Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 509


Yamanaka Ryo has helped Shisui open the eternal Mangekyō before, so it is considered quite easy to do it a second time. The process of helping Sasuke to open his eyes went smoothly without encountering any problems.
After the operation was completed, Yamanaka Ryo left the Otogakure and teleported to Sunagakure and planned to mass-produce his secret weapon with Pakura for this Shinobi World War.
Yamanaka Ryo made Pakura his companion to this project even before he fell in love with her. The reason why Pakura can be his companion was that the secret weapon needs the help of Pakura’s Shakuton.
It was for this reason that Yamanaka Ryo rescued Pakura from Kirigakure, so the two had the opportunity to get to know each other and eventually bonded together.
This secret weapon has been made, and Pakura has used it before to face Sasori.
This secret weapon looks a bit similar to a grenade from Ryo’s world, except that instead of gunpowder, this grenade stores a Shakuton wrapped in Raiton.
After the Chakra is injected into the grenade, the seal on the surface of the grenade will be released. Without the seal restriction, Raiton Chakra will explode, and the Shakuton wrapped inside will also leak outside.
Raiton Chakra paralyzes the enemy’s body so they cannot escape, and the subsequent Shakuton can burn the enemy to ashes in a split second. The destructive power is terrifying.
The only problem is that the grenade is very tricky to make. It required Fūinjutsu, a large amount of compressed Raiton Chakra, and Pakura’s Shakuton.
After the experiment was successful, Yamanaka Ryo and Pakura only produced 4 grenades in case they were needed.
Now that Shinobi World War is about to begin, Yamanaka Ryo intends to make as many grenades as possible and allocate them to Ninjas of Elite Jōnin and above.
Pakura didn’t realize Yamanaka Ryo’s arrival because, at this time, she was overwhelmed by the various documents piled on her desk.
Pakura, as Sunagakure consultant Elder, was in pre-war preparations and had her hand full of various things. At this point, Pakura’s work may be busier than Gaara’s.
Yamanaka Ryo didn’t bother her and stood quietly, waiting until Pakura’s work was over.
After processing the file, Pakura stretched a little, only to find Yamanaka Ryo.
“Ryo, how long have you been there? What are you doing here?”
“I just came here a few minutes ago. Let’s go to your house!” Said Yamanaka Ryo while picking up Pakura and teleporting back to her home.
As soon as he entered the room, Yamanaka Ryo noticed the cup noodles on the table. He put Pakura on the sofa and pointed to the cup noodles on the table, and asked, “You eat this whole time?”
Pakura was a little embarrassed, “That … that, it’s because I have been too busy with my work recently, and my older sister just happened to have a child.”
Yamanaka Ryo tapped Pakura’s head and said helplessly: “Really! You have to eat properly even if you’re busy! Wait for me, I’ll make something for you… actually, forget it. Let me buy something for you.”
After he finished talking, the silhouette of Yamanaka Ryo disappeared.
After a few minutes, Yamanaka Ryo returned while holding dango and a steaming bowl of ramen.
Yamanaka Ryo put the ramen and dango on the table and rushed to Pakura, “Come, eat! It’s Ramen Ichiraku and Konoha’s dango. Didn’t you say you like it when you came last time?”
Pakura nodded. She, too, has been a bit tired of eating cup noodles for a few days. Soon they ate up ramen and dango.
Pakura touched her full belly and said with envy, “Ninjutsu of time and space, that’s great! You can eat delicious food anytime, anywhere.”
“Don’t say it like that. If Second Hokage and Minato know that the time-space barrier is used to run errands to help my wife buy food, I’m afraid they will be mad.”
“Pfft… hahahaha!” Pakura was amused by Ryo, “Ryo, your joke is as funny as always.”
After that, the two talked about the war. Yamanaka Ryo also said that he would live here for some time. Pakura was needed to supplement Shakuton to make grenades. On the other hand, Pakura’s daily life also worsened because she was busy with war preparation so having Yamanaka Ryo here to help was a relief.
Pakura was happy to hear that Yamanaka Ryo was going to stay, and they both chatted a lot that night.
At the same time, somewhere in Akatsuki’s base, Obito and Black White Zetsu together opened up a huge space underground.
Obito then transplanted a Rinnegan with the help of Black White Zetsu. Rinnegan was transplanted, and Obito felt the powerful and trembling eyes power in his eye.
This sudden Powerful power made Obito feel a bit lost, and he even wanted to transplant another Rinnegan. But Obito quickly came to his senses. He knew that no matter how much power this eye contained, it was not his own.
Obito took a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down and then using the power of Rinnegan to summon Gedō Mazō under the ground.
As soon as Gedō Mazō appeared, Black Zetsu said to White Zetsu, “White Zetsu, let’s get started!”
White Zetsu nodded, and white particles so tiny, even almost invisible to the naked eye, begin to appear on the surface of the body.
These particles quickly grow into white Zetsu after contacting Gedō Mazō’s Chakra.
Soon, the entire underground space was filled by White Zetsu’s Body Clone…
Following right after that, Obito removed the First Hokage arm that Orochimaru had cloned from Kamui space and linked the arm to Chakra, which Gedō Mazō provided to White Zetsu Body Clone.
After doing all this, Obito and Black White Zetsu left the underground space and returned to the base above.
Obito squinted, trying to familiarize himself with Rinnegan’s eyes power. White Zetsu began to arrange the barriers near the base, while Black Zetsu looked deeply worried on his side.
On the other side, Yakushi Kabuto now controls Senju Hashirama, and the black-robed man heads to the Country of Keys.
Yakushi Kabuto pointed to an empty place and said, “This is it. According to Second Hokage’s sense of space, there are times when space fluctuates here.”
The black-robed man hearing this opened his Rinnegan, and sure enough, he saw the barriers around though it was faintly discernible. The black-robed man was overjoyed, and then he tore it with a technique that Yakushi Kabuto had not seen before. The barriers in the surrounding space gradually disappeared, revealing the space inside.
The two walked in immediately, but what they didn’t expect was that there was only a section of withered tree branches in the space. He didn’t know who had destroyed the White Zetsu in space.
The tree that the black-robed man so desperately wanted to find was now withered and soon disappeared.
“Shit! Yakushi Kabuto, what’s going on? Are you making fun of me?” The black-robed man turned around angrily and asked.
“I don’t know why this happened. And you saw it too when you came in, right? The outside barrier was untouched when we arrived, and I haven’t done anything.”
“Who would it be then? No one in this world knows the space left by Kaguya. Are there other Ōtsutsuki Clan people coming? Or was it the ghosts of Ōtsutsuki Hagoromo and his brother?”

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