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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 10 Want To Hit But Kicked Instead


“What I did earlier for the Young Master is very fulfilling.”

The people are freed from hefty taxes.

As a Lin Family’s heir, his status is like a switch button. Tax deduction, tax exemption, was fixed by a snap of his finger.

“Young Master, I think Lady Su and the Old Man already know.”

Chen Guan was whispered.

He felt that the eyes of Lady Su seemed a little strange.

Her face was beaten.

But she looked just fine with that when she talked to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan didn’t bother it at all. “Maybe yes, maybe not. We won’t know until we meet them again.”

He was the heir of a big family. Either it was nobles or the commoners. Those people was  disinclined to messed up with him.

A little fight? What was the big deal?

He just wanted to protect the minority.

Chen Guan looked like he really did not know how to speak to Lin Fan.

“How about we go out once again? Because our time wasn’t good enough. This time, it’s just two of us.” Lin Fan asked Zhou Zhongmao.

When he heard Lin Fan’s words his body trembled a little, his cousin actually asked her to go out, just two of them.

It has been so long since those two go out just the two of them alone. He enjoyed the moment he had there.

“Cousin, I don’t want to cause you more trouble. Maybe we should call it a day.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

Lin Fan smiled and patted Zhou Zhongmao’s shoulder. “Thank you for worrying me. Maybe next time if you don’t mind. Don’t bother about the Su Family, just ignore them. This is our city, they are just a nobody.”

Zhou Zhongmao nodded her head.

What the cousin said was what it is.

He has unconditionally followed him.

What was the use of her martial arts training?

That was to protect Lin Fan, so no one dared to pick a fight to her cousin.

Lin Family’s Gate

“Chen Guan, worrying won’t help you. If you want to say something, just say it already. Listen, all of what happened this day is because of my own will. I want to fight, I want to fix things that will help people out of their misery.” Lin Fan said.

“Young Master… Right, I understand.” Chen Guan wanted to say something, but in the end, he remained silent.

He was not confident to speak up because of his social status, so he saved it in his heart.

Lin Fan won’t do anything that went against human rights, even though his main purpose was to farm rage points. Well… maybe he overdid it sometimes.

Lin Fan thought if the great Lin Family just relying on the agricultural tax for their income, it would ruin the family’s name.

So he felt like he had to change it.

“Cousin, let me tell you, even if the Master is angry, I will take all the blame even if it kills me.” Zhou Zhongmao wanted to take this matter with himself.

Lin Fan definitely would make his father angry again.

If he really did something wrong, he would lose his head.

“What are you thinking? When i do something, I won’t throw the responsibility to others. Do you think your cousin is a coward?”

“Don’t you dare say that again to me, I will go to the courtyard first.”

After Lin Fan said that to Zhou Zhongmau, he left with his servant.

He was just a little upset.

Nothing to worry about.

Zhou Zhongmao still wanted to say something, but Lin Fan already left did not give him the opportunity.

“Chen Guan, I am going with you, remember, if the Master is angry, you must tell him good things about my cousin, get it? Otherwise, the Master will likely be peeling out my cousin’s skin.”

“I understand.” Chen Guan said.

It seemed Lin Fan’s head would depend on Zhou Zhongmau and Chen Guan.


“Young Master, do you want to meet the Master about this matter? This tax was so crucial for our household if the Master knows that he must be furious.” The Servant worried.

Long ago, when Lin Fan didn’t want to practice martial arts, he used to make the Master very angry, but at least he did not do the rebellious things.

But now.

Suddenly the tax was reduced, and the agricultural tax this year was exempted.

If the master knew…

At this time, Lin Fan did not show any signs of panic, but actually in his heart, he feared his father. Well, he was still a human being.

Even though he was an heir, a young master, he had a unique ability.

It was not an exaggeration to tell his life was like ‘walking on the threads’.

“My Servant, go get me a sword.” Lin Fan pondered for a moment and quickly told his servant go to get the sword.

The servant was shocked, and spontaneity said: “Young Master, don’t be hasty.”

“Did you think I am that stupid enough? Hurry, get it for me, don’t ask too much.” Lin Fan urged.

Would a sword be enough to take down the master?

What a joke.

Everybody in this city didn’t know how strong the Master is.

His power was like the ocean. No one knew how deep it could be.

If one had a great power, could one able to stay humble?

On the courtyard.

He tried to relax and enjoyed his everyday life.

His status was skyrocketing

He opened The System.

Lin Fan

Physical Power: 18

Spiritual Power: 0

Mystic Art: –

Martial Arts: Tiger Swordsmanship (First Form)

Rage point: 1025.

“The Power indicator is eighteen, I have acquired the First Form of Tiger Swordsmanship, and it will do just fine. But this is the case, what is the effective way to get more points from now on?”

“I won’t let them saying things like I must to train martial arts again. It’s so irritating when I just want to enjoy my everyday life in here.”

“But it’s a half-true, I must train my body so I can use this ability to its fullest.”

Well… don’t worry about it for the time being.

Suddenly rage points rose up like crazy.

“Rage +150.”

“Rage +200.”

Whoa, this indeed seemed wrong.

The rage points were started at one hundred and fifty, which show how angry the master is.

 Lin Family’s Hall.

Lin Fan’s father stood there with no expression.

“Master, this is the document.” Chen Guan spoke to the Master about the agricultural tax issue and he was so scared in the presence of Master Lin Wan.

He did not dare to look at the Master.

He didn’t want to think about it, the Master would definitely be angry.

The hall was hushed.

Everybody remained silent.

Zhou Zhongmao and Chen Guan had some doubts. How could the Master not say anything?


Suddenly, when they heard the word of the Master while gnashing his teeth, they knew that the Master was furious.

Chen Guan raised his head slightly and found that the Master’s face was red like a burning fire, and his eyes were like to kill someone.

“Master, your servant asked, will you be more calm? If you may.” Chen Guan kneeled and he was sweating like crazy.

Lin Family’s Main House.

The only one who dared to ignore the Master was the Young Master.

The rest was afraid.

“Uncle, cousin didn’t deliberately make you angry. Because of this year’s drought, cousin thinks we need to adjust it a little, so we can survive until next year with all of our people.” Zhou Zhongmao intended to cover Chen Guan.

Master Lin Wan was angry and said: “If you want to talk about good men, he is not one of them.”

He stepped down and came to Chen Guan, “Take your whip out!”

Chen Guan did not dare to say a word, hurriedly he took out the whip from his waist.

Obviously, he tried to find Lin Fan.

“Uncle, please reconsider it again.” Zhou Zhongmao caught up, a lot of sweat covered his body.

Master Lin Wan really went crazy.

“Incompetent human being.”

“How can I have a son like him?”

“He changes the agricultural tax?”

“Even Yuan Jia and Liang Jia did not dare to change the agricultural tax at will.”

This was gonna be a disaster.

 At backyard.

“Young Master, Master Lin Wan is coming.” The Servant ran out of breath, and she listened to Lin Fan’s request, she guarded the front door to warn Lin Fan when his Father was coming.

Lin Fan was relaxing on his chair hurriedly put the fruit into his mouth.

“He actually come?” He thought.

He thought for many possibilities of ‘the upcoming disaster’.

But if his father did not come.

Then he didn’t need to allocated some rage points now.

But if he looked at the situation right now, he must allocated it right away. Otherwise, he couldn’t get out alive.

He allocated rage points quickly.

Power Indicator was raised from eighteen to twenty.

It consumed two hundred rage points.

Then he quickly allocated some rage points to the other status indicator.

He thought his status must be balanced.

He was prepared for the worst. If it come to this, he was ready for it.

‘He wanted to hit, but he would kick instead.’

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