Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 511


During the Five Kages Summit, Namikaze Minato witnessed the battle between Yamanaka Ryo and the black-robed man. He also had some understanding of the strength of the black-robed man.
Namikaze Minato was fully aware that there was still a certain gap between his strength and the black-robed man, but the outcome of a battle is not only determined by one’s strength. Many other factors determine the victory.
Thinking of this, Namikaze Minato took out Flying Thunder God kunai and moved towards black-robed man, and threw it out.
The black-robed man saw the red aperture flickering behind him and directly decomposed the Kunai of Namikaze Minato.
“The key to the Flying Thunder God Technique is this kunai or imprint on kunai! Someone told me specifically, be careful of your time and space Ninjutsu. So I won’t allow your kunai to come close to me.”
Hearing this, Namikaze Minato’s expression changed. This was the first time he has encountered an opponent that can break down his Kunai.
“You are struggling for nothing. Answer my two questions obediently. I’m in a good mood now. Maybe I will let you go.”
Namikaze Minato didn’t lose any momentum and threw Flying Thunder God kunai again, using the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique to enhance it.
“Do you think that will work?”
The black-robed man raised his hand, and the red aperture floated from behind to the front of him. Flying Thunder God kunai was broken down again.
‘It seems that the ability of the red aperture is decomposition. If it is just decomposition, I can make it out somehow. The problem is that I don’t know his Rinnegan’s ability.’
“Hokage-sama, are you okay?!” As Namikaze Minato processed the information of the black-robed man, Lain arrived.
Namikaze Minato shook his head, “I’m fine.”
“Hokage-sama, do I need to call my big brother back?”
“Not for now. I want to try something!”
After finishing talking, Namikaze Minato created Shadow Clone Jutsu, and the Shadow Clone Jutsu threw Flying thunder god kunai at the black-robed man together.
The black-robed man, with his indifferent expression, broke the Flying thunder god kunai easily.
What he didn’t expect is that two of Flying thunder god kunai became Shadow Clone Jutsu after being broken down by him.
The black-robed man frowned and annihilated a Shadow Clone Jutsu. When he turned to fight another Shadow Clone Jutsu, Shadow Clone Jutsu’s hand had touched his body, leaving a Flying thunder god imprint on him.
The black-robed man felt the imprint on his body and quickly used the power of the red aperture to break up the Flying thunder god imprint.
But Namikaze Minato didn’t intend to give the black-robed man the opportunity. He used the Flying thunder god imprint to teleport directly to the black-robed man, poured the wind Attribute Chakra on the flying thunder god kunai, and targeted the black-robed man’s throat.
Since the black-robed man first came to Konoha, only now has his facial expression changed for the first time. He lost his peacefulness and began to get a little angry. He squatted down and avoided Namikaze Minato’s fatal blow.
Seeing this, Namikaze Minato threw Kunai upwards, then moved to the top and waved his Kunai to cut off the horn on the head of the black-robed man.
“Namikaze Minato! You dare to cut off my horn! You…”
The black-robed man’s word was cut out, and Namikaze Minato appeared again in front of him. This time Minato’s target was his Rinnegan.
The black-robed man quickly shifted the red aperture to protect his Rinnegan. The Kunai of Namikaze Minato touched the red aperture and was immediately broken down. The black-robed man took the opportunity to send Namikaze Minato flying and then mobilized the red aperture to break the Flying Thunder God imprint.
Namikaze Minato got up from the ground and felt something weird.
The black-robed man touched the horns on his head. His face was full of wrath now. He turned to firmly stare at Namikaze Minato.
Then the black-robed man floated in the air, the red aperture flew coincided with his Rinnegan. Then every one of Konoha felt a powerful and weird Chakra.
The next second, there was a shocking wave coming from the black-robed man.
Then Konoha Ninjas discovered that their Chakra was gradually broken down by this weird power.
Lain felt that the situation was wrong. In this way, all Chakra in Konoha will be decomposed. Without Chakra, Konoha will have a hard time dealing with the black-robed man.
Namikaze Minato thought so. He immediately entered Sage Mode, gathered Rasen shuriken with a large number of Senjutsu Chakra, and then threw it towards the black-robed man.
The black-robed man gave a disdainful smile. He didn’t do anything and let Rasen shuriken fly towards him.
Rasen shuriken was getting closer and closer to the black-robed man, and its size was also getting smaller and smaller. Eventually, Chakra in Rasen shuriken was completely decomposed, leaving only a clump of natural Chakra to continue to fly towards the black-robed man.
“This is… the kind of power that Yakushi Kabuto had?” The black-robed man frowned. The wave that breaks down Chakra also stopped. Then the black-robed man landed quickly and escaped the natural Chakra.
Namikaze Minato’s eyes lit up, Lain smiled. Lain also entered Sage Mode the next second, and then a Wood Dragon broke through.
“Mokuton from Senju Hashirama? Truly troublesome!” The black-robed man muttered to himself, then moved the red aperture to his front, intending to disintegrate Wood-Dragon.
What he didn’t expect was that he couldn’t break down Wood-Dragon instantly because it mixed with the natural Chakra.
Wood Dragon’s head fiercely hit the black-robed man’s stomach, knocking the black-robed man flying.
Lain held the seal with both hands, and a big tree emerged to catch the black-robed man. The tree vine of the big tree immediately entangled the black-robed man, and Wood Dragon flew to the black-robed man.
Wood Dragon and the big tree absorbed the Chakra of the black-robed man. The black-robed man didn’t give up easily and continued to struggle.
Namikaze Minato saw the situation and now relaxed. Together with Lain, he came to the black-robed man.
“Is this the person from Ōtsutsuki Clan? Owning Byakugan and Rinnegan at the same time, and that aperture is also very tricky.” Lain looked at the black-robed man and said with interest.
The black-robed man hearing this coldly snorted: “Hmph! How come you native people know that the Ōtsutsuki Clan exists? And Kaguya-sama’s space, are you the one who destroyed it?”
“Hey, Uncle! You are the prisoner here. We should be the ones asking you, not the other way around. Just let me know who you are first.”
“You damn little girl….”
“Okay, Lain, don’t bother him! Let’s use your Mokuton to slowly absorb his Chakra. I’ll go and see what’s going on in the village.”
“Well, Hokage-sama, rest assured, leave it to me!”
The black-robed man had heard enough of Namikaze Minato’s words. His face became more and more ugly. Feeling that his Chakra was becoming less, the black-robed man took a deep breath and used his Rinnegan.
In the next second, the black-robed man who was still bound by Mokuton disappeared, leaving only Lain with a confused face.

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