire Ninja World to unite in order to win.”
“But other Ninja Villages were once our enemies, Hokage-sama. Are you sure they won’t stab our back?”
Uchiha Futama’s tone barely fell, and the Clan Leader of Sarutobi Clan stood up and said, “He’s right, Hokage-sama. We don’t believe these people, and these people don’t believe us. Konoha has you, Ryo-sama, and so many high-level Ninja. There are a dozen Elite Jōnin. There is no need to cooperate with them. We can protect ourselves. “
“Hokage-sama, we from Hyuga Clan also feel that other Ninja Villages are too unreliable, let alone to trust them.”
Konoha’s top three clans objected, and the meeting room became quiet.
The atmosphere in the conference room became very tense. Nara Shikaku saw the helpless effort of the three clans, shook his head, and said, “This war may not be that simple. The three Clan Leaders need to calm down first. Let’s hear what Hokage-sama wants to say first.”
Nara Shikaku’s words made everyone turn their eyes to Namikaze Minato.
Namikaze Minato told everyone what happened at the Five Kages conference.
“If that happened, then we from Ino–Shika–Chō three clans agreed to cooperate with the other Ninja Villages.” Said Nara Shikaku. Uchiha, Sarutobi, and Hyuga Clan Leader’s expressions changed greatly.
Nara Shikaku quickly said, “Please calm down. Can you listen to my reason first?”
Seeing that there were no objections from them, Nara Shikaku relaxed and continued, “Just like Hokage-sama said very clearly just now. On enemies’ side, they have 10.000 Chunin level ninja, a black-robed man who can go on par with Yamanaka Ryo. There is another mysterious mask man who can ignore the Four Kage attack, and maybe other S-rank Missing-nin….”
“….Such enemies can’t easily be defeated if we do not join forces.”
Hyuga Hiashi frowned and said, “So you mean Konoha can’t withstand these people’s attacks?”
“Maybe we can make it out somehow if it’s just Konoha. But what about the Country of Fire? In the face of massive Chunin level ninja, we can only passively defend, at most, to ensure the safety of Konoha’s perimeter. In this case, what should we do to protect the Country of Fire? Without the Country of Fire, Konoha will disappear.”
“Is there any other merit from cooperating with other Ninja Villages?”
“If the five Ninja Villages are united, we will have more manpower so we can station these ninjas to block the enemy in some deserted places at the border. In this way, the war will not spread to the Country of Fire, nor will it spread to Konoha, which will be a better choice to protect our loved ones and companions.”
Nara Shikaku’s words shook the audience again.
While everyone was hesitating, Namikaze Minato took the opportunity to relay a message, “I forgot to mention it, but this time, the leader of the Ninja Alliance is Yamanaka Ryo.”
The meeting room was quiet again, and everyone who had previously opposed it agreed a moment later.
Now that they know Yamanaka Ryo is the leader of the Ninja Alliance, the final concerns of the Konoha high-ups have been dispelled.
“Now that everyone agrees… let’s count the natural resources reserves of every clan and report it to me. The financial situation on the village side will be given to Jiraiya sensei. Can you do it?”
Jiraiya nodded. “No problem.”

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