Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 508


The news of the forthcoming outbreak of the Fourth Shinobi World War soon spread throughout Konoha, and the villagers were depressed.
Konoha’s high level was busy preparing for the war and didn’t care to sort out the villagers’ emotions. There were various rumors in the Village, and everyone was tense.
Naruto and his friends also felt something wrong and ran back to ask what happened to their parents. These children were the successors of each clan, and the parents do not plan to hide it from them, and soon they will understand what happened.
On the afternoon of this day, Konoha’s eleven ninja team came to the third training stadium together, exchanging information obtained from their parents.
“I heard from my family that this battle seemed to be a joint battle of the five Great Ninja Villages against Akatsuki.” The first speaker was Hyūga Neji.
“I heard the same news as Neji, and my mother told me that,” Ino said.
Hinata, Ino, Chōji, Shino were the same. No valuable information was mentioned besides that. As for Lee, Sakura, and Tenten, the three of them are commoner Ninja, so they know less.
“I have some different information here, and my father said that it was to protect Kyuubi in Naruto and Hachibi of Kumogakure,” Shikamaru said lightly.
“Is it so? Naruto, do you know anything about it?” Neji asked.
“Well, I heard my mother said the same.”
“So… then, does that mean Naruto will not participate in this war?” Hinata asked quietly, looking at Naruto.
Shikamaru shook his head: “No, that’s not the case. This time the Village intends to let Naruto participate directly.”
Everyone who heard this was startled.
Neji frowned and said, “Isn’t the cause of this war is to rob Kyuubi in the first place? Hiding Naruto is the best option! Shikamaru, is your information reliable? “
“This is what my father said, and there should be nothing false in there. I also find it strange that Village would make such a choice. Naruto, do you know anything more?”
Naruto scratched his head, recalling what Kushina said yesterday: “Naruto, this war was fought to protect you, but neither of you nor your father wants you to hide and accept the protection of others. We hope you can use your strength to protect yourself.”
Kiba shoved Naruto. “Naruto, what are you doing?! We are asking if you know something about that information!”
“Oh, sorry, sorry! Maybe it looks strange, but I should be participating in this war.”
“As expected, it seems that this is the decision of both Hokage-sama and Kushina-sama,” Shikamaru said seriously.
“Shikamaru, don’t make that face! Speaking of which based on Naruto’s current strength, entering Sage Mode can be regarded as a relatively powerful battle strength, and you should be eligible to participate in the war.” Chōji said while eating potato chips.
“This is not a question of eligibility. In my opinion, there are only two possibilities for Naruto to participate in this war. First, Naruto’s strength has been powerful enough, even comparable to the general Hokage level of Ninja, which means he can protect himself on the battlefield and can play a huge role. Second, when we are defeated, Naruto has to stand up and protect himself. With Naruto’s current strength, maybe they will choose a later option. It is very likely that….”
“I’m surprised! You have such a wild imagination…”
Shikamaru was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Yamanaka Ryo before he finished speaking.
Seeing Yamanaka Ryo, they all startled and said hello to Yamanaka Ryo.
Yamanaka Ryo waved his hand and said, “Okay, we’ve seen each other so many times. No need to be so formal. The two options that Shikamaru said just now may not be wrong, but he was so pessimistic about us and Naruto that he thought the second option would be the best….”
“….Now I tell you that Naruto’s performance on the battlefield will amaze you, kids. Naruto is your companion and your competitive rival, so you have to keep it up with him! Don’t be obscured by Naruto’s rays of light!”
After saying that, Yamanaka Ryo took Naruto and left.
“Wait! Ryo-sama is so cruel! He himself took Naruto to train and said to us to keep up,” Tenten muttered.
“That’s it, that’s it! Don’t let that thought overcome you. I, myself, will show it to him and everyone that I am the best candidate for Hokage. Right, Akamaru?”
Akamaru glanced over his head and ignored him.
“Kiba, don’t spout nonsense at times like this because everyone believes that Naruto will become Hokage.” Shino showed no mercy and added a word that pierced right through Kiba’s heart.
The others all smiled at the two banter. But they also keep in their mind to be sure to protect Naruto, and must not let Naruto stand alone in this war.
On the other side, Yamanaka Ryo took Naruto teleport to Otogakure, where Kushina and Namikaze Minato were already waiting.
“Father, mother? Why are you here?”
“Of course, to help you enhance your strength. This time you will go to a special place with your mother, and with the help of your mother and Kurama, you will adapt to the full power of Kurama as soon as possible. When you can fully master it, that will be your cue to participate in this war.” Namikaze Minato said seriously.
“I see. I will work hard!”
Namikaze Minato’s expression was full of satisfaction when he heard Naruto’s answer. He patted Naruto’s head and said, “I believe you can do it!”
Minato took Kushina and his son to teleport to one of Kaguya’s spaces.
At the same time, in another space in Kaguya, a giant purple shot from a bow and arrow killed the last White Zetsu in this space.
With the death of White Zetsu, the purple giant also disappeared, and the black flame that swept over most of the space gradually extinguished, leaving only a youngster with bloody tears in the corner of the large space, lying there breathing heavily.
After a while, Sasuke’s ear caught a familiar voice, “Sasuke, good job! Congratulations on your success in controlling Susanoo’s power.”
“Ryo-sama? Is that you?” Sasuke asked as he stood from the ground and turned to the voice.
“Well, it’s me! It looks like your Mangekyō has reached its limit, and it’s about time for you to blend into Itachi’s eyes.”
After that, Yamanaka Ryo took Sasuke and teleported to Orochimaru’s laboratory.
“Uncle Snake, are you ready?”
Orochimaru nodded: “Well, I’m fine. What about Sasuke? Is he ready to hold the eternal Mangekyō?”
Yamanaka Ryo laughed. “He is now! Sasuke, lay down on the bed in front of you, and we help you open the eternal Mangekyō!”
Sasuke nodded, crawled up to the bed, and after he lay down, Yamanaka Ryo snapped his fingers, and he fell asleep.

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