Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 510


“This… As far as I know, Ōtsutsuki Hagoromo and Ōtsutsuki Hamura have been dead for nearly a thousand years. Even if it’s them, I don’t think they can’t do something like this,” Yakushi Kabuto pondered for a while and answered.
“Who would it be? The barriers remain intact, but he could enter Kaguya’s space.”
The words of the black-robed man reminded Yakushi Kabuto, “Entering Kaguya’s space… Wait, I seem to know who it is! I found this space using Second Hokage’s sense ability in space. Now Hokage Namikaze Minato in Konoha village is proficient in space Ninjutsu. His sense of space should be stronger than Second Hokage, so could it be him?”
The black-robed man hearing this, began to think about the people he met at the Five Kages Summit: “Namikaze Minato, the man with blond hair?”
Yakushi Kabuto nodded. “Yes, that’s him.”
“Hmph! How dare he to hinder me! Namikaze Minato, I’ll kill him!”
“Don’t be hasty. This person improved the Flying Thunder God Technique of Second Hokage and developed more usage methods based on the technique. He is the fastest Ninja in Ninja World. But when you battle earlier, Yamanaka Ryo is faster. Now you can not only kill him but also make a bait to attract Yamanaka Ryo.”
The black-robed man ignored Yakushi Kabuto’s words and ran straight towards Konoha.
Yakushi Kabuto sighed helplessly. He unsummoned and put Senju Hashirama back into the coffin. Then he controlled Senju Tobirama to catch up with black-robed man using the Flying thunder god.
To be cautious, Yakushi Kabuto left a lot of Flying Thunder God imprints in the secret place.
Two days later, the black-robed man and Yakushi Kabuto, who controls Senju Tobirama, appeared in the Country of Fire border.
“This is the Country of Fire. Konoha’s people should place a lot of guards around the Country of Fire, most of them Hyuga Clan and Aburame Clan. About the Hyuga Clan, I told you before that they also have Byakugan. You should know about Byakugan, right? As for the Aburame Clan, their clansman is all good at manipulating all kinds of insects. These insects have different functions, some absorb Chakra, and some can help detect people. In short, it is very troublesome.”
The black-robed man nodded when he heard this, opened Byakugan, and observed the surroundings, confirming that there were no insects of the Aburame clan and Hyuga clansman before proceeding.
Using the same method, one day later, the black-robed man and Yakushi Kabuto avoided all the investigations. They arrived at the entrance of Konoha village.
“The person I control now is Second Hokage. It will cause unnecessary trouble if I make an appearance too. Now you’re on your own. Also, if you find something wrong, come back quickly. I left a Flying thunder god imprint along the way and can take you away immediately.”
Yakushi Kabuto’s repeated exhortations made the black-robed man uncomfortable. In his eyes, everyone in Ninja World was trash except Yamanaka Ryo. He can crush them alone. Yakushi Kabuto’s worry was completely unnecessary.
After dealing with Yakushi Kabuto’s warning, the black-robed man came directly to Konoha’s gate.
The security department member in charge of the guard was struck by a black-robed man as soon as they were about to ask.
After the other security department people saw someone invade them, they immediately acted and surrounded the black-robed man.
“What a shame! To think that my clan’s Byakugan was in a loser hand like you.” The black-robed man glanced at the leading Hyūga Hizashi and said disdainfully.
Just before Hyūga Hizashi was about to ask, he found that he couldn’t move. He didn’t know when his Tenketsu was blocked. The other members of the guards at the scene also lost their mobility.
“This is the true usage of Byakugan! You people need to learn a little from the native!”
After speaking, the black-robed man continued to walk inside the village.
“Hizashi Elder, what exactly happened just now? He was not using Gentle Fist. How could he seal our Tenketsu?”
Hyūga Hizashi shook his head: “I don’t know, it’s the first time I’ve encountered such a thing.”
“He said my clan, did he mean that this person is also a member of the Ōtsutsuki Clan of the moon?”
“Oh! It doesn’t have to be like that. The Ōtsutsuki family name holder was not only limited to the people on Moon.” Hyūga Hizashi sighed.
Right now, no one in Konoha could block the black robed-man. Even Anbu Ninja can’t stop him at all. Just when everyone falls into desperation, Kakashi and Uchiha Fugaku arrive.
When Kakashi saw the black-robed man, his expression instantly became serious.
“Kakashi, who is this guy?”
“He’s the black-robed man whom we fought at Five Kages Summit.”
Upon hearing this, Uchiha Fugaku’s expression changed greatly, “What? It’s him! How did this guy come to Konoha?”
The black-robed man was a little excited and changed his looks at Kakashi and asked, “Hey! I remember you are the guard of Namikaze Minato! Tell me where he is!”
Kakashi coldly snorted without answering the black-robed man’s question. Fugaku also opened Sharingan and posed in a fighting stance.
“Clan Leader Fugaku, first you directly use Genjutsu to display the Genjutsu. When fighting with the black-robed man, I understood something about him. After that, I will use Genjutsu on the black-robed man. I think maybe the weakness of the black-robed man is Genjutsu.“
Fugaku nodded, and his three tomoe Sharingan became Mangekyō.
After saying that, Kakashi’s Shadow Clone Jutsu suddenly appeared. His Shadow Clone Jutsu and the main body used Raikiri at the same time. The same Chakra attracted each other. The body of the black-robed man was paralyzed by Raiton Chakra.
Uchiha Futama took the opportunity to pull the black-robed man into the Tsukuyomi space, and the look of the black-robed man became dull.
Kakashi relaxed and let Shadow Clone Jutsu perform Raikiri and quickly approach the black-robed man.
Shadow Clone Jutsu walked to the black-robed man, pulled out Kunai, and pierced the black-robed man’s neck.
Suddenly, the black-robed man appeared with a red aperture. The aperture flashed, and Kakashi’s Shadow Clone Jutsu disintegrated. The black-robed man paralyzed by Raiton Chakra just restored his mobility instantly, and he kicked Kakashi.
Then the black-robed man walked to Uchiha Fugaku and choked his neck, “The one I hate the most is Genjutsu. You really irritated me.”
After finishing speaking, the black-robed man fiercely dumped Fugaku out.
Fugaku struggled to get up from the ground, but before being able to do anything, he was kicked off again by a black-robed man.
“So weak, go to hell now!” The black-robed man drew a handful of Kunai from his body and threw it out at Fugaku’s heart.
When Kakashi saw this, he opened Mangekyō and shifted Kunai within Kamui. The black-robed man sneered and turned his eyes to Kakashi.
Just as the black-robed man was about to get started, Namikaze Minato appeared, “Wait a minute, aren’t you looking for me! Now I’m here!”
The black-robed man froze, then immediately turned around and saw Namikaze Minato not far away.
“Namikaze Minato, I finally found you!”

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